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The Master's Sun ep 2 {{Dramatic Review}}

Do you have any idea how hard it is to contain your inner fangirl when writing a review?  It's actually quite a lot of hard work to contain her.  She's quite loudly squeeing away in my head.  As I sit here & try to organize sane, rational thoughts & give a non biased review of a show I am, so far, absolutely loving.  If you had any idea the amount of self control required, you'd give me a medal.  Seriously.  So bare with me as I try to get past the fangirl inside & reach the writer instead.  BTW, I use the term "writer" very loosely.

A Little More Back Story:
In episode 1 we were given a glimpse or two into the back story of our Heroine.  In episode 2 we get that same brief glimpse into that of our Hero's back story.  Remember how the soccer player, at the end of ep 1, delivered the message to Joo Joon Won that he also has a follower, from Tae Gong Sil?  It was kind of important so I hope you do.  Well, in episode 2 we find out that once upon a time L from Infinite played Joo Joon Won as a kid.  He was kidnapped but he wasn't alone.  Another rich kid was kidnapped, a girl, same age.  At first they make it seem like these two kids are just friends from their wealthy families, later she becomes L's girlfriend.  They never caught the "Culprit", this word gets used alot in K Dramas, I don't think it means what they think it means.  {{Sorry couldn't help myself.}}  Anyway, the culprits go free & the girl dies in a tragic accident, a burning, exploding car crash.  L ... ahem I mean... Joo Joon Won survives.  And of course has survivor's guilt to boot.  We also find out because of the accident he can't read.  Hence all the words on the page of his document moved around in the 1st episode & why the words on his computer moved around in this episode.  They don't go into much more detail than this.  My guess is, since this is the Hong sisters writing this drama, they have no idea where they are going either.  {{That was kind of mean, sorry Hong Sisters...still a little bitter about Big though.}}

Picking Up Where Ep.1 Left Off:
At the end of episode 1 Tae Gong Sil was so tired & just wanted to get one night of sleep without a ghost bugging her for help.  And then Joo Joon Won shows up & demands to know who is following him.  She just wants to sleep & he keeps shaking her awake.  She tells him that she saw the ghost, that day after he tore up the picture of soccer player's dead girlfriend & walked away, she saw her standing there staring at him.  He gets visibly upset & keeps reminding her that she should live, if she's living & ignore the dead.  She explains she can't!  Pointing out that the rocking chair & wind thingie (technical term btw) that are moving are inhabited by a male ghost as they speak, one that is constantly bugging her when she just wants sleep but for some reason, whenever she touches Joo Joon Won, the ghosts disappear and that's why she wants to sleep next to him, she thinks she might actually be able to live a normal life if she stays next to him.  Finally she devises a way to be near him, she gets a job as a janitor at the Kingdom shopping mall.  Smart cookie.  Of course our hero is less than pleased to find our Heroine so close.  I love how she smiles all sleepily & creepy at him.  You can tell her brain needs more sleep she isn't making the most sense with the tiny amount of sleep she gets.

