Monday, August 12, 2013

On Air {Monday Morning Therapy with Dongsaeng}

What is going on this year?  How did the drama deities get it so right this time around?  We go from one amazing batch of dramas straight into another.  I'm never going to be able to get to my "to-watch" list if this keeps up*.  I have 5 currently airing dramas going right now.  Granted, this isn't an all-time high for me (my top ever was 6 if I remember correctly), but still, 5 currently airing shows is a lot.  So far though, I'm loving every one of them that I'm watching and can't imagine dropping any of them.  Am I just too easy?  A drama slut?  Should I raise my standards?

Nah.  I just think that there are a lot of good choices out there right now.  And I want to take a moment and introduce some of them to you if I may.

Since we are already reviewing them on a per-episode basis, I will refrain from talking too much about Master's Sun or Good Doctor.  Though, as I am not personally reviewing Master's Sun, I'd just like to publicly come out and tell you how much I am loving this drama so far.  I know we're only 2 episodes in, but so far, I think it's my favorite of the new batch.  If you haven't picked it up yet, I'd suggest giving it a shot.

Master's Sun is a ghost story, but oddly enough, not my only ghost story I have going at the moment.  I'm also currently watching Who Are You?  This is the one about the police officer who wakes up from a six-year coma and can now see ghosts.  She works in the lost-and-found department and some of the items there have stories, and ghosts, attached to them.  And even though we haven't gotten to that point yet, we're promised a love triangle that involves the ghost of her dead boyfriend.  Now come on, who couldn't love a story like that?  So far I'm enjoying this one.  I'm a big Ghost Whisperer fan, and this one reminds me a lot of that show.  The creep out factor isn't very high and, say what you will about his acting, Taecyeon is very nice to look at (p.s. his acting is just fine in my opinion - maybe not top tier, but not dreadful and doesn't detract at all from what's happening, so we're good).

Two Weeks is another one in my weekly rotation and the only one I'm a little behind on.  I haven't quite finished episode 2 yet.  Personally this one is most likely going to be the most difficult one for me just because of the subject material.  It's about a man who one day finds out that he has a daughter and that she's dying of cancer.  By some miracle, he is a match for the bone marrow transplant that she needs in order to save her life.  He meets this daughter surreptitiously and is instantly enamored by her bright and adorable disposition.  This kid is seriously cute.  It's impossible not to love her.  The operation date is set and then trouble starts.  He's framed for a brutal murder.  This show is intense and tears at my heartstrings as a mom.  I don't do well with injustice and shows where bad stuff is going to happen to good people because of bad people.  Quality-wise, this one is a slam dunk.  Everything about it is top notch.  I'm just a tender soul I suppose, so I'm going to have to watch this one in little spurts in order to protect my poor widdle heart.

My fifth drama that is currently airing is You're the Best Lee Soon Shin.  Yeah, we're already 44 episodes into this 50 episoder (I'm only on ep 40 as I chose to slow down and not catch up because I'm very impatient).  Since this one has been airing for quite some time, I will spare you the details, but just say that, it is officially my longest drama to date and, well, I'm still watching it all these episodes later.  I really am loving Jo Jung Suk and IU along with the rest of the cast (minus Grandma - really don't like her - wish she had died back when she threatened to).  If you like family dramas, I think this one is a winner.  It's a least a nice mellow break when I'm a little burnt out on the heavier stuff.  A perfect addition to the rotation.

Being the true addicKt that I am, I look at this list here and think that it's awfully sad and lonely and could use some more.  Hard to imagine those days when I would only watch one drama at a time.  One drama.  What was I doing with my life back then?  What a waste.  ;)

So, what are you watching?  What should I add to my list?

Now, for your dose of Monday pick-me-ups.  It's no longer morning, but for me, I needed this stuff more in the afternoon today.  (what?  No, this has nothing to do with my Monday morning nap I took instead of finishing this here post - what would give you that silly idea?  I totally planned on getting this out late.  *whistles innocently*)

2NE1 released a new song recently and I thought it was fun and fresh. I enjoyed the simple video of just the girls playing. It's a perfect summer song along with their last Falling in Love. It's just nice to see them more as natural girls in a natural setting doing what girls naturally do. It's a refreshing break from the over-styled, super sexy model look.

Dance practice

A friend of mine recently began a KPop-centered radio show on the airwaves of Austin, TX.  It's called THE FIX and airs Sunday evening 6-7pm Central Time.  Thanks to modern technology and the TuneIn app, I've had the exciting privilege of hearing the first two weeks of this show and am loving it!  It's so fun to hear these songs play on the radio as they should. Anyway, one song that she played yesterday caught my attention and brought me back to the first time I had heard it. I love being reminded of music I had loved yet forgotten. Since she resurrected it for me yesterday, I thought I'd do the same for you today. It really is a great song by a great group and doesn't have nearly the number of views that it deserves. I'm here to right the wrong today. Let's get that count to jump! Here is MFBTY's Sweet Dream...

Here's another fun one that maybe you haven't heard. Lunafly released a new song on Aug 4th. Lunafly is one I'm still getting to know, but I am really liking them so far and am happy to help spread the love. This one has English captions available for you if you click on the CC button - a nice feature for those of us who's Korean still isn't where we wish it were ;)

I think that should give you a good assortment of old, new and different for the day. Yes, I know that there are other bigger videos out there right now like BAP and EXO and whatnot, but chances are good that you've already seen them. I wanted to throw a couple of random ones that maybe were missed along the way. Guess I'm just in the "path less taken" kind of mood today. Hope that whatever is left of your Monday is fantastic and that you have a great week! Thanks for stopping by!

* "That reminds me of this story..."
The other day I was talking to a couple of friends that are non-addicKts.  They were asking me about this blog and dramas and KPop in general.  One question honestly left me completely void of an answer.  This friend asked me, "what will you do if you ever stop watching these shows?"  Huh?  I was puzzled.  Stop watching?  Why in tarnation would I do something crazy like that?  "Well, what if one year they just weren't any good?"  Okay, obviously you are speaking crazy talk and just don't understand what you're saying here.  I get it - I do, but.... ???  A whole entire year without a good drama?  What do you think this is???  American TV?  *oooh -slam!*  First, that would never happen.  Second, even if it did, uhm, have you seen my "to-watch" list?  It is crazy long and grows longer by the day because there just aren't enough hours in the day to make up for all this time lost.  I was honestly dumbfounded and absolutely without a reply other than, "I don't know because that would just never happen".  I'm sure she looked at me like the fool in that scenario, but she just didn't know that it's too preposterous of an idea to even ponder.  We know, don't we, the absolute zero chance of that day ever coming where there just isn't anything left to watch?  I mean, come on now.  That's like one of the most ridiculous and unlikely events to ever take place.  Silly friend.  *Pats head while cooing at her sweet innocence*  Anyway, just thought I'd share with someone who would understand my blank response.  It's not often I am at a loss for words - kudos to her for finding such a moment.

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