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Pretty Man Episode 6: I think I am Developing a Sock Fetish

So I have come to a conclusion on my blogging style.  I am just not the type that is very good at going through every little detail that happens in a show.  Especially a drama like Pretty Man which, I will admit, I am watching for the comedy.   I want to talk about those moments that really made me snort and laugh.  And I don't mind talking about those moments in the show that really make me feel emotional.  However when I feel like I am having to describe the drama step by step I just feel stressed and slightly bored.  So we are kicking that out and I am heading back to my mini blog roots of last week.  I hope that works for everyone, and on the off chance there is someone out there that needs more, then feel free to message me and I would be happy to chat one on one.  On that note, lets jump into this weeks episodes that were chock full of sweet moments with our OTP, more snarky smack talk by our two rivals and a whole lot of people that have sock fetishes.  (Yup............ it is an actual thing.  I googled it and it really exists.  Did not go anywhere past the initial googling though since it looked like it went to some freaky and deaky sites but just know that I did research it to that extent and those people that are in love with socks are out there......Lurking.)

Mine, Mine, Mine & Don't Touch What is Mine
We left episode 5 with Team Sock knocking out a major win by selling all of those pesky white socks (although what idiots are buying them to clean with?  Just goes to show that you can literally sell anything and at least some people will buy it).  But all is not smooth sailing with Mattai because he just discovered that David Choi has a giant crush on Bo Tong.  What is a totally narcissist to do when his stalker is in danger, why go claim his territory of course.
I totally love how blatant he is that Bo Tong is his and not to touch.  Just makes me laugh every time.  Subtlety thy name is not Mattai.

I think now is a good time to discuss one of Mattai's most distinguishable character traits.... The boy can not go five minutes without doing a pose.  He poses more then a backup dancer in Madonna's Vogue music video.
Vogue MV
On the off chance Vogueing was way before your time (yup things that were big when I was a kid are ancient history now) here is the video just so you can relate.

I love how it has become a running joke.  They took something that is so annoying if taken seriously and made it more of an adorable quirky personality trait. 

I'm to Sexy
OK back to episode 6 where at least Mattai is Vogueing with a purpose.  His excuse for dragging Bo Tong away from David was that he needed to give her her reward.  Yup he is going to let her take photos of him with her phone.  She of course is in cooky stalker heaven and is snapping away faster then he can create a new pose.  He then goes and grabs her phone deleting several photos and when she protests he tells her that "she knows that is his bad side and he does not want bad pictures out there hehe.
 and the best part is she asks him to do a sexy picture by licking his lips........ you know all sexy like............ which being in the good mood he is in he agrees.  And then he is totally upset when she laughs and says that he actually looks really cheap when he does that.  But she just brushes away his anger by telling him to pause since she wants to grab a photo with his angry face as well.  BWAHAHAHA  you have to love how he cant pull any diva crap when she is around because she is completely honest.

A Sweet Moment
One of the Korean traditions that I think is very cool is when the child buys the parent a present with their first pay check.  It is one of those respect things that we just dont seem to have here in the US.  So when Mattai earns his first ever money (gold digging money does not count) he goes out and buys his mother a pair of red underwear.  It seems that one of the neighbor kids had bought his mother red underwear and Mattai's mom had been a little jealous.  So being a good son he brings it to where her ashes resided.
I will admit that there is something about him being a sweet mommies boy that just touches my heart.  Every time he thinks about her he gets the sweetest look on his face.  And when Bo Tong comes up behind him with her own pair of red underwear for his mom, it just brings the whole scene together.  I really like how the writers have made their relationship much deeper then pretty guy and stalker.  Time and again we see that they really did actually have a friendship growing up and that the feelings between them are not just superficial.

Afterwords Bo Tong asks about his future plans now that the socks have been sold.  She tells him that she is sad since they will not be working together anymore.  Mattai surprises her by saying that he did not give her permission to stop working for him and since they are a successful company now they need to reinvest in more socks.  I find it hilarious when she replies that she is "kind of sick of socks".......  Aren't we all Bo Tong, aren't we all.  Mattai then adds that all they need is a company name.  He looks at her and smiles when he says that the name is going to be "Bo Tong Company" (Bo Tong means ordinary in Korean) and when she is not supportive of the name he just smiles and say that the name is perfect.  
 I would just like to point out that this just totally made me fall for him.  It is so sweet how he is slowly seeing her now and unknowingly he is starting to adjust his life for her..

A Picture is worth a thousand words .......................... 
 So if that picture is 9 ft tall does it mean more?   That is something we have to ask ourselves when Mattai decides that Bo Tong deserves more then just a few photos on her phone.  In yet another effort to one up David he gives her a super duper special surprise present.  A giant wall size picture of himself.  Because not for a second is she allowed to not think of him.  And after an astonished look and a muttering about how oppa can really be over the top, Bo Tong plasters herself to the wall happily caressing his face.

Socks, Socks, & More Socks
Now I am sure all of you are asking yourselves "where are the socks?  I was promised sock fanatics?  Kmuse did you lie about the crazy sock people just to get us to read your blog.....  Don't worry readers.  There is plenty of crazy sock people to go around. 
Trying to find a new supplier for their cleaning socks, team sock hits a snag since their specific type of sock has not been produced for 5 years and it would be to expensive to use those materials now.

(seriously this plot line seems a tad bit thin to me but I guess no one promised me really solid plot along with all the pretty and it does lead us to the sock people so all is forgiven writers.)

So Bo Tong and David decide to think outside the box and go looking for sock enthusiasts and hopefully they will find a company that loves socks so much they would be willing to overlook the cost.  Sound thinking except for having to hunt down the type of people that are sock fetish fans.  But no worries since they instantly find a sock party where everything (and I do mean everything) is sock themed.  And lucky for them it is not one of those R rated sock parties but more of a sock historical group where the worst they do is some type of weird chanting sock ritual about the joys of socks.  Bo Tong and David, being the type of people they are, join in with cheerful abandon.  And it is all worth it when they make the acquaintance of a sock enthusiast who actually owns a company that makes socks.  
And this guy loves socks so much that he agrees to make their socks at a profit loss, until he finds out what they are going to used for which is when he throws them out forcefully.  But never fear Mattai has arrived in all his posing sock glory to save the day.  He gives sock lover a huge speech on how making and selling cleaning socks are actually going to skyrocket the popularity of the sock.  Sock man buys it hook line and sinker and Team Sock has their supplier.

My Thoughts:
I love that Mattai has absolutely no shame or level he wont go to to achieve his success.  And I also like that if he does have an embarrassing moment he just shakes it off and tries to figure out the next move to make to achieve his goal.  It makes him all the more likable.  And I also enjoy that he is thinking of others and not just himself now.  I did not focus on it, but there is a scene where he is asked why he does not just take the money and be happy with what he has.  His reply is that it is not just him but Bo Tong and that other guy as well that are in it with him and he cant ignore all their hard work.  Moments like that show that he is not just a your typical Korean Jerk character but has a lot of really good qualities.  Is he snarky and lazy? YES, but he is never truly mean or cruel and coming from a kdrama (which often has mean and cruel characters till they are reformed) this is a nice change from the norm.  I am looking forward to the point where he starts to feel bad about being around other women in front of Bo Tong.  I think that when he starts to feel like he is cheating on her we are going to start seeing a big change in his character and I am excited to see how the drama works that concept.  Hopefully it will be full of funny scenes so I will have something to talk about.


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  1. Who doesn't love a good sock? You captured my favorite moment from this episode so well - thanks KMuse!!! :)


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