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Basketball Episode 7: The Rules to Keeping a Secret

So I am not sure if you guys are staying up to date on the buzz around this drama.  But on Sunday there was an announcement that they are cutting this drama down from 24 episodes to 18.  Can I just say that I am one happy camper.  It is not that I would not finish this drama even if I was not recapping it, but that said, it is not like I am really loving it either so this gives me an extra month of reviewing something I might like better.  So with these positive thoughts lets jump into episode 7 and see where this train wreck of a love triangle takes us.

So I am still not sure with how I want to organize my blog posts on a regular basis.  Last week I did a step by step recap of the episode and while I dont think it was bad, it felt just a tad bit boring.  So this week I am going to try and just post the main concepts of the episode and see how that goes.  Personally if you are actually reading this it means that you are either one of my friends (you guys are awesome for watching this show just for me.........  you know who you are.........) or you have already watched the drama and just like reading recaps, so I hope I dont leave any gaping holes for you.  If you have a preference either way, or suggestions on blog styles I could try please leave a comment below.

Rules of keeping a secret:  #1 - Don't have everyone and their dog know your secret.

Of course even heartbroken San wins his basketball game (18 to 0 ...........  really how low scoring are these games?) and takes his team to the championships.  The crowd is cheering his name, his teammates are patting him on the back, and the reporters are circling like a bunch of hungry sharks just waiting to find out more about our new Bball star.  The only problem (beyond the fact that he was just deserted by his fickle girlfriend) is that his background is built on a huge fat whopper of a lie.

I would just like to take this moment to point out that I am done with the whole lying scenario.  I can understand lying to his girlfriend because he wanted to impress her and he did not feel like she would fall in love with a poor guy like him.  But the whole university lie?  Why bother.  He is there because of his talent and in part his good looks.  The coach of his team knows the truth because he was scouting him before.  What is the big deal other then the writers trying to create some kind of conflict to move the story along.  I personally don't really feel like it is working to well.

And when you build your life on a lie, that allows you to become vulnerable.  Enter Evil Bookie Ahjussi (who I guess did not end up in jail).  He sees that San is a hot star and has some weaknesses that can be manipulated.  So for either revenge or just because he sees an opportunity he forces himself into San's post game interview, announcing that he is San's manager.  With a few well placed comments about San's huge lies about his background San is forced to back down and accept Evil Bookie back into his life.

Rule #2:  Dont take the Ditzy Princess anywhere near your Secret hideout.

San runs to where the rally was to find Shin Young, but all he sees is choas and people being beaten and arrested by the police.  Shin Young was actually taken from the rally by a very cute working class hottie.  Why she is following this guy I dont really know, but lets just assume that he offered her some candy if she would follow him to his secret room (the historical version of a van).

Cute interlude:  Finally a romance I can support
We break into our regularly scheduled blog post to report that this show might actually have a descent romantic moment............  Yes I know I thought all hope was lost as well when we learned that street urchin was only 14...............  Our Ditzy Heroine's companion and random hot street thug had a moment.  He is forced to put his hand over her mouth to keep the police from finding them and she totally swoons.  Here is how it is done Shin Young.  Look at the cute expression on her face as she is overwhelmed by sparks.  The cute hiccups that she emits, showing that she was moved by the skinship.   If only we could have switched out the actresses parts in this show I would have been a happy camper.

The girls are led into a smoky filled bar/gambling establishment where we see Shin Young's reporter co-worker playing a card game and looking very important.  It seems that he is one of the leaders of the Korean underground movement and wants to have Shin Young join their group.


Rule #3:  If someone knows your secret, attempt to make them an asset and not an enemy.

Rather then fight Bookie Ahjussi about his new role as his manager, San makes the wiser (if not necessarily ethical decision) to use him to help hide his secrets.  They agree to spit all money 50/50 and another shady relationship is born, but on a little more equal footing then before.  However San encounters more enemies as he becomes more famous.  His old BFF from the shanty housing still blames him for his grandmothers death and the fancy pants basketball player (who just happens to be the master of the house San's mom works at) is out to get him as well.

  PLEASE REFLECT BACK TO RULE #1 AND ADD THIS SUB RULE..........  Dont have everyone and their dog know your secret. Especially if they have any cause to get revenge.

Needless to say, San is doing a horrible job at keeping rule #1 and finds himself constantly harassed about "his secret".  His ex BFF shows up at the basketball court all ready for a showdown.  He demands that San give him money to pay for killing his grandmother.  San refuses and states that he knows he was not the cause of her death and to please not contact him in the future.  His BFF breaks down in tears and punches San screaming that he does not deserve to live a good life while his Grandmother is dead and San (also in tears) screams back that he just wants to succeed and what is wrong with that.. To which BFF tells him that it is not ok to succeed when you don't care who it hurts.  Because then success becomes meaningless. This causes San to pause and hopefully get some common sense through his head that his actions now are having consequences.  Even bigger consequences since his name has power and can be used to cause others harm. Something that Chi Ho found out previously.  

So this ends out blog post on how to keeps a secret (or more accurately how the writers are forcing tension into the show in an attempt to make us care)  Now we have to watch everything unravel since lets just all admit that the chances of all of San's secrets not being revealed in the next 2 episodes are pretty slim to none.  

Now you might wonder what our Ditzy Heroine was doing while San was dealing with all this trauma.  Well on that note, I will just say that she (the fickle shrew that she is) was busy swooning over everything Chi Ho and we have this as our ending scene.  

Things are not looking good for either of our heroes.  Life is out to force both of them into conflicts and one of these poor boys is going to end up with a twit of a wife (unless we are lucky and this is one of those dramas where the heroine dies).  Lets just cross our fingers and hope for a dramatic death.


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