Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Watching Everything So You Dont Have To: My thoughts on the currently airing dramas

So about 2 months ago a huge amount of dramas all started at the same time.  And while I eventually chose Pretty Man to do weekly reviews on, there were still a lot of quality dramas out there and I dont want them to be missed because of a lack of info or chatter. So since I have this strange obsession to watch everything (you do not want to even imagine the time I spend watching dramas every week) I decided to do a quick synopsis of your currently airing options and whether they are worth checking out or not.

Prime Minister and I
This drama is my pick for sleeper hit of the winter kdrama season.    As i had mentioned in an earlier post, there was a ton of raised eyebrows when it was announced that Yoona would be playing the female lead.  In case you are unaware, in her past dramas she has not always been that well received as an actress.  And while I never really had an opinion about her, when it comes to someone playing opposite Lee Beom-Soo (who I TOTALLY love) then I get a bit picky and she was not my idea of a good match with him.  HOWEVER..........  I totally take back all my prejudices because this couple is awesome applesauce on custard.  Every week they become more and more charming as a couple and the huge age gap between them is nonexistent.  With minimal angst and amazing chemistry, this would be my choice for drama that would be to almost everyone's liking.  It is the perfect cozy romance to fulfill your romantic comedy needs.

My Love From Another Star
If Prime Minister and I is a cozy romantic comedy, then this one is the Drama you want when you want to be on pins and needles during every scene.  Talk about actors sizzling with chemistry, you don't get more sizzle then between Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun.  The take romance to a whole different level as the tug and pull in an intense romance that has a million and one hurdles to overcome.  How are they going to get them together long term when she is human and he is an alien that lives forever and never ages.  How are they going to not get killed by the puppy/people killing machine that is Lee Jae Kyung?  Is she ever going to be able to eat chicken and beer whenever she wants?  Hopefully we will get the answers to all these questions and more as we watch and love the roller coaster ride that is this drama.  It has been a long time since I have wanted to re-watch a show the second I am done watching it the first time, so this is on my MUST WATCH IT IS GOING TO BECOME A KDRAMA CLASSIC list.

Empress Ki
Oh Empress Ki how I really want to be in love with you, but there is just something stopping me from that last commitment.  I am pretty sure it is the neanderthal king that you keep trying to make me like... Yup, that's the problem.  What is a girl to do when you like one of the love triangle over the other and that is not the one that the show is trying to sell you on, why you get really cranky of course.  The sets, costumes, and cinematography of this drama is amazing.  Visually it is beyond stunning, however some of the choices the writers have gone with I have a problem with (keep in mind that this is just a problem I personally have, this is one of those dramas that you are definitely going to have a bias one way or the other so my problems might not be your problems).  In the first 12 episodes or so I loved the female character.  She was tough, fearless and smart.  But then they put her in a dress and dumbed her down....a lot....... It is something I have always had a problem with in Sageuk dramas, they start with strong women but eventually everything they do revolves around some man.  This drama so far is no different.  Whenever she thinks, sees, or hears about the King she turns into a moping sissy girl that is all things annoying.  However, I am hoping that since this is a 50 episode drama we will get past this and get some of the feisty female power back once she becomes empress.  In this case I would much rather watch court intrigue then the lackluster romance.

One Warm Word
I will be honest, I usually avoid the whole cheating spouse horrible divorce dramas like the plague.  However a friend of mine told me that I had to at least give this one a chance and so here I am reviewing it.  It was surprisingly well written, acted, and very interesting.  Rather then focus on the beginning of an affair and all the lying and horrible things that come about because of it, this one starts at the end of an affair and a women's efforts to fix her marriage.  I have found myself really interested in finding out what happens to both couples and while this is not a must watch ASAP drama, I do enjoy seeing what happens each week.  It is very well acted and I find myself hoping that certain couples do work out their problems.

Let's Eat
Never will you watch a show that sexualizes the eating of food more then this drama and it is freaking hilarious.  With a whole slew of quirky characters, this drama is one of those hidden gems that is flying under the radar right now.  It will have you laughing and craving food with an intensity that will surprise you (they even made seafood look good and I am very anti-seafood).   I was hesitant with the casting of this drama but after enjoying six episode (only airs one episode a week on Thursday) I can totally suggest this drama to anyone who wants a fun guilty pleasure.

