Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My personal message from a J-Pop star!

That's right!  A J-Pop singer had a special message just for me today!  I can't stop smiling! ;)

My baby sister last month went on a date with a J-Pop performer.  In order to honor their privacy, I can't tell you who it was (I know! So mean and unfair of me!  Tough noogies).  Now, in all fairness, I know nothing about J-Pop.  I don't know just how big this group is.  No, I don't think they're necessarily a household name, but yes, they are on YouTube singing in front of giant audiences.  They've also had some of their music in movies and anime.  How's that?  We'll call him Mr F (a nod to one of the best television programs of all time - Arrested Development) and his group Mr F and Friends (real creative there Dongsaeng).  Anyway, so my sister, who we'll call Ms Luckypants McGee, went out a time or two with this fellow while he was in town, you know, from Japan.  They have a mutual friend who set it up.  They've been able to maintain a correspondence since and have seen each other since as well.  I believe they were even hanging out again today, quite possibly on a road trip, but I didn't want to be too nosy so I didn't get the juicy details quite yet.  Don't worry, I'