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I Need Romance 3 Episode 10 - Tips on How Not to Find Your Soulmate

It is ironic that on Valentines Day I have to write this blog post that is pretty much a how not to find your love list.  But unfortunately due to a lot of really stupid decisions (mostly made by our main girl Joo Yeon) there is not much loving going on in this episode so I guess we will delve into the unromantic as we discuss episode 10.
I swear that I alternately want to hug this drama and then smack the back of its head in cranky anger.  I love the OTP (TOGETHER ONLY TOGETHER) and even the cute little side romance of the pregnant BFF.  But when either of the Cold Couple and or whiny girl come on screen and spew their messed up selfish blathering ideas on life and love I just want to kick something.  I guess that is what makes it a good drama since it can elicit such emotions from me, but sometimes I am just tired after watching it since I want everything to settle in nicely.  It is one of the few dramas I am actually looking forward to the end of (only 3 more weeks) since then I will have the emotional closure and happiness for Joo Wan that I so desperately crave.

#1 Use a Fake Name and Make Sure you Cant be Traced
How is your soulmate supposed to find you if he does not even know your name?  This is Lee Min-Jung's (pregnant BFF) problem/solution since she gave her random hookup guy (aka her neighbor) her coworkers name as her alias.  But never fear, if you are a true romantic Korean you will obsess over text details and stock her down like a PI after a criminal.  That is just what Neighbor hookup does and when he finds out that it was a fake alias (not just any alias, but that of her very male coworker) he is lucky to discover her in the same cafe and chases her down.  It is at this point that he finds out that not only is her name Lee Min-Jung but she is his "old ahjussi" neighbor who has been avoiding him.  They then have the cutest/most awkward fight when he finds out that her name is wrong (he keeps calling her the wrong name and having to correct himself) but also that she is three years older then him which causes all kinds of formal/non-formal speech issues.  I personally really like this couple together and think that they are adorable.  Once her sophisticated layer was taken away she became a very fun character to watch.  I personally hope they are able to get past the whole fake name/age/hidden pregnancy thing and make a go of it.

#2 Allow your Crush to Use you as a Weapon Against His Ex.
I just feel so frustrated with Joo Yeon, probably as frustrated as she is with all her new "emotions" that she has to deal with.  After a underwhelming heart to heart with her maybe friend, maybe enemy, enemy but still friends with Se-Ryeong, (I seriously got confused with that whole discussion on what their relationship was so I might have blanked out on what they finally decided to call themselves) Joo Yeon is trying to decide on whether she should break off her date with Tae-Yoon.  But never fear since he in true jerk fashion takes the decision away from her and cancels on her because he has a hangover.  Poor Joo Wan who is listening to all this Blah Blah Blah friend/date drivel is making her some delicious soup which she promptly steals to take to "the jerk" (Again, just want to smack the girl for taking advantage of this perfect man).  When she gets there he is thankful in his usual selfish way and when Se-Ryeong lets herself into his house Tae-Yoon pretends that he and Joo Yeon were dating and that she was interrupting.  For once I felt bad for her as she begs him to come back to her and than leaves in tears.  At least Joo Yeon realizes that this is not OK and berates him for his actions.  Its more for using her when she has feelings for him then for his actual actions though.  He finally realizes that she likes him in a romantic way and he just kind of has a, huh interesting, expression on his face as she storms out.

#3 Treat the Perfect (AND I MEAN PERFECT) Man's Actions and Confessions as a Joke
I hate how Joo Yeon just ignores all of the romantic/sweet/perfect things that Joo Wan does.  She either blows them off as him acting like a kid or just accepts them as part of their friendship.  Seriously does she not realize that "friends" don't treat each other that way.  And they sure don't say "I love You" and introduce you to people as "the person I love" to their friends and coworkers.  Again she is just so dense.  There are truly so many times in each episode that it is impossible to list them all so I will do a pretty picture montage for ep 10 and leave it at that. 

#4 Think That This Piece of Crap Confession is Romantic
Tae-Yoon takes Joo Yeon out to dinner and says he has something to discuss with her.  He says that he thought about them and thinks that they should date.  Of course he adds that usually he would bring flowers and jewelry, but that he feels that he should just let her know right away and he hopes she will come towards him.  He then tells her that he DOES NOT love her and he can't promise that he will remain faithful to her in the future.  But for now he promises to try and do the best by her.  SERIOUSLY GIRL SAY NO.  A THOUSAND TIMES NO. But that would show that you have confidence in yourself and think that you are worth more than some second rate promise to try and be faithful.  She instead gets totally dewy eyed and says yes.  In her head she convinces herself that this bare minimum confession means more since it is not accompanied by anything romantic.  And at the same time this is happening, Joo Wan is buying a thoughtful bouquet of flowers for our dumb leading lady.

My Thoughts:
I have pretty much said everything that I feel at this point in my previous blog posts.  I continue to find the extreme personalities of every character exasperating.  It is not that I truly hate anyone (except maybe the whiny girl) but their actions make me so frustrated.  I feel frustrated for the lack of humanity in the cold couple since it is so extreme and I felt upset at how totally blank and dense our main girl is most of the time.  I even feel exasperated (although still love him totally and he is the #1 reason to watch this drama) with Joo Wan and his inability to stay upset with Joo Yeon or get truly jealous.  His zen personality is just so zenlike I want to shake him along with the others.  On an up note we are starting to enter into the final stretch of the drama.  If it follows the traditional drama stereotypes we have only an episode or two while she dates her boss, then she will somehow lose Joo Wan and have to try and get him back followed by soulmate completion.  Or at least this is how I am hoping the next three weeks go since I need some romantic happiness since this show has delivered a lot of "not romantic" moments and Joo Wan the only one who delivers romance.  Til my top kdrama countdown I will take my leave and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day.


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