Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unnie's Wednesday Write Up: Casting Calls & Major Signings

Have I told you guise lately that I feel truly so blessed?  I really do.  I have made some amazing new friendships in the last year, some in person & some virtual, w fellow AddiKts all around the world.  Some have written me letters (emails) of encouragement, some have become great friends that I watch our beloved KDramas with while we live chat at the same time, some that have become "aunties" to my kids & send them treats.  Of course it helps that my kids are just so stinking cute. ;)  I even have my first Official Stalker, as of this week.  Kind of nice being the 'stalkee' as opposed to the 'stalker', for a change.  *giggle*   Of course the dealio is, if she gets to stalk me, then I get to stalk her back.  I look forward to getting to know her better.  She seems like a lot of fun & I like people who make me smile.  Being able to make people smile is a rare & beautiful gift & I appreciate people who can make me smile.  It was one the most attractive qualities in my husband.  He just makes me laugh so often & I LOVE to laugh.  To those of you who started as fellow addiKts but have taken that first tentative step toward reaching out to become a friend I thank you for being so much braver than I am.  Your friendship & your hearts are appreciated.

Well, now that we got all that mushy stuff over, how about we move on to more K Drama news?  This last week 2 big announcements caught my eye & I had to squee over both of them.  And one totally personal announcement for one of those awesome new "K"  friends I've made over the last few months.

Kim Hyun Joong officially cast as Male Lead for Age of Feelings
That's right!  My Kim Hyun Joong, whose latest album "Round 3" has hit the ground and taken flight w hit MVs for the tracks, "Unbreakable" & "Your Story",  has finally made it official that he has nabbed the leading male role in the new upcoming drama Age of Feeling.  Which has also announced that the 2 leading ladies have been cast as well.  I am very excited about this news & yet a little nervous too.  City Conquest broke me of becoming too excited, as they had even started filming & still had the carpet pulled out from under them.  If this goes that route too then I will seriously be irritated & will be flying myself to Seoul, even if I have to stuff myself in luggage.  At only 5'2" (or 156 cm) tall, I should easily be able to squeeze myself into a large suitcase, right?  If this show gets canceled like City Conquest, the people who are responsible better wear shin guards!  That's right I went there!  However, I was sad that he was their 3rd choice for leading male.  But as long as he is the one starring who cares that he was 3rd choice, maybe this will be the defining moment in his career that will make the ones who turned it down regret that choice & everyone will see KHJ shine.  Sending good luck vibes out to my bias, break a leg Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, you're gonna knock 'em dead.

Ha Ji Won (Unnie's Girl Crush) signs w UTA
The second announcement for my favorite actress, Ha Ji Won.  Who scored a  major coup this week, when she signed with United Talent Agency, UTA.  Only one of the US's largest & most influential talent agency.  An agency that carries other big name stars, like my ultimate & first ever crush & an incredibly talented actor, that is constantly changing himself into whatever character he needs to be, Johnny Depp.  This is BIG news!  This move on Ha Ji Won's part is being touted as a huge coup for Asian actresses everywhere as this wasn't just a meet & greet for a single project but an actual contractual signing, she now works with them!  This is her chance to break into the Hollywood scene & maybe beyond.  Now I hope & pray that they will not relegate her in to the typical Asian character but will give her real roles & real characters to play that showcase her enviable talents as a first rate actress.  I have to say I may have more than a little 'girl crush' on Ha Ji Won.  She really is my favorite actress.  So everybody wish her good luck too.  Ha Ji Won-ssi break a leg & show those 'Hollyweirdos' exactly what you're made of girlfriend.  You totally got this girl!

Hot Korean Pop Music every Sunday in Austin Texas!
And one more announcement...this one is for a friend.  A few weeks ago she suggested to her boss, at the radio station she works at, that they should do a one hour KPop program on their station, he was intrigued by the idea and asked her to work up the deets.  Excitedly she did & he liked her ideas so he gave her the 7-8 pm time slot every Sunday night!!  How exciting!  She works on the line up & program all week long & then bam!  A hit show every Sunday night.  You guys have got to check it out!  The show can be found, if you are in the Austin TX area on 103.2 The Fix on Mega HD2.  You can also tune in online here.  OR you can use the TuneIn Radio App on your device.  Shout to you Jen!  Bringing KPop to the US!  Kamsahabnida chingu!  This lucky lady is even attending KCon this month in Los Angeles & is hoping to get some time to talk to the KPop Stars.  What questions would you guise like her to ask GD or f(x)? (just examples)  Leave some comments on this blog post, my Unnie FB profile, the TCA FB profile OR you can even go to the Official Fix Kpop FB page & leave them there, don't forget to Like the page while you're there & show your support for our favorite music!  And then tune in Sunday nights to listen & get your Kpop Groove on!  I know Dongsaeng & I will be listening!

That is all for now AddiKts.  I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week.  Look for the next 2 installments in my reviews for The Master's Sun, this Thursday/Friday.  Can I say how much I LOVE this drama.  So perfect!!  Come on Hong Sisters don't let an Unnie down now, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease?!?!?!?


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