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The Master's Sun ep 8 Review/Recap

Oh the feels!!  This episode brought out so many feels guys, at least for me it did.  How about you?  Did you guys want to cry when...WAIT!  Okay big breath in don't get ahead of yourself but OH THE FEELS!!  So far each episode just get better & better.  Okay so let's jump right in to where episode 7 left off, with the whole hand on face, hand on chest, deep eye staring & feeling feels part for Tae Gong Sil & Joo Joong Won.

In the beginning:
He's just asked her if she really thinks he's nothing more than an air raid shelter made of the finest marble?  And then placed her hand on his heart & said you know that's not true.  Big reveal from him, this couldn't have been easy for the guy who doesn't yet fully realize how much he has fallen for her & for one who does not trust easily, especially his heart.  But he reveals that her touches have since the beginning unnerved him.  He is a man after all & a woman has been touching him, hanging on him, asking to sleep holding hands with him, of course he has been affected by her touch.  But it seemed he was the only one that noticed this was unusual, not the norm or acceptable so he kept quiet for fear that he would seem the "weird one".  But it seems she has started to notice after all so now he tells her not to do more than is considered common decency, especially where people can see.  He doesn't like the looks people give them when she grasps on to him so tightly.  I don't mind friendly touches, on the forearm but nothing that makes people wonder "what do they think they're doing?".

His admonition touches a spot in her & she too admits she was too exhilarated by the fact that she wasn't afraid anymore, that she could finally sleep that she wasn't thinking about anything else, selfishly.  She admits that she thinks she should be more careful from now on. He then looks at her injury on her temple closely & warns her not to go chasing after the ghosts on her own anymore, that he'll listen to her stories so that she doesn't get hurt again.  *Fan Girl Sighs of Happiness & Tummy Flutters*  Then he offers to take her home & offers her his hand to help keep her form being afraid & for the second time, she hesitates.  She says she doesn't think it's a good idea to randomly touch him anymore.  but he is adamant, she was injured after all & then postulates that she is afraid Candy Kang will see them together & get upset.  How right he was too!

Indeed as the car pulls up to her apartment building Candy Kang is, heart-brokenly, throwing away the two stuffed animals he bought for them, and witnesses her getting out of the car.  His poor little heart.  I felt so bad for him.  And I was so torn!  I felt bad for Candy Kang enough that I wanted to cry out, "No, it's all a misunderstanding! Don't give up on her, she likes you too."  But at the same time he really is better off with model girl & TGS is better off with JJW.  So I kept silent.  Cos you know IF I had cried out it would have totally changed the whole show, right?!?!  Just like when men scream at the TV during a sports show.  Makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?  *Sardonic wink & smile here*  We also get to see him have a conversation w JJW's dad.  Their supposition is that TGS knew Hee Joo, probably from the same orphanage that Hee Joo grew up in.  Maybe TGS is or was Hee Joo's accomplice & therefore she must be watched more closely.

I did enjoy one funny quick moment in the midst of the sad eyed Candy Kang.  After being temporarily jailed, for a mild case of needed kidnapping, TGS is eating tofu all by herself & turns to her stuffed cat animal & asks it if she has a "lust ghost" attached to her now?  Then she turns around & sees the grocery store Halmoni ghost sitting in the corner & decides this is what she needed to set her mind straight & help her to refocus again, so she asks Halmoni to scare her on purpose & of course Halmoni does, maybe a little too well.

Meanwhile JJW's aunt & uncle stop by & JJW finds out that they already knew about his evening & about TGS as does his father.  Which means, the father who has spoken to his son in years is spying on him.  But why?  But then when TGS takes out some garbage she runs into Candy Kang who informs her he never really liked her, the kids told her he did & she believed them so he went with it but he can't keep up the pretense any longer.  She is embarrassed & sad but she tries to hide it from him but we can see she is saddened.  And that is where another feel came in, I was so sad for her, even though I know & you  guise know, that she is better off with JJW, I felt so sad for her.  But Candy Kang is a big fat liar liar pants on fire.  He really did like her & quite frankly still does.  Oh the FEELS!!!

Knowing when you've overstayed your welcome:
This week's main ghost story revolves around a rather sweet story.  The Kingdom Hotel has an unseen visitor in it's pool.  One that likes to pull it's visitors under the water & nearly drown them.  That means it's a water ghost & we know how Tae Gong Sil feels about them, they terrify her & when Joo Joong Won comes to her to ask for her help she tells him a s much too.  Which leaves him no choice but to try his hand subterfuge.  He decides to reward her & help her get some needed rest & relaxation by gifting her with an all inclusive stay at the hotel & spa & pool etc...  She is over the moon happy about this gift.  She invites her sister & tells her sister to bring friends but her sister decides to try & play matchmaker & instead invites Cutie McLittlesecurityguardguy & for him to bring Candy Kang.  Candy Kang can't come so it'll just be Cutie McLittlesecurityguardguy.  While TGS's eonnie is off doing her thing chasing down an ex w C McLSGG as her companion Tae Gong Sil is being entertained by none other than Joo Joong Won.

Unfortunately, his attempt at spoiling her, thanks to his overwhelming guilt for lying to her for the real reason he gave her the gift card, works a little better than he anticipated & his intentions are misconstrued by Tae Gong Sil.  She believes he cares for her & gets all fluttery by his attentions.  Not that I blame her, he gives her this really awesome vacation day, then not only joins her for lunch, but treats her to anything she wants, sparing no expense, worries over her, then buys her a very pretty summer dress & she overhears the staff has closed off the pool, the same night as the last fireworks display for the summer, to just them.  I'd be hard pressed to not think I was being wined & dined like a princess by a would be lover too.  but just as she joins him for their evening together under the night sky enjoying fireworks, she overhears him convey his true intentions & what he really wants from her.

