Thursday, June 13, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Catching Up

I sit here in my son's Tae Kwon Do Dojaeng & type out a late Wednesday Write Up, with my daughter next to me drooling over her next My Little Pony purchase & am very VERY aware that I am very VERY behind in my posts on this here Daebak blog.  I apologize but that last week of school nearly did me in.  My husband was out of town so I was left as mom & dad for the busiest week of the school year, minus the ones before Christmas Break & Easter Break.  Which included; field days, Tae Kwon Do, Scouts, class parties, teacher gift shopping, volunteering, & my son's 8th grade graduation.  You have no idea how incredibly happy I was when school was officially over for the year.  Or maybe you do if you have kids too.  Which I am sure some of you do, so you can feel my pain.  *sob* I shall now proceed to break for a little mental can find me in the fetal position in the corner.

******************************Unnie's Mental Breakdown****************************

And I am okay.  *repeat* I am okay.  Phew!  But you guys didn't come here to hear me whine, once again, about how hard my blessings are to take.  Moving right along then.

I am afraid my WWU this week is going to be pretty short.  Sorry guys but I haven't watched even my review drama in the last 2 weeks.  But guess what I am going to be doing all day tomorrow?  Yep, you guessed it, watching, writing, watching, writing, etc.....  And I will probably be doing it in my most glamorous duds jammies.  ^^

But as a result of my severe K Drama drought, this includes K new releases (except KHJ I stop everything for him... *sigh* happy place* khj* hmmmm.....o.O)  ahem... and  K news too.  I exited my drought yesterday to watch the latest Barefoot Friends episode & discovered, to my shock & astonishment, that you guys went on with life without me!  Gasp! O.O  How could you?!?!?  *sniff sniff*  I feel so alone.  I think I'll break into 2NE1's Lonely.

Okay I am back from feeling Lonely.  Sigh... you guys couldn't wait a mere 6 weeks for me?  It's okay I understand, it wouldn't be my first choice to wait for some crazy ahjumma to start back into the glorious world of K.  I don't blame my fellow AddiKts at all.

{{ my guilt trip working?  Darn I knew it wouldn't, you guys are on to me.}}

So, let's catch up.  We can stand around the water cooler & just chat about all the things I missed.  I will mention just a few things I was able to see today when I went online & then you guys can leave me comments on this post or go to my Twitter, FB or the TCA FB page & tell me all the things you think are important that I missed.  Come on guys what's the latest news?!?!  I am dying of my K thirst!  Help an ahjumma out AddiKts!!  PLEASE?!?!?!

Thank you Pinterest for the new "search just my pins" option!!  You have no idea how much time it saved me just now! 

First, both Dongsaeng & I happen to have family dogs, that we love & wouldn't know what to do without, & so we send out our sincere condolences to Taeyang of Big Bang.  His beautiful 5 year best friend "Boss" passed away this week.  I lost one of my dogs to a tragic accident just 18 months ago & there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss our Hershey Kisses....  So we really felt awful for poor Taeyang.  We are sending all our love to you Taeyang.

This is my Liam w Hershey the summer before we lost Hershey.

Going along with another Big Bang member I read this afternoon off of DramaFever that G Dragon has hit over 1 million followers on his Instagram.  So congrats to GD.

GDs IG pic celebrating his 1 million followers

I can see from friends which K Dramas I need to watch &/or catch up on & trust me I intend to...Father's Day is this Sunday so I won't get K Dramas then, so I will have to watch as many GFB eps as I can before I go to sleep Sat night, right?  Then next week we have guests coming in from out of town, another fellow addiKt, my friend from St Louis that I converted to K awesomeness, & her kids will be with me for a week so I have just a few days to get my house all spic & span, so I can fool her into thinking my kids are neat freaks...LOL Yeah I couldn't even keep a straight face typing it.  (^_-) I feel it important to talk about 2 more things.  First, my distress & subsequent attempts to obliterate my memory.  I told you that Barefoot Friends was the only thing I have been tuning into lately, right?  Well as much as I LOVED episode 8 I have a couple of issues with the show & I feel it my duty to bring attention to these blatant attempts to steal MY KHJ from me.  They are; UEE & Hyori, *smh* on their own these 2 women are great & I like them a lot.  BUT when they are around MY KHJ, wearing his shirts & NOTHING else AND then getting to sleep in HIS bed....yeah that I have a problem with.  Hussies.

Actually I kid.  I really loved the episode, I got to watch Eunhyuk do that weird neck thing while blowing pages of a dictionary & his competition away AND I got to see KHJs house.  It was very similar to what I had pictured...he is a bachelor after all.  Lots of monotone colors, mostly black, simple furnishings, even the skulls, I figured he'd have a few of those in his pad too.  Remember he also spends a lot of time on the road (or rather in a plane) traveling for touring etc...  My eldest son & I watched the show together & laughed & laughed & are now determined to have a few contests of our own together, just so we can yell, "Yah!" at each other.

Which leads me to my last announcement.... also KHJ related.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO KHJ for having 3 of his singles sell more than 100,000 copies in their first week of release each.  Not surprising when you remember how incredibly handsome, talented, mesmerizing he is on stage & off stage to watch & listen to.   Sigh.

It's been a busy few weeks while I have been otherwise distracted, I feel cut off & floating all by myself iin the ocean yelling, "I'm here!!  Don't do cool things without me!!"  But alas no one sees my sad, pathetic, little row boat.  Sigh.  {{Is the guilt trip working yet?  Dang it!  You people are cold!}}

Well, I should be paying attention to my son & his testing...oops... so I will close with this promise.... LOTS of catch up posts for GFB are coming, look for them this weekend.  I probably won't catch all the way up but I will try to get through at least 3 weeks between Fri & Sat.  But this means my posts will be even shorter than the norm for me.  See ya later kids!


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