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The Master's Sun ep 7 {{Dramatic Review}}

Welcome back AddiKts!  If you remember {{& I am sure you all do because I heard so many people screaming in unison at the end of the last episode}} the last episode ended w a truly torturous moment where Joo Joong Won leaned in toward a sleeping, oh so prettily, Tae Gong Sil, there was a collective fan girl gasp heard round the world & then the show abruptly ended & we all cried out in anger & frustration.  "NOOOOOOO!!!! YOU CAN'T END THE SHOW THERE!!!"  But they did.  *sad face* And so we waited w baited breath for an entire week for ep 7.   Is everybody thoroughly frustrated ... again & having flashbacks to that painful moment?  Good. *giggle* {{Ain't I just the greatest big sis ever?!?!}}

But it turns out, as I pretty much suspected it would, it was all for NAUGHT!  That's right I used one of them there fancified $10 words to describe the pointless lean in that was all for nothin'!  He didn't kiss her.  I knew it, because they would have ended the scene with the actual kiss IF he were going to kiss her, K Drama 101 my friends, since they didn't end with the kiss that meant there wasn't one.  But did that stop our hearts from yearning for a good So Ji Sub kiss?!?!  Oh heck no!  I guess we are all hopeless, although I prefer Hopeful, romantics.  **SIGH**  Oh well.

However we did get to watch him, watch her.  Which is just as romantic, at least it is to me.  Until he smacked her awake.  I giggled.  Seriously for the most his abruptness & dismissive nature cracks me up.  But every once in a while he'll tell her "Get Lost" & I want to smack him.  It just depends on the moment.  And I totally told my kids, more than once this week, to...


Now that we've talked about the very obvious "elephant in the room" w regards to last week's cliffhanger from H E Double Hockey Sticks I guess I should probably get on with my recap/review of episode 7.  Huh? Okay just for you guys.  Cos I loves ya all so very much.

Ghostly Dates are better than ghastly ones:
Where to begin? about that date that Tae Gong Sil was supposed to have w Candy Kang?  She shows up late & runs into Little Tae Sun, I thought it was sweet that they still called each other big sun & little sun, even though Yi Ryeong was doing it sarcastically & more than a little bitter like.  And it was so sweet of Candy kang to be willing to do whatever she wanted on their date, even after she showed up so late that they missed the beginning of the musical.  Although, honestly as a mom I am used to being late for things & I would have gone to see the musical anyway.  But their date was so cute.  Besides finding out how terrified Tae Gong Sil is of water & water ghosts, which is how she almost died to begin with, they had a companion on their date, although Candy Kang was unaware of their uninvited guest.  That was quite possibly the cutest ghost ever, I just want to run in a race, just one race.  And how sweet was she for helping that ghost achieve his racing dream.  The look on the couple's face who helped her was awesome.  I can only imagine what that evening would be like were I them.  And how many of you enjoyed watching the satisfaction, followed by immediate disappointment on Joo Joong Won's face when Secretary Kim pointed out that since TGS hadn't called she must be enjoying her date?  I loved when he was talking to himself & said, "why do I feel bitter when she is happy?"

Death to all child abusers!!:
But the main ghost story for this week's episode I did not like one bit.  So I am going to just give a little recap of mama heart didn't handle this story line very well, & no pictures of it either.  So that doll the 2 little kids, from her building, found on the playground & the 3 kid ghosts that were attached to it were the main ghost story.  These kids it turns out had each had the doll with them when they died of neglect, starvation & abuse at the hands of their very evil, imho, parents/families.  Thankfully the 2 little boys in the building were saved & the ghosts moved on, when TGS removed the doll from their apartment.  but it attached to a little boy in the mall, whose mother was another abusive monster.  It would seem the ghost kids attach themselves to other little kids w horrible parents, make the child sick & then when the child dies they get a new friend & their new friend is released from evil parents, in their own way they were trying to save the kid in the mall.  Unfortunately the mother nearly killed him without the help of the ghost kids.  Awful, horrible, evil, MONSTER, in the worst way, of a woman, who deserves to beat w an umbrella, herself.  I was so proud of TGS for rushing in & ripping that kid form the house & of JJW for helping her & carrying the boy all the way to the hospital & paying for his health & care & for Secretary Kim who slapped her forehead so beautifully & it had a better ending for the little ghost kids when TGS expressed her sympathy & love for them.  I totally cried watching those last moments of each of their lives.  Those poor sweet little babies.

