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I Need Romance 3 Episode 7 - One Sided Love Sucks

So you know how people refer to there being a B lead character in a drama.  Usually they are the one who fixates on the main leads and declares that they must love them and if they only wait/try hard enough they will eventually get the other persons love.  I feel like I somehow landed into a weird alternate kdrama universe where the show is only filled with a bunch of B Lead personalities and everyone is running around (metaphorically and actually) yelling "Love me!  Love me!".  Or in our leading ladies case it is more a cry of "love?  I love someone?  Who?"  But regardless of their actions it is all one sided in every situation (or in the case of the cold couple ..... i.e. Tae-Yoon & Se-Ryeon) alternating back and forth between one sided and mutual like a ball in a tennis match.  Let's just say that this drama has made me so happy that I am happily married and never ever ever have to date again because if this is what modern dating/love is, then I would prefer to remain single.

Remember we left off with Joo Yeon crashing and burning in her show and then crying into Joo Wan's arms about how cold  Tae-Yoon was to her.  And Joo Wan being the ever insightful sweety that he is figures out that Joo Yeon is really in love with her ice cold boss.  But luckily for him she is a total dimwit when it comes to recognizing a human emotion and is clueless about her "real" feelings.  He decides to keep it to himself so that he can have time to win her over and hopefully she will never realize that she has a crush on her boss.  So one second she is snuggled firmly in our hottie's arms (admit it, all of you are really wishing it was you since he looks like an awesome hugger...hehe) then does a huge 160 dries her tears and goes in search for food.  And lets just say that she is way too excited about finding an apple and has Joo Wan looking at her as if she is insane.
She starts randomly talking about how it is going to suck going to work on Monday since she will have a new nickname because of her poor showing at work.  She tells him how Tae Yoon does this to motivate his employees.  And she then also shares stories about how he whipped her into shape when she first started at the company.  We see a montage of scenes where a much softer and nicer Joo Yeon is constantly yelled at by Tae-Yoon.  He tells her to suck it up, stop crying, and not be sick because this is a workplace and not someplace where people care.

I would just like to interrupt the recap to say that this is the spot where Tae-Yoon became more than just her boss to me.  He became the flipping jerk who screwed her up.  We now see why she is such a cold, emotionless, nut job.  She let this jerk tell her what to be and rather than keeping her inner self separate she turned herself into his perfect worker bee.  She is not in love with the guy but I think it is more of a case of Stockholm syndrome.  He is the emotional abuser who she has identified with and now cant separate herself from what he wants of her.  Totally ick moment for me and I hope that I can still like him at all now.  Before this I thought he was nice enough but now he just is annoying me.....
Joo Wan gets angry and says to himself “This is the man who ruined you.”  He tries to get her to say something negative about her boss but the only thing that she can come up with is that he dated Se-Ryeon.