Let's Eat Opening MV

Golden Rainbow
My last drama I want to discuss is Golden Rainbow.  The drama is about a man who adopts 5 orphans and their interconnecting lives with the owner of a fishing empire.  While this drama does have its faults (personally there are a lot of extra characters that I could care less about) it does have a very solid core story and the OTP is very very interesting.  It is probably one of my favorite family dramas that has been released this year and so I would suggest it to those that don't mind a longer drama and a little bit of plot filler.  It is worth it just to watch Jung Il Woo romance the girl.

I figured I would do a quick shout out to the new dramas that are being released this month.  As usual I am planning on watching them all, although at this moment, none of them are really making me excited beyond the fact that they are starring some actors I like.
I Need Romance 3
I am so hesitant to watch this drama.  Mostly because I was NOT a fan of the first two in the franchise.  I was always upset that the women would be in these very very dysfunctional relationships, go out and find new men, but then end up back with the losers they originally were with.  AGAIN I STATE I WAS NOT A FAN.  However, I really love Sung Joon (White Christmas, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Gu Family Book) so I am going to bite the bullet and give this drama a chance.  On an up note it looks like he is the rebound boyfriend so at least we don't have to worry about her going back to her original loser relationship (if they do go that direction I might have to send the writers some hate mail).  Not to mention that this is going to be a noona romance and I am a total sucker for noona romances.
I Need Romance 3 Trailer

So I was totally being a good Kmuse and finding the trailer for you guys but the video uploader was being horrible and refusing to do it for me.  So please click on the link above and put it into your web browser.  It is an awesome trailer.  And just to make up for it I will add a pretty picture of Sung Joon coming back to Korea:)

Emergency Couple
What happens when a couple marries young, divorces, and then finds themselves reunited at work?  We will find out when this Tvn comedy starts airing in two weeks.  It looks cute and I am very happy that Choi Jin Hyuk is back on a drama so soon after Heirs ended and even happier that he is finally the male lead.  However I have never really been a fan of Song Ji Ho's dramas in the past, but the fact that this is a comedy and not her usual historical/melodrama might make a difference.  Fingers crossed, this provides me with something entertaining to watch on the weekends.
Emergency Couple Trailer

Age Of Feeling
I dont know why I am not more excited about this drama.  I love historical dramas and action dramas and these looks like it is going to be both.  I personally thing that Basketball has made me weary of any drama set in this time period.  Adding the fact that one of my least favorite actresses (Jin Se Yun of Gaskital and Five Fingers) is the lead and my interest just starts to wain.  But I will give it a chance and hope that like in Gaskital the lead actress loses focus as the drama goes forward. 
Age of Feeling Trailer

This concludes my midway review of the winter 2013/2014 dramas.  I hope that this has helped you pick out your next drama and that you let me know if you like any of them or if i missed something in the comments.  Also since Pretty Guy is finishing this week I will be deciding what to do next.  Since I am really unsure about the upcoming dramas I have decided to do a Top 5 moments of the Week  post every week until I start a new recap.  I hope that this way I can share some of my favorite moments in currently airing dramas and maybe interest people into giving new dramas a try.  Hope you have an amazing week and be sure to check back for my conclusion to Pretty Guy.



  1. Thanks Amber! I'm feeling the same about KHJ's upcoming drama. I'm hoping for the best but so far I haven't finished any drama from this time period. But for for KHJ I will of course give it my all. fighting :D.. EunSoo

  2. If nothing else we can discuss the train wreck that this show might be together Eun Soo! Which sometimes as much fun as if it were an actual good drama.

  3. OMO. I was so excited to stumble on your blog the other day through a Pinterest link. My fifteen year old daughter introduced me to the lovely world of Kpop and I am hooked. I have slowly begun watching K dramas (I cut my teeth on King of Dramas because I adore Choi Siwon) as well and find them infinitely better than most North American programming. For months, I have wondered where I might find other adults who love these things as much as I do and I think I've come home! Thank-you for this wonderful blog for grown ups who love Korean pop culture!

    1. Barbara, thank you so much for your kind words. I love sharing my love for kdramas with others and this blog has been very fulfilling. If you ever want to find some more people to talk kdramas/kpop with I am part of an amazing group on FB. Feel free to send me a friend request on fb.... Amber Etherington Humphries and I can set you up.


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