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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - March Week 3

Socialite thugs, executed royalty, and a wedding are just the start of this week's Top 5 kdrama countdown.  So push pause on your shows and come see the best kdrama moments of the week!

-Song of the Week-
Vallès Symphony Orchestra Flash Mob
 It has been a really slow week in Kpop so to find something worthy of my top song, I actually decided to think outside the box and used a viral video that I love.  It is truly a spectacular performance worth watching even if classical music is not your thing.  In celebration of the 130th anniversary of the founding of Banco Sabadell a  100 people from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, the Lieder, Amics de l'Òpera and Coral Belles Arts choirs joined to create an amazing flash mob.

#5 Sophisticated Women: Keeping it Classy.
Those of you following my blog posts probably already know that I really appreciate a strong female character.  Nothing is more annoying then having a great script, an amazing leading man, and then you are stuck with a pretty bauble of an actress that is thrown in just as a visual accessory.  Thankfully, there is no chance of that happening in the new drama "A Secret Love Affair".  Strong women have the run of the story as we are introduced not only to our main female lead Oh Hye Won (Kim Hee Ae - A Wife's Credentials) but also her two bosses Seo Young Woo (Kim Hye Eun -  Princess Aurora) and the mistress turned wife/stepmother Han Sung Sook (Shim Hye Jin -A Tale of Two Sisters).  Classy on the outside (seriously they are running one of the top musical arts school/charities in Korea) but pure thug on the inside.  At a family game night the daughter and step-mother get in a physical fight which results in Young Woo getting her head pushed into a toilet in the women's lounge.  HAHAHA  there is something just awesome about seeing grown sophisticated women do something so undignified.  But it is also nice that our heroine is no  wilting flower and pushes her way forward to stop the fight and fix everything so the women can pretend that nothing happened as they rejoin the party. 
Restroom Cat fight Clip

#4 The End of an Empress
 For the last twenty episodes we have had to watch the regent and his evil family dominate the Yuan court in Empress Ki.  But their comeuppance finally arrives and we get the execution scenes we have been waiting for.  In episode 38 Danashri is finally sentenced to death for her murderous actions and I could not have been happier. And true to form the empress did not accept death with dignity.  Instead she kept chucking the bowls of poison at the servants refusing to kill herself, forcing the king to declare that she would be hanged in the city square.  Til the end the empress refuses to admit any guilt for any of her actions which makes it all the more fascinating.  It was a great scene to end a storyline of a great evil character.  I also would like to give props to Baek Jin Hee for playing such a wonderful bad guy.  She looks so sweet and innocent and I was not sure if she could pull it off back in the beginning. But she has successfully become one of my favorite villains with her irrational brand of crazy.
Danashri Dies Clip

#3 Piano - The Sexiest of Instruments
I am going to keep my comments on this in the PG range so those of you interested in seeing the very sexual overtones in this scene are going to have to watch the clip below.  Lets just say that the two leads in the new drama, "A Secret Love Affair", really really really get into their piano duet.  If you don't mind a slightly slower pace in a drama and enjoy a more artistic indie style of story, then be sure to check this one out.  It is very good, Yoo Ah In is looking delicious, and the leads chemistry is explosive.
Piano Orgasm Clip
#2 An Unconventional Wedding
No Soo Young & Jang Yool have been dating for a good fifty episodes now and while they were not originally my favorite characters, they slowly grew on me.  And their quirky and emotional wedding actually made my eyes tear up so it gets the privilege of being #2 on my weekly countdown.  Going against Soo Young's families wishes, the couple decide to get married.  The only problem is that they are now dirt poor and have only eight guests so no reception halls will host their wedding.  Undaunted, they decide to get married on the rooftop of Jang Yool's apartment building.  Which I think perfectly shows their personalities, unique and quirky.  And due to some behind the scenes gossiping, rushing, and kidnapping all of her family was able to show up in support of their sister/daughter, regardless of their past objections.  I truly love how this family fights all the time but when it comes to the important things, they are there for each other.
A Potato Star Wedding Clip

#1 Serial Killer: Behind Closed Doors
We have reached our #1 kdrama moment of the week, and it is a very intense moment.  God's Gift - 14 Days continues to be my weekly favorite.  It provides so much intensity in every scene that it boggles the mind that the writers can keep up this type of pace (knock on wood, cross fingers, throw salt over my shoulders.... don't want to jinx it.)  Kim Soo Hyun continues to go head first in the quest to save her daughter from an unknown foe.  However we get a huge hint as to who in episode 6 where we see her illegally search a suspects house.  Here she finds a bucket load of crazy serial killer paraphernalia as well as a stalker wall of photos of her daughter.  However the moment that really puts this scene into the top spot is right after the credits start, the scene pans out and we see a door slowly open revealing a silhouette of a man.   When it comes to intense cliffhangers, this drama wins the gold. That last scene still randomly pops into my head a week later and I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.
Serial Killer's Lair Clip

I hope you all had a wonderful week not only celebrating great kdramas, but also the arrival of Spring.  You know what that means for kdramas...... Every other scene is about to be shot among flowering tree branches.   Bring on the cheesy romantic apple petal moments, warmer weather, and more spring dramas.


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