Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Heirs episode 10 "She's Mine"

Confession time - I've run out of steam.  Long weekend coupled with sick kid who is really trying his hardest to share said sickness with me and I'm just beat.  Words aren't coming and flowing so freely and the looming deadline approaches ever nearer.  Solution?

A pictorial review of episode 10.  More pics, less talk.  Enjoy the pretty my friends!  :)

Kim Tan thinks fast on his feet and explains Eun Sang's presence at his home as being due to the fact that they are dating and had plans for that time.  Tan gets his revenge on Young Do bringing their families into their feud by paying a visit to Young Do's father with him tagging along.  Tan apologizes for the fight, and Young Do ends up getting slapped around by his father before finding the girl he has stashed in the office closet.  This brings back the painful memory of the time when they were younger and first witnessed Bad Dad's infidelity.  Poor Young Do is pained by the actions of his father and declares a truce with Tan in regards to their respective families.  Family may be off limits, but one pawn is not - Eun Sang.

Eun Sang and Kim Tan have another heart-to-heart in the wine cellar.  She starts out all logical in her argument about why they can't be together, but it ends with it being her heart's turn to be broken as Tan tells her that the way she hurt him most was by not showing courage - he's shown that he's willing to risk it all for her, but she hasn't done the same for him.  He ends up actually walking out on her.  Ouch.  That hurts, doesn't it Eun Sang?

Caught red handed day dreaming about their kiss on the roof.  heehee!  Looks like it's enough to maybe give Kim Tan a bit more courage in not giving up on her quite yet.

School day dramatics.  It's the day of midterms.  I guess this scene was to show us that poor Kim Tan may just be a bit of a dunce.  We're so used to our heroes being top of their class, but no, he's dead last.  Beating him by two spots was Young Do, who only doodled on his test and marked the same answer for every question.  Things then get a bit more interesting when, upon hearing that Eun Sang was going on the camping trip and Kim Tan was not, Young Do suddenly adds his name to the field trip list.  Alone, in the woods, no Kim Tan around?  This should be good, right?

Time to clarify a little of what is going on in this relationship.  I had previously misunderstood it slightly and feel the need to set the record straight.  Kim Won and the tutor.  She's an orphan, supported by Kim Won's family.  They are in love, but, given her poor girl background, it would appear to be a forbidden love.  He's made promises to her, but are they promises that he can keep?  If it means losing his tenuous position in the family and family business, will he choose love?  Well, we're not so sure at this point.  When Won finds out that he has been tailed by someone sent by his father and that his relationship with the girl is probably known, he breaks their date.  She assumes that this means they have finally broken up - like she had been waiting for this day all along.  Enter Hyo Shin.  He's hot for teacher, and now that she's technically no longer his tutor, he gets bold and kisses her after she has just been stood up.  You can see and understand her conflict, right?  Forbidden love with a man who may or may not fight for her vs a young hot thing wild for her and with seemingly little to lose.  It's an interesting time to be Hyun Joo, that's for sure.

Retchel breaks the engagement with Kim Tan.  This spells trouble for Tan at home.  According to the opinion of his father, he needs this marriage with her as insurance for his future, seeing as how he is an illegitimate child and all.  He seems less concerned.  These poor Kim boys - no wonder they've got such issues.  Kim Won is freaked out because he thinks little bastard brother is going to usurp his position in the company, while Kim Tan just wants to be a normal kid with a normal family life, allowed to live and love as he sees fit.  I doubt he really has any interest in the business side of it all.  And if he ever does, it will be because he was driven to it and given no other option.  And he has sadly come to the conclusion that everyone was better off when he was in America.  :'(  Poor baby :'(

Showing some courage, Eun Sang goes where no maid's daughter should go - upstairs to young Master Tan's room.  At least she is rewarded for her courage with a back hug from a grateful Tan, who promises her that he's working on a way for them to be together.  I wonder what he has up his sleeve.  No idea, but I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the back hug and let him worry about all of that.  Love will find a way, right?  Doesn't it always?

Camping day.  A secret is spilled when Myung Soo finally realizes where he'd seen Eun Sang before and idiotically blurts it out right there in front of Young Do - in her pajamas, coming out from Kim Tan's house.  Uh oh.  Of course Young Do can't let this go and continues to pester her about it - why would she be coming out of his house in her pajamas?  Right now he's thinking that they are in some way related, like she was adopted or something.  He still hasn't caught on to the fact that she's a servant, or at least daughter of a servant, in the house.

Eun Sang sneaks away from camp to try to call Kim Tan.  Aww!  She misses him!  Or maybe she just wants to warn him about Young Do learning she lives there in his house, but I'm going to choose to live in my lala land and tell myself that it was mostly because she was missing him.  She is caught, and then slapped by, and angry and jealous Retchel who sees that this "other woman" is calling "her" man.  Young Do appears and stops Retchel, laying claim to Eun Sang as being "his" and that only he has the right to mess with her.  This weird little declaration only turns weirder when who should appear but Kim Tan.  Young Do sees him, and quickly responds by grabbing Eun Sang and drawing her into himself in a very obvious "she's mine" kind of possessive way.  It's all so barbaric and Neanderthal of him.  The modern-day woman in me should be turned off by such behavior, but yeah, I'm really not.  It's kind of sexy.  These two guys are both serious about fighting for her.  What's not to love?  Does this mean I have to turn in my modern-day woman card?  I hope not.  It's not like he's hurting her.  He just wants her and is making it clear that he's willing to battle his old buddy for her.  Or use her for his "get back at Tan" plot.  Guess we'll just have to wait and see where his true intentions lie.  But I am pretty convinced it's mostly because he likes her.  I will admit, however, by the end of this episode, my allegiances for Team Do began to waver a bit in favor of Team Tan.  But really, with two choices like this, can a girl really go all that wrong?  I'd still argue no, no she can't.  They've both won me over.  Guess I'm easy that way ;)

And that's episode 10.  Did you like the more pictorial review?  Or did you miss the more traditional?  Did you really not notice much of a difference other than the text being smaller and harder to read?  ???  Sorry if that was the case - it's just the way my brain was working today.  Thanks for bearing with me as I play around with different styles.

One more day!!!  One more day and Heirs returns!!!!  I know that I for one cannot wait!  So excited to see what comes next for our Jeguk High kids.  Until then, bye bye!

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