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Good Doctor ep 6: Dramatic Review

Hello and greetings addicKts!  Sorry that this is a bit tardy in getting out.  Silly KCON and sick kid getting in the way.  Omo - KCON was so fun!  I can't wait to tell you all about it.  I'm not going to here because this is a post about ep 6 of Good Doctor, but soon I'll have to recap the weekend and its events for you.

Now, let's see how much of this drama that I watched a week and one day ago I can remember.  Hopefully I can pick out 8 things that stuck in my mind and didn't get crowded out by visions of GD and so many other lovelies dancing before my eyes as well as the spots I now see now covering my kid.  Not to mention the growling stomach that can only be appeased by the kimbap rolls I had for dinner Saturday.  Know how close I am right now to just packing up and moving to CA?  My addicKtion needs it.  Needs it bad.  But I digress, as usual.  Back to topic - Good Doctor!

Dongsaeng's Drama Doctoring of ep 6

1.  Caesar Would Approve
You know, the Dog Whisperer Caesar?  I'm sure he would approve of Shi On's method of approaching the feral child.  He is cute as he goes into dog mode, pretending to be a canine and reaching out to calm the little girl using ways that she can identify with.  In the end she still gets tackled, held down and drugged thanks to Hot Doc's orders, but at least Shi On was able to gain her wary trust before all of that.

2.  Underneath the Mess
Once they have the wild child doped up, they examine her.  It is learned that she has been kept in a dog kennel her whole life and mistreated.  It's a sad case of child abuse.  The girl has only had dogs to watch over her.  She has no ability to talk and an obvious mistrust of humans.  Shi On is the only one able to get through to her.  Once she is cleaned up (which was a funny scene with the head nurse running screaming from the shower as the child claws at the door), we see a sweet and tragic little girl was hiding underneath all that grime and mess.

3.  Money Woes and Dirty Dealings
The hospital's money troubles only increase as more backers start to pull out.  So much politics, so many dirty dealings, and some funny expressions to go along with them all.  The pediatric surgery department is in danger as is the Director, Shi On and Hot Doc.

4.  Dr Doolottle
Shi On proves his amazing capability of communicating with children when he helps a young patient understand the discomfort she was feeling.  He was able to decipher her description of her symptom and explain it.  The little girl is grateful and brings him a couple of sausages to share with his girlfriend.  Then there's all of his interatctions with his young wild child.  He is able to communicate with her like no one else and shows that talking to kids and animals alike has more to do with listening with the heart than words since kids and animals often don't have the language abilities.  I loved the part where the other children come in to meet the puppy girl and play with her.  I'm sure it is the first time in this child's life that she has interacted in any way with other children.  Shi On is amazing at understanding these kids and what they need.

5.  Hiccups Indicative of Lovesickness
It looks as if Shi On has a bit of a crush on Yoon Seo.  And he has begun to get hiccups when he's around her and nervous or just overcome by emotion he's probably not experienced much of in his lifetime.  Isn't he adorable as he shares his sausage with her?

6.  Hot Doc Hyung
Yoon Seo calls Hot Doc out about his glaring mistreatment of Shi On.  This later leads to a revelation about the younger brother that he lost.  His brother was mentally disabled, but with care was doing very well.  Hot Doc had faith in his brother's abilities and encouraged him to start venturing out on his own.  This soon spelled disaster as the young man, overwhelmed by sights and sounds and the stress of trying to navigate a busy crosswalk, unintentionally was struck and killed in the road.  Hot Doc blames himself and his trust in his brother's being "cured" for the death of his brother and so does not have faith or trust in the idea that Shi On can also "get better" and function in the real world.  It's his own convoluted way of protecting Shi On.  I knew he wasn't a jerk, just scarred. 

7.  Family Ties
A lot of the political stuff going on seems to center around this lady and her family.  She's one to keep an eye on.  It would appear that she feels wronged in losing the Foundation to Lee Yeo Won who is either her step-mother or aunt, I honestly can't recall at this point.  She's related and used her familial ties to take over and Yoo Chae Kyung here feels wronged and plans to do what she can to get back what is apparently rightfully hers.  I think.  Again, it's been 8 days since I saw it and it's not like they're exactly forthcoming with all of the information we need as of yet.

Speaking of family ties, it would appear that the mystery woman from the cafeteria is most likely Shi On's mother, as evidenced not only by the soup she made and her not-so-subtle expressions, reactions and actions towards and around Shi On, but also by the photograph that Yoon Seo finds in her wallet while searching for ID in order to get her admitted into the hospital for treatment.

8.  Wild Child on the Loose
Framing by feral child.  Just when you thought you had seen and heard it all.  After Shi On is called away, he leaves and locks the door of the feral child.  Bad News Boy comes along and let's her out in order to get Shi On in trouble and kicked out.  Endanger a young innocent for political purposes - why not?  o.O Really dude?

So, what do you think?  Did I get the important parts?  It has been 8 days, maybe you don't remember much either.  I'm sure anything we missed or were unclear on will be cleared up as we continue on, right?  That's one nice thing about dramas - if it's important, you'll see it again or it will at least be expounded on at a later time.  Thankfully as far as cliffhangers go, this one was pretty tame.  I am so far liking the building relationship between Shi On and Yoon Seo.  I think they're cute together and it's adorable to see Shi On developing romantic interests in her.  And of course, I'm loving Hot Doc, even if he's sometimes a jerk, I can also see a lot of good in him.  It will be interesting to see how things go with him and the two women in his life.  Lying to his girlfriend after spending a night drinking and confiding in his subordinate?  I smell trouble there, even if said girlfriend encouraged him to go out and have an affair.

And that's my take on 6.  Or at least what I remember of it.  Now time for my appointment with the Good Doctor for 7 and 8!  I'll see you back here soon!  Til then, happy drama-ing!

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