Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heirs ep 7 "I Must Confess"

This is late. So late that episode 8's review was written first.  So late that I really don't have much to say about this episode that wasn't covered in the review of episode 8, so whereas that one was long, this one will be relatively short.  Together though, I hope that they give a nice cover of last week's happenings on Heirs.

There are a few things of import that came out in this episode, the most notable in my mind at least being the history of the Kim Tan vs Young Do feud.  How did two boys that were once best friends become enemies?  Well, we get a little insight into that in this episode.

Young Do is upset because the two of them had apparently caught his father in a tryst with another woman.  Young Do is embarrassed and ashamed of his father.  Kim Tan tries to comfort him by letting him know that he isn't alone, that he himself is not the actual son of the woman he calls mother.  Instead of being supportive and grateful to his friend for revealing such a thing, Young Do uses this secret of Kim Tan's as a weapon against him, which obviously destroys the friendship that they had had and instead creates the mortal enemy that he has become.  So sad and tragic.

We have a few really cute scenes between our lead couple.  Like when Kim Tan wakes up early to catch Eun Sang on the way to school and in the car he rests his head on her shoulder.

Then there is the ponytail.  Kim Tan for whatever reason decides to pull Eun Sang's ponytail out as he is walking behind her.  Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I can't help but be reminded of a scene from an old favorite novel that you may have heard of, Anne of Green Gables.  For those familiar with the story, do you remember how a young Gilbert Blythe pulls Anne's braid and calls her "Carrots" because he has a crush on her and is too immature to know how to express himself in a more clear and appropriate manner?  I don't know exactly if that's what is happening here or not, but it reminds me of that scene all the same.  It could be that he is remembering her long flowing hair from when they were together in LA and wants to see it again.  Either way, it's a physical contact between the two of them and kind of cute.  And they sure did dramatize it up to draw attention to it so how could I not mention it?

Stalk much?
After Kim Tan executes another flirtatious ponytail grab, Eun Sang looks up to see that Young Do is watching them.

What in tarnation?
Maybe it's not you, maybe it's the sweater they're rejecting.

I don't know what wardrobe is thinking with some of the sweaters they put Kim Tan in, but this one takes the cake.  He looks like a pink, fluffy Easter bunny.  Or, more accurately, like he skinned the Easter bunny and is now wearing its pelt.  It's distracting from an otherwise touching and emotional scene between these two brothers.  Kim Won hates his brother.  More accurately, he hates what his brother represents - his father's blatant infidelity as well as a threat to his position.  He resents Kim Tan for the sheer fact that he was born.  All Kim Tan wants is for love from his older brother.  He's starving for affection and positive attention.  He shocks his hyung by grabbing him and hugging him down in the wine cellar.  I understand why Kim Won is upset, but he needs to grow up and realize that his brother is just as much a victim of their messed up family as he is and definitely in no way deserves such rotten treatment.  The brothers need to band together more than they need to quarrel and fight.  Totally heart breaking to see them divided like this.

At least his sweater is better.

Young Do calls Eun Sang to come dine with him at his hotel, promising that if she does, he will drop the lawsuit against the bespectacled kid he's been bullying.  He's all beat up from an incident earlier where Kim Tan slugged him at school because he was threatening and bullying both the bespectacled kid and Eun Sang.

While she is there, he confesses to her very clearly.  That's one thing that I like about this character, he just puts it all out there.  No games, no beating around the bush - he says what he means and he means what he says.  He doesn't hold back, at least not with her.  He puts his heart out there, I'm sure expecting to get rejected all the while.  I think in his mind he has nothing to lose.  He knows she likes Kim Tan.  He's jealous and wants to compete for her.  But he knows what kind of guy he is.  He knows that he's not her type.  Yet, he still puts it out there.  Kim Tan isn't the only one desperate for love and acceptance after all.  He is a complicated fella, that's for sure.

Their dinner is interrupted by Retchel showing up, who then calls her fiance, Kim Tan, to let him know that Eun Sang is in a hotel room with Young Do.  This achieves its intended purpose and gets him all sorts of worried and worked up.  He tries to call Eun Sang and, when he doesn't receive an answer, goes out to find her.  He eventually finds her at work, not in the arms or under the foot of another man, at which point they have a very interesting conversation that ends in a confession on his part.  She wants him to back off because he is complicating her already difficult life, but he asks her to like him because he is in "like" with her.

And that's where it leaves off...with Kim Tan begging yet another person in his life to love him and accept him.  Sweet and sad all at once.  Don't you just want to give him a great big hug?  I know I always do, almost every time he's on screen.  In anything.  I'll even hug the Easter bunny sweater.  It does look very soft after all, doesn't it?

If you haven't already read it, episode 8's review is already up and is quite a bit more extensive.  Sorry for the out-of-order posting this week.  Regardless of the order it came in, I at least hope it helped you get your Heirs fix for the week in preparation for the new episodes coming out starting tomorrow!  yay!  I'll see you back here after that!


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