While all of this was going on, JJW was setting limits to TGS for her to follow, as in ep 6 he had almost been shot because of her.  For one thing, she is only allowed to touch his forearm, no more random touching elsewhere or clinging to him & no more telling him all about her day or other random unnecessary facts he doesn't really care.  Of course we know he cares but he doesn't want her to know & he doesn't really realize it himself, yet.  And then Secretary Kim gets sick.  Which I can see why this is a big deal, when you consider that Secretary Kim is the only one who knows about the inability to read etc...but wait Tae Gong Sil knows too now!  And so she fills in for Secretary Kim.  AND then while Uncles secretary is telling Uncle about this little tidbit we find out who it is that Candy Kang is reporting on JJW to, JJW's dad.  And that these 2 haven't spoken in a long time.  That JJW cannot stand his father.  He believes that his dad refused to pay the ransom all those years ago & that he is the real reason that Hee Joo died.  So then who is Candy Kang & what is his relationship & part in all of this?

Bitter Sweet Moments:
There are 2 really great moments & one bitter moment that round out the whole story & lead us to the next evil cliffhanger from H E Double Hockey Sticks.

Moment #1:
The board meeting.  Because Secretary Kim became ill, TGS had to fill in for him, this included helping JJW prep for the big board meeting & then be present at said board meeting.  During the presentation at the meeting, when the lights all go off,  TGS spots a long haired female ghost, who immediately targets her, JJW notices her sudden bent over, scared position & slowly, casually strolls over to her, while pretending interest in the presentation, & places his hand on her shoulder, thus dispelling the terrifying ghost, becoming her hero.  I love the hero worship look she gives him after he protects her.  And I loved everyone's response in the board room, to his casual touching of his employee's shoulder.  I still think Uncle is a bad guy but I think he's an opportunist bad guy, not necessarily evil, just greedy.  We'll have to see.

Moment #2:
The Bitter Moment you realize the girl you like, may like someone else.  Poor Candy Kang.  He really does like Tae Gong Sil, even if he has no idea who she really is, she's very sweet & cute & down to earth & it seems he has a thing for vulnerable females.  He even buys little couple matching cartoon character stuffed animals.  Dooly & his girlfriend.  It was so sweet but it was painful when he took them back, discovered she had pics of the missing necklace & Hee Joo in her desk & so he threw them away.  I felt so bad for him, even though I think Little Sun is better for him.

Moment #3:
Air Raid Shelter Made Out of Marble.  At the end of the episode, after our OTP leave the hospital where Tae Gong Sil was taken, by Joo Joong Won, to treat the cut on her face from the evil mother, they stop & have an in depth conversation about how they are making each other feel.  She starts picking up a strange vibe from him & from herself. She's starting to realize she might like him as more than just a beautiful expensive piece of marble that is there to protect her.  And he confesses she has, her touch rather, has caused him pause from the beginning but she didn't seem to notice how it affected him & had no effect from it herself so he let her touch him.  She touches his face & asks if he can feel it?  He grabs her hand & places it on his heart & explains that she knows he can.

The End:
And yet again we get another heart stopping truly romantic cliffhanger end that is designed to keep us coming back for more, in the hopes that we will get "more" in every sense of the word.

Now I really should keep going & get the next review out today but it will have to wait till tomorrow.  I have a date night with my CA tonight.  Yay me!  This is also why this is going out un-edited.  Sorry guise, but I gotta date!  :)  Hope you all have a great night.  See you tomorrow.



  1. loving your reviews as usual. This is such an enjoyable show and I am loving the fun recaps. Keep up the good work. Amber H.

    1. What can I say? I'd like to be able to claim that it's all me that makes the reviews so fun but honestly it isn't. This show sells itself, it is the perfect everything! It's doing all my work for me. I'm just along for the same ride you are. And enjoying every single moment. Thanks for your support & encouragement. Can't wait for next week!!! SQUEEE!!!!! <3 ~U


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