Mean Girls:
I can sense a theme, if you will, for each episode.  I can't say for sure if they will follow this formula as we are only 2 eps in but ep 1's main ghost story centered on the soccer player & his dead girlfriend.  This one centers around Mean Girls.  The story takes us to an all girl school, where the girls are playing, what I can only assume is the Korean version of, a Ouija Board game.  Trying to contact the dead.  It seems that not long ago one of their own died, tragically in a car accident.  But there are suspicions that 3 of these girls, who used to be closed to the deceased, may be somehow responsible for her death.  Turns out, while she was a nice girl, she was something of a nuisance to her friends & one day while at Kingdom mall they decided to basically tell her to get lost.  They take a picture of the 3 of them together in front of a fountain & during the game, as the dead girl is "contacted", all 3 of their phones beep w a picture message.  It's them in front of the fountain w the ghostly image of the dead girl captured unaware behind them.  GASP!  The picture goes viral in Korea & people are talking about Kingdom mall & its haunted fountain.  This does not sit well with Joo Joon Won, who can't handle the talking about the dead everywhere he goes lately, especially since it made the news & now everyone thinks it's the ghost of the girl he failed to save 15 years ago, his first love.  In an effort to get him to not fire her & let her stay close by him, Tae Gong Sil sneaks back into the mall after closing hours in search of the dead girl's ghost.  Including a quick check of the girls bathroom & it's toilet stalls.  Eventually, with Seo In Guk's help, she finds the girls also sneaking in & the ghost following them & finds out the truth of the matter.  Which leads to a confrontation at the school, w Joo Joon Won & Tae Gong Sil as well.  Tae Gong Sil tells the girls it wasn't their dead friend that sent the picture message, she actually still loves her friends & doesn't blame them at all, & leads everyone back to yet another Mean Girl.  She set it all up including the doctored image.  She hated those 3 because she was there the day the rejected their dead friend & she followed the crying and visibly shaken dead friend & then watched her get hit by a truck.  I have to admit I gasped when they played that scene it was like, BAM Dead!  Harsh!  O.O It all gets resolved but once again he abandons her there at the school.  Sometimes he can be a real piece of work.  But we find out the reason he keeps everyone at bay...that old guilt of someone getting hurt because of him.  So I have to try & see it through his eyes.  Really I just wanted to say, "Dude that was cold, even for you."

Wrap Up Scenes:
Back at the mall his driver informs her that she can stay but she can't cause problems w the other workers or with him, she may not go up to his office.  Sadly this news makes her so happy.  It's sad really to be that happy over something so depressing.  But I can't blame her, she may have found her hiding place, or so she told her sister over coffee.  We see he is now happy that he knows who the ghost really was, it wasn't the girl from his past & because of the romance of the ghost story floating all over the mall & it's fountain are very popular.  Then we see him flash back to that moment when he was all tied up after being kidnapped & someone is walking toward him, we see it was the girl, Cha Hee Joo.  He looks surprised to see her & then she looks on coldly, as he fights his ropes & just as coldly, says to him, "I'm sorry Joo Joon Won."  His eyes widen, as he stares back at her & we come back to modern day.  Obviously Cha Hee Joo was not as "victimized" as everyone believes.  Very Interesting!  That evening as she & the other workers are cleaning out said "Haunted Fountain" SIG comes over and asks her, in front of the ahjummas she works with, if she is done for the day & says, they should go home together, since they live in the same place.  She blushes & shies away & smiles as the ahjummas all cutely exclaim, "Oh do you live together?"  She feels excited because SIG is cute & being so sweet to her.  Who sees this exchange?  The "UN-interested" Joo Joon Won of course & hello jealousy!  He goes over to her and reminds her not to be in front of him, mean boy mentality I have to make sure she knows I am still here.  She then apologizes for telling him about Hee Joo following him, if she had known the painful circumstances she wouldn't have said anything.  He walks over to her & says, calmly, "That thing you see, can you talk to it? If you see it, give it a message, "Bad, Bad, Girl."."

My Thoughts:
I'm sorry I haven't gotten every one's names down yet.  I know Seo In Guk's character has a name but I really prefer calling him SIG.  So sue me.  *Shrugs shoulders*  I liked this episode even more than the 1st episode & I didn't think it was possible.  The chemistry just gets better, it didn't drag at all for me this time.  Good pacing.  And SIG is so cute & sweet to her.  Obviously the aunt is going to be not a nice person in this drama, as she seems to be more interested in being friends with the obvious living antagonist, Ri Young, former school chum & envious girl to Tae Gong Sil.  Even finding out who it was that stopped her wedding for her in episode 1 & telling TGS, "I will remember you."  And for some reason the uncle seems sketchy to me as well.  Not sure why, just a feeling.  But I love driver & the security guards.  They are all so sweet & benign & cute.  But my favorite is still So Ji Sub, knowing his back story I can see why he is cold & aloof.  And I ADORE Tae Gong Sil, & her weird little smile & goofy way of talking to Joo Joon Won.

I loved when he accused her of flirting & saying if you are going to flirt with me, at least wash your hair! Again just the right mix of creepy, comedy, angst & humanity. Can't wait for next week.  


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