Saturday, September 12, 2015

Official Poster for "Six Flying Dragons" is Released & Bonus Byun Yo Han BTS Clip.

I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  Needless to say my fangirling is running over, so you literally get every little tidbit that comes out of the "Six Flying Dragons".  Coming out this time is the first official poster which screams badass and highlights all six of the leads.

And since showing only one picture seemed a bit of a stretch for a blog post.  Consider this BTS footage of Byun Yo Han practicing the fight scenes as a special bonus.  A very special and drool worthy bonus.

BTS BYUN YO HAN (the song that accompanies the clip has a few curse words)
"Six Flying Dragons" is set to air on October 5th and will be 50 episodes.


  1. Oh wow that boy has some skills :D & looking soooo good as well

  2. Fine....u have sold me. I am watching least there is a good chance of d fighting scenes being on point.

  3. Yikes! I WILL be watching! You convinced me LOL He looks so good and is working so hard.


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