Not surprisingly she runs the other way & changes & is very obviously saddened she was so mistaken.  And that is where the feels became overwhelming for me, I cried for her, just a little but still... real tears.  He waits & waits for her to return & then just as she is leaving & overhears snotty, rude gossipy hotel workers looking down on her he catches up to her.  he figures out what really happened & feels bad & admits he felt guilty for lying to her when she was so scared this makes her happy to know he felt guilt, because obviously he does like her a little.  She hesitates to take his hand & then...MORE FEELS...he explains he is asking to face a big scary thing AND he wants to help her save face in front of the rude whisperings of his staff.  Gallant & sweet & clever & my heart melted at his sweetness.  She braves the ghost only to find out it isn't a water ghost in particular.  It's actually a former guest of the hotel.  One who, like TGS, won an all inclusive visit & was made to feel like a queen, a welcome break from her fractious & unpleasant family.  But something happened, she turned ill after she returned home & is now in the hospital in a quasi coma w her anxious & still fractious family looking on, while her soul goes back to the one place it found peace & happiness.  The hotel.

Thanks to TGS & JJW the ghost guest finally faces her reality, only after getting to enjoy the fireworks show w our leads.  She then returns to her body & her family, which includes her lovely sweet daughter, her obnoxious mother in law & her loud, bossy, domineering husband.  All of whom are truly so grateful she is awake again.  And here I like to take writer's license & say this changes her family for the better & from here on out they are all kind & loving & supportive of each other & so much closer as only a tragedy can bring a family.  What can I say?  I like happy, saccharine sweet ends, all tied up in a pretty, glittery, bow of sunshine & butterflies.  Deal with it.

Best part of this was watching Joo Joong Won, once again, watch & really see Tae Gong Sil's loveliness.  OH MORE FEELS!!  I love it when he stares at her & truly sees her.  So Ji Sub gives good looks.  He has the ability to make a woman melt & sizzle all at the same time.  Is anybody else feeling a little warm?  I'm suddenly feeling a little warm.  BRB need to turn on the ceiling fan............................................................

Okay back, much better.

Candy to the rescue!
While JJW is having his moment w Tae Gong Sil, we see Yi Ryeong & is pleased to see the reports of Candy Kang's grand rescue of her in the subway.  She met him w info earlier about TGS.  Reporting that she was not an orphan her parents were very much alive & that her family was very close & happy together.  She tries to get Candy Kang interested in her again by offering to give him a ride but he's taking the subway & dares her to brave it like an ordinary person, if she can.  So of course she does, managing to overhear really ugly remarks by the general public about her age, her obvious plastic surgeries & her lack of talents, compared to IU.  He starts to feel bad for her & is just about to help her leave when she stands up & unveils herself to the public.  She of course loves the attention, he sees she loves the attention gets made at her & ditches her.  She gets surrounded & overwhelmed & he comes swooping back in, hand grabs her & drags her off to safety.  Like a knight in shining armor.  She is tickled pink about it, she is so fallen for the enigmatic Candy Kang.  can't say I blame her, he is a very tasty morsel.

But Candy Kang's story is interesting, I still don't know what his role is completely.  JJW, thanks to Secretary Kim, now knows, or rather, strongly suspects that Candy Kang is his father's mole & confronts him towards the end of the show, and Candy Kang confirms that it is true.  His orders are to keep a watch on the people around Joo Joong Won.  Then he says JJW's dad believes that Hee Joo was an accomplice to the bad guy & that the bad guy would still cause trouble & is still around.  JJW still believes that his father refused to pay the ransom & is responsible for her death.

Setting up next week's episode:
At the end of this episode JJW, reminds Secretary Kim that he will be in China for a week & wants to knwo if Tae Gong Sil knows & how will she do while he is away.  But she told Secretary Kim, this position & hanging on JJW cannot last forever, so she better learn to survive again on her own.  She then says, "When your heart doesn't tell the truth, pain gives the answer."  Which is what Candy Kang said to her when he lied about liking her.  Which is what she's been reminding herself over her many feels for Joo Joong Won all episode long.  But Candy Kang was the first person to share that particular sentiment.  It came from Hee Joo originally.  He flashes back to his youth & her saying it to him for the first time & goes on to tell him, "since you like me more than I like you, it's fair for you to hurt more."  Explaining she wants JJW to hurt a lot more.

When Joo Joong Won walks into his office he finds a crouched over Tae Gong Sil by his desk.  He helps her up & she explains she just saw Hee Joo, who told her why he called her a naughty Bitch.  She looks shocked & he asks her if Hee Joo said why or who the other person was, but TGS tells him Hee Joo can't say & won't say because she has to protect that other person.  He looks shocked & scared even.  She starts to leave & he stops her & asks her to stay with him.  He is afraid Hee Joo will come back & witness his weakness so he wants her to stay beside him because she can see Hee Joo and protect him.

OH THE FEELS!!!  Seriously, this episode did me in with the feels guise.  So many things happening, so many feels.  It's getting better & better every week.  Please drama gods let this one have as great an ending as it has had a beginning, and let the middle rock too.  Pretty please!?!?

That's it for this week AddiKts.  Have a great rest of the weekend & enjoy your week.  My kids start back to school this week.  I am excited & yet sad they won't be here with me everyday.  But mostly I am looking forward to quiet again. ;)


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