Se-Ryeon and Tae Yoon are doing their own dance of one sided love.  Although it is more a case of Se-Ryeon saying I love you and I totally did a big oops when I dumped you and Tae Yoon is doing his whole "stay away from me you succubus.  I hate you".  Which to her means that he really loves her and wants to get back together again.  He disagrees but by the end of the night they are back at his place going for round 195 on the bad relationship train.  I personally think these two are perfect for each other.  Especially when you take into account that they are both cold and cruel at a moments notice and mostly I just really really don't want them to effect the cuteness of the OTP couple.
Our OTP on the other hand are being as adorable as a room full of bunnies and butterflies.  Joo Yeon gets the sudden urge to go running in the middle of the night and poor Joo Wan trudges after her, sighing to himself over her silly antics to avoid her emotions.  She starts singing to herself and soon is rapping about getting out of her funk and going to work because you know it is all mind over matter.  Although I think that rap song would probably scare the bad mood away through sheer awfulness. She bounces around with a large smile on her face and Joo Wan asks her if she fakes her feelings away then she loses out on experiencing how she really feels.   She asks him why it is important to be sad and upset, that it does nothing to help her.  He disagrees with her though and points out that unless you hit the bottom and look around at your situation and emotions then you will never truly know in what direction happiness lies.  He tells her: “If you keep living that way you’ll never know—why you’re sad, why you’re hurting, what you like, whom you love. You’ll live not knowing yourself.”  AWWWWWWW  seriously how awesome is this guy.   She seems to think this over and says that there are some benefits with living with him since she now has someone to eat with and talk things over.  And then she asks him is he is "comfortable living with noona too".  His expression of ewwwww is hilarious and he says that she better not get to comfortable with him because he is a man.  And then he invades her space and tells her that he wants her to be uncomfortable around him.  She replies by flicking his head and he just mumbles that he is never going to call her noona since he will never see her as anything but a women.  He then grabs her hand  and they finish the walk hand in hand home. 
Exhausted Joo Yeon eventually falls asleep on Joo Wans shoulder as he played his piano for her.  He carries her over to his bed and lays her down, unfolding her clenched fist.  Before he can leave though she grabs on to his hand and holds tight and after a token resistance he lays down beside her and gathers her in his arms.  They sleep all night and awake at the same time, Joo Wan expecting screaming and a slap yells jumps up yelling that it was not his fault she fell asleep and she grabbed his hand and nothing happened.  She just smiles at him and says she has not felt this relaxed in forever.  She then scoffs at him asking if he is a man since he slept so chastely by her side which makes him grumpy but then he lets it go and grabs her in a back hug.  When she starts to complain he says that since she does not see him as anyone but "sweet potato" then he will act like sweet potato and they should sleep together every night HAHAHA. 
Most of the episode revolved around our OTP and their cute moments.  Or at least that is how I like to think of it since the office kids are annoying and really how many episodes can you really obsess over a kiss.  And the cold couple are off doing whatever they do when they are not hating each other.  So that leaves us with the poor menopausal ex BFF who finds out that not only is she going through menopause but she managed to get herself knocked up by the next door neighbor at the same time.  Needless to say her life totally sucks and after finding all this out she has the bad luck of having Joo Yeon there next to her as she avoids her baby's daddy.  She starts to tell Joo Yeon about finding out she is pregnant but yet again Joo Yeon  freaks out, tells her to stop since she does not want to know, and leaves so fast you can see the smoke as she books it.  The poor thing is left in tears (AGAIN) but at least she has her job back.
Joo Yeon runs straight home and starts unloading all of her issues about this with Joo Wan.  He quietly waters her plants until finally he cant stand it anymore and he starts spraying her and tells her that she is an idiot.  Her friend did not want her to take responsibility for her and her baby, but wanted just a sympathetic ear.  Our emotionally inept heroine just glances at him blankly and he tells her that all she has to do is listen then at the end say "I will support you in whatever you decide".  She continues to argue and he just walks around the house ignoring her until she starts to get mad at him for not listening to her.  He turns around and tells her that this anger and frustration that she is feeling is what her poor BFF is feeling only ten times worse.  FINALLY, some of what he is saying syncs in and she, while being coached over every sentence, starts writing an apology text.  And when she gets antsy about sending it Joo Wan does the only sensible thing and pushes send for her before she can chicken out.  The poor BFF receives the text and I cracked up when she stares at it and then thinks to herself how creepy the text is.  HAHAHA
Unfortunately, in dramaland all good things must come to an end (unless you are in the last two episodes) and it is no exception in this drama.  With the whole team out to dinner after a long day at work, the employees receive an eyefull when Tae Yoon shows up and picks up Se-Ryeon.  They are obviously in "couple" mode and Joo Yeon starts to have pains in her stomach/heart.  She rushes home and complains to Joo Wan about how her heart hurts and she needs more medicine.  Realizing what had happened, Joo Wan does the truly noble and sweet thing and starts to explain to her what she is feeling.  His inner monologue tells us how it is painful to see her so unhappy and that when he was younger a much smarter Joo Yeon had told him that love was happiness, a bright light, and not lying. So he sucks up his courage and tells her that she is not having heartburn, but that she is hurting because she is in love.  She looks at him blankly and says "I am?  With whom?"
My Thoughts:
For the most part I was really satisfied with this episode.  To an extent we see why Joo Yeon is so messed up when it comes to her relationship with Tae Yoon (see my above rant again for my feelings on this).  Do I really buy that she can be so smart in her work and yet such an emotional idiot....not really, but it is the way the writers are playing this so I will go unwillingly along.  On an up note if she is so unaware of her feelings for him then there is just as much chance that she will explore them, see them for the reality they are, and realize her deep love for Joo Yeon.  Because lets all admit that a personal relationship with Tae Yoon would not be a happy one for her.  He would be obsessed about separating work and personal and I cant even imagine how much he could screw her up if they were dating.  Just look at his handiwork with her personality to date and that was without putting any romance in the mix.  Obviously she needs to be with Joo Wan who not only understands her but is slowly leading her towards humanity again.  Personally I am steeling myself for these next several episodes since when he tells her that she is in love I foresee some heartache for our hottie.  But again I am hoping that it is early enough in the drama that we will be able to weather the storm and get to some good stuff again so hang in there viewers.
P.S.  I would just like to take a quick moment to thank my awesome friend Angela.  She is such a trooper and helps me proofread my posts to make sure that I don't confuse to, too, and two.  You rock and I would be sad to not have you around.  As would my readers because lets admit that spelling is not really my thing. 


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