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Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 17 [Dramatic Review]

Four more to go here you guys.  Only 4!!! 

Yay!  And the intensity and drama is really accelerating, don't you think?  This drama really just keeps giving and giving, just when you start to wonder how it could possibly give any more.  These two writers really handle the whole time travel genre very well in my opinion as one who doesn't typically really enjoy time travel storylines (which you totally wouldn't know considering all of the time traveling dramas I have reviewed in my short tenure here at TCA - go figure).  They wrote Queen In Hyun's Man, which, for a time travel drama, was really good and had similar twists and turns that just kept coming that you never expected.  Well, at least I never expected.  Maybe you did.  Who knows?  It's always possible.  Anyway, long story short, I like this drama a lot.  Like a lot a lot.  I had lots of audible outbursts throughout this one.  So let's dive on in and relive some of those exciting moments, shall we?  

Nine's Nine of episode 17

1.  Wedding Day Jitters
Maybe it's just me, but I would expect to see a little more smiling on a wedding day.  The bride, groom and groom's mother all look a little, well, not so festive given the occasion.  I've heard of wedding day jitters, but I guess the whole "I killed my dad so he wouldn't kill my mom and am now covering it up with help from the guy I just found out raped my mom and is my bio dad" trauma.  Sheesh, buddy, at least fake it til you make it, you know?  Or maybe we should, oh, I don't know? Call of the wedding?  Wait til everybody's feeling it a bit more?  Or better yet, don't get married so that your brother can marry your girl's daughter.  Yup, I like that option better.  Let's go with that, yeah?

2.  Here Comes Trouble
Ouch.  Seon Woo is found and attacked by the hit man.  Future Seon Woo watches the scars and feels the pain as his past self is going through it.  His arm is sliced and then he is stabbed in the chest.  He fights off his attacker by striking him with a bottle and is able to escape temporarily.  He runs and locks himself into his sister-in-law's record store.  It's not so good in there though.  Bad guy's found him and the phone is dead.  He's in serious trouble.

3.  Heading Back In
Seon Woo knows that he has to go back and save himself.  He's in mortal danger.  While he's there, he proposes, with Min Young's approval, to also try to break up the wedding.  No one is happy in this alternate future.  His trying to make things better only made everyone miserable.  The grieving Min Young really has nothing else to lose, so of course she agrees and off he goes.  He's got 25 minutes left to save himself, break up a wedding and fix this mess.

4.  Batter Up!
First stop?  Dr Evil's office.  With a bat.  I'm not a huge proponent of violence, but in this case I was yelling at him to swing harder.  Future Dr Evil is of course reliving this moment from the past as it happens and starts ducking and yelling like a crazy man.  heeheehee  That part made me giggle. I love to see the bad guy get his due.  Seon Woo ties him up and has him call the hit man in order to find out where his brother is.  Then, before leaving, he stops just shy of killing Dr Evil with a final blow, telling him instead that he'd rather see him lose the 20 years of glory that he had been living, not paying for his crimes.  Okay, I can see the merit in that, it would be fun to watch, but still, I was ready for him to clock him and be done once and for all with this bozo.

5.  Save Yourself
Just as the hit man is closing in on poor young Seon Woo, old Seon Woo comes up from behind and saves the day!  Hooray!

6.  Going to the Chapel Police Station
Seon Woo then sends himself off to the police station with evidence in hand and the name of his boss, the one person he can trust to get the truth out since there's so much corruption in the police force.

7.  Last Chance
Our groom gets a phone call on the priest's phone.  It's Seon Woo calling to let him know that Jin Cheol tried to kill his brother, that he is the eye witness to "the incident" and that he has just sent Seon Woo off to the police station with the evidence.  In other words, it's a "hey, you're about to be arrested" courtesy call.  While he has taken away Jeong Woo's choice in turning himself in, he gives him one last chance to redeem himself and ditch the wedding instead of marrying and running away to America as planned.  Seon Woo assures him that this is in his very best interest and then hangs up, leaving it in Jeong Woo's hands.  Ooh, the suspense!  What will he do?  What will he choose?

8.  Vanished = Vanquished?
By this time, future Jin Cheol has figured out that Seon Woo is back in the past and dashes to find him.  He spots the car with the burning incense stick in it and tries desperately to break into the car.  Just as he is about to swing a golf club and smash the window, the club disappears.  And so do his two guys.  And his car.  Back at the funeral home, the guests and food and eventually the memorial to the deceased as well.  Looks like Jeong Woo chose option A - don't get married and face the consequences of that fateful night.  Yay!

9.  Here Comes the Bride
Sure enough, we see him leaving the church, a confused almost-step-daughter chasing after him.  Min Young's funeral attire is then transformed into that of a bride.  It's her wedding day and she is marrying Seon Woo. 
Too soon to celebrate?  I don't care.  I just have to say YAY YAY YAY!!!  Jeong Woo did it!  He's totally the man!  High five! 

Seriously, how awesome is this drama getting?!?!? 

Join me for episode 18?  See you there!

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