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I Need Romance 3 Episode 8 - Who Do I Love?

I don't know why but I am having the hardest time trying to figure out what I want to say in this recap.  So to break out of my writers block I am just going to do a quick write up of my favorite scenes of the week similar to my top 5 countdowns.  Hopefully inspiration will be back and working for episode 9.
 We actually had a lot of really great character movement with Joo Yeon, which was nice considering that she has been so clueless up to this point.  She not only figured out FINALLY who she liked but also took small baby steps out of her worker robot comfort zone.  And best of all was that Joo Wan was holding her hand the whole way which not only makes him one amazing guy, but continues to give me hope that he will be the one she eventually chooses.

#3 Who Do I Love and the Cat Fight Dinner
We left off in episode 7 with Joo Wan telling her that her heart hurts because she likes someone.  She asks "who" and instead of giving her the answer he just tells her that it is something she needs to figure out for herself so she can learn to hear her heart rather then drown it out with work.  The next day Joo Yeon goes around trying to figure out who she "likes".  It cracks me up that the first person she thinks of is Joo Wan and all the times he made her heart flutter.  She sends him a text saying that he shouldn't misinterpret things and that she does not like him.  At home he just laughs and sends her back a text that she should just admit that she is missing him right now.
She smiles but then sees Tae Yoon who asks her out to dinner to discuss work.  She happily agrees but as they are leaving they come across Se Ryung who invites herself to dine with them ( I have to admit that Se Ryung's aggressive behavior is starting to get old.  There is a difference between confident and just plain obnoxious.)  Dinner did not turn out so great since it turns out that both girls are wearing the same dress.  Then add in a snarky fight which ended in Se Ryung telling Joo Yeon to leave since she wants to spend time with her boyfriend.  But when Se Ryung informs Tae Yoon that Joo Yeon is leaving because of an emergency she gets the upper hand by asking why Se Ryung is lying and that she was here at this dinner to talk about work.  I love how this drags Se Ryung down a peg and makes her look like a jealous girlfriend.
#2 Sung Joon in a Bubble Bath
Does this need really any other explanation?  He is TAKING A BUBBLE BATH!!!  Cute and sexy at the same time.  OK OK I know that more happened then just that but it was hard to get my mind off of the whole bubble bath part.  Joo Yeon comes home upset after her dinner with the Cold Couple.  She of course starts searching for Joo Wan first thing and is perplexed when she finds the house lit up but no Sweet Potato hottie in sight.  She texts him demanding to know where he is.  He is of course in the bathroom up to his neck in bubbles and zoning out with his headphones on.  When he realizes she has texted him he answers that she has to admit that she missed him and he will come find her right away.  She complies and says to hurry since she had a bad day.  He steps out of the bathroom all cute and wet (unfortunately not in just a towel) and he then orders her to bring him a drink to his room.  She huffily agrees and gets a nice little peep show of his chest as he finishes dressing.
They lay on his bed (holding hands!) while she complains about her dinner but as she complains it finally clicks into place.   She is finally aware that she has feelings for her cold jerk of a boss.  Poor Joo Wan realizes that she knows and the look on his face is heartbreaking.  She just looks shell shocked and asks what she does now since it is to late to like him.  Wan replies: “Go where your heart leads. Do what you want. Go where you want. Go as far as you can go.”  He then says that she has to stop being sensible and complicated and that if you go for it you will have no regrets regardless of the outcome.  He then looks at her and says "I love you".  She brushes his hand away and says he is crazy.  He continues to look so sad.

#1 Is a Date Still a Date if Your Date is a Complete Hardhearted Jerk who Deserves to Be Punched?
I don't know why I still feel this urge that I should like Tae Yoon.  I think it is his sweet nice guy next door smile that he throws around so easily, it confuses me when his actions are anything but sweet.  After breaking up with his cold counterpart, AGAIN, he decides to twist the knife just a little to get his point across.  He asks Joo Yeon to go to a play with him, (that he had previously been planning on attending with Se Ryung) anticipating that Se Ryung would be there expecting to be his date.  Poor Joo Yeon is completely unaware of the situation and happily agrees to go.  Joo Wan even helps her pick her outfit and drives her to the theater.  However he figures out what Tae Yoon is doing after a phone call from Se Ryung and rushes back.  Se Ryung is devastated as she realizes what her ex did and rushes out of the theater crying.  Joo Wan is there to comfort her and lets her know that Joo Yeon had no idea what Tae Yoon was doing.  When asked how he knows this he admits that Joo Yeon is the girl he came to Korea to see.
Poor Joo Yeon is oblivious to all the drama surrounding her date and is happy throughout the play and only remarks on how upset her date looks when they are at dinner.  He replies that he has to apologize (he is such a jerk I don't even give him points on coming clean) since he asked her out just to get back at Se Ryung.  She is obviously upset that he was using her but hides it and does the whole "supportive friend" thing.  However when she gets home she breaks down in tears and Joo Wan is the one there to hold her and say how it is a good thing that she can cry again.
My Thoughts:
I am really enjoying how they are mixing the various relationships together.  I was worried that once she decided on "her feelings" for Tae Yoon all of the cute OTP moments would stop and I would be stuck with a lot of annoying relationship bleck.  Luckily that is not the case since our leading lady does not even realize how taboo it is to be all touchy feely and sharing emotions with a guy who loves you while pining over a different guy.  Also the writers have made Joo Wan so perfect that he steps above regular human emotions and chooses instead to heal the women he loves despite the personal heartbreak it brings.  It is amazing how both of the leads are such extreme characters that they are impossible to believe as real.  However at least it makes for entertaining drama since then we don't have as much angst as we would if they behaved like "real" people.  My one hope for the future is that Joo Yeon is going to have to, at some point, really make an effort to win Joo Wan back.  It would just be unfair if he supports her this whole time and  when she realizes she loves him, she just steps into his arms as if she never hurt him.  I want her to have to really try and put some effort into making their relationship work.  Its only fair.


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