Monday, January 6, 2014

Pretty Man Episode 14: All the plot threads are coming together.

This has actually been my favorite episode of the whole series so far.  It had a concise explanation (FINALLY) to all of the plot lines including the importance of the Pass code in reference to (not really bio) dad.  It also threw in a few surprises that I was not expecting and brought together all the characters and even had a credible (not the vague made up work plan that you usually see in kdramas) plan for the expansion of team sock and his work as CEO of SS Home Shopping.   Unfortunately there was still a bimbo of the week, but compared to everything else in this episode she only took up maybe 1% of the time.
Yes!  She is a total witch
So I have to admit that I am happy they did not redeem her (at least not yet).  Probably the biggest surprise of the show for me was how selfish and evil the mom (aka evil queen) was and still is.  I was totally preparing myself for the big tearful reveal followed by a whole bunch of "I'm Sorry I really loved you and was so sad to give you up for adoption.   But no, what we got instead was a bunch of I am your mother, I am telling you because I refuse to have it used against me, so please will you just disappear because you are trash and if you stay around I will make your life a living hell.......................  Mother of the year she is not.  Turns out that the dad knew about her baby out of wedlock (turns out that Mattai's bio dad ditched the mom leaving her to have the baby alone, shunned by her family) and arranged for the baby to be adopted by a friend (Mattai's mother who loved him enough to take a baby for him) and wait until the evil witch looked like she wanted to reconnect with her child.  Only that failed to happen since she is a heartless evil shrew of a women and Mattai arrived all grown up.  So here Mattai is abandoned not only by his bio mom but also learning that his "real" mom was not really his mom.  Poor guy is having one crappy day.

Is there such a thing as Guilt Love?
Oh David, David, David, David....... Did no one tell you it is just creepy to try and force someone into loving you.  Where Bo Tong loves Mattai as a friend and from the side, never trying to force Mattai to return her feelings, David goes the other direction where he puts his happiness all on her and the possibility that she will give up on her true love and settle for him.  Its not that I dont like David, but his constant putting Bo Tong on the spot about liking him and giving up on Mattai is starting (really it has been annoying me for 4 episodes now) to get on my nerves.  And putting a giant photo of her in his room really just kind of creeped me out.  How many times does a girl have to say no before you work on fixing yourself rather then relying on her to make you feel better. 
My Favorite Moment
I totally fell in love with this scene where Bo Tong attempts to cheer Mattai up (after his worst day ever mommy drama) by making him a little video that shows him all his accomplishments despite his parents.  It is something that just has to be watched (SO GO WATCH IT ALREADY IF YOU HAVE NOT) and I will just have a photo tribute in this blog....Also it always cracked me up when they mention his vegetarian rib eating habits, so I love that they added that in.

Can I just say FINALLY Mattai has discovered what "love" is.  Luckily for us the viewers it is all about Bo Tong and how she has always been his constant, the women that makes him smile.  And we get this realization during a super cute ice skating date that includes a lot of cute jesting as well as some hand holding.  It finalizes with her attempting to skate to him (she is not that great of a skater) and he tells her to stay there since from now on he is going to be coming to her, followed with a super cute hug.  I am so glad that we might see at least two episodes of them as a couple.  I really like them together and have always liked how easy their chemistry is.

I know I have complained about the snails pacing of the OTP's romance in the past.  However I have to admit that the payoff is very nice and a lot more realistic then if he had fallen for her right away.  Now looking at the show as a whole I think that it needed that slow realization simply because he had so far to go to grow up and be worthy of her love.  The same can be said of his business achievements as well as his relationships with everyone he meets.  He no longer expects things to be handed to him because he is pretty, but actually has discovered that things that you achieve easy are not worth having in the first place. 
I know that I skipped a lot of important scenes that happened in this episode but I wanted to stick with focusing on what I considered the main points.  If you by chance are not watching this drama and just reading my recaps, then I urge you to at least watch this episode since it was very well done and had an amazing sincerity to it.  Only two more episodes to go and we are done.  Cant believe that my first (completed recap) drama is almost over.  I am thinking of what I want to do in the future so stay tuned for further blog posts.


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