Friday, June 21, 2013

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel ep 18 [Dramatic Review]

17 down, 3 to go!

Nine's Nine of Episode 18

1.  Right as Rain
Things are apparently all back as they should be.  As Jeong Woo leaves his wedding, everyone's memories and current doings change.  Min Young is suddenly not at her father's funeral but at her own wedding instead.  Jeong Woo is on his way to the wedding.  Min Young's original step-father, the lawyer from Boston, is there with her mother greeting wedding guests.  Everything is as it should be.  Will we actually get a happily ever after?  We're at the beginning of 18/20, what do you think?

2.  Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen
The happy isn't over quite yet.  We get to see the fall of Jin Cheol.  His golf club disappears, his yes men disappear.  His car disappears.  Suddenly he's an old man with crazy hair sitting in a medical supply store, no longer the director of the hospital with an illustrious career and praise and honor being lauded upon him.  He doesn't take it so well, much to our amusement.  Seriously, this guy's over-the-top-and-then-some facial expressions paired with that hair is just stellar televised entertainment right there.  Throw in a full-on temper tantrum in the street and we really have a winner here.

3.  Jeong Woo's Redemption
One more bit of good news is in store for us.  Would you look at who has returned from the dead once again?  Why hello there Jeong Woo!  He's alive and well and working at a free clinic in China.  We get a flashback that shows what happened after he walked away from his own wedding.  He turned himself in, the truth was revealed through Reporter Oh, he stood trial alongside Dr Evil and received a sentence of 3 years in prison.  Okay, forgive my ignorant American interruption here for a moment.  Did anyone else wonder why he was sentenced to any time at all after the judge clearly stated that he didn't intentionally kill his father?  Involuntary manslaughter I get, but this wasn't really that, now was it?  Wasn't it more self defense?  In saving a life, he accidentally took one.  The man was trying to strangle the boy's mother.  I guess I would just expect a little more leniency.  Three years isn't too bad, but Dr Evil only got 18 months more and he is obviously a bad dude with less pure intentions.  Personal questioning of South Korea's legal system as shown on TV aside, it is still a good outcome for our Jeong Woo.  It's 2013 and he's happy unlike how he was in the pre-altered present day.  He remembers it all and is grateful to be where he is - debt paid and living a life serving others.  He done good for himself.  Kudos to him.

4.  Is This Real Life?
Min Young is understandably in shock.  A moment ago she was crying at her father's funeral and saying goodbye to her uncle boyfriend who she is now apparently about to marry.  I'd say that would be a little to take in all at once.

5.  Meet the Parents
We get a cute flashback.  It's February 2013.  Seon Woo is in Min Young's bed.  She's being cutesy and begging him to propose to her, telling him it's her birthday (which she had told him the month before).  They are very cute together, arguing over whether or not he will propose to her.  He's being stubborn.  She leaves.  A while later he is woken up by what he assumes is her return home, but no, it's not Min Young.  It's actually her parents.  Who have come all the way from America to surprise her for her birthday.  hahahaha!  There he is, a strange man in their daughter's bed.  She comes home and decides that the best option at this point is to tell them that they are engaged.  Min Young is obviously giddy at how all this turned out and how she's got Seon Woo cornered.  Always a good start to a marriage by the way.

6.  Hiya Once Upon a Time/Almost Daddy
As she awaits the ceremony, Min Young receives an unexpected phone call from a man she thought to be dead.  He calls himself "appa" and they have a touching and emotional conversation.  She is reassured knowing that he is happy and doing well.  Such a sweet moment between father/daughter/brother/sister.

7.  Is Momma Still Carrying a Torch?
There's something funny going on with Min Young's mom when it comes to Jeong Woo.  She's not too happy that her daughter is marrying her former beau's brother.

8.  Stuck
So, where's the groom through all this?  It's about wedding time - he best be getting back to 2013 and to the church on time.  He's waiting in a phone booth for the time to run out.  And it does.  And he is still there.  A jewelry box of sorts appears on his car seat and the incense disappears.  And still he's in 1993.  Try and explain that one to your fiance, or better yet, your fiance's mother who already doesn't like you because of your brother.  "Sorry I missed the wedding, I was stuck back in 1993".  He wasn't kidding - these incense sticks really are out to get him.  Get him good.

9.  Uhhhhhhhh...WHA????
Our last scene for this episode gives us more wonderfully entertaining shots of our antagonist.  His 1993 self has escaped the bounds Seon Woo had trapped him with and spots Seon Woo standing in the phone booth.  He guns the car and slams into the booth, smashing our hero and leaving him to die.  And die it looks like he did.  Or at least we are to believe that that's what has become of him.  It sure doesn't look good for him at this point.  He did manage to come back to life once already, as well as resurrect his dead brother a couple of times, so all hope is not lost.  Two more episodes after all.  When the drama of the drama gets to be too overpowering, I always have to resort back to reason in order to calm my troubled heart.  So yeah, I think he'll be okay, but as of right now, it ain't looking so good.  Poor Seon Woo.  Poor, poor Seon Woo.  He just can't catch a break.

And there is where I will leave it for tonight.  I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.  And I hope that we will soon get a happily-ever-after for these poor people.  Well, except for Dr Evil of course.  I hope he gets to stay a crazy old coot - he's much more entertaining that way.  I am so anxious to see how this drama wraps up with the last two episodes.  Join me then, won't you when I return with episode 19 and 20 and finish off this drama?  Great then, it's a date!  I look forward to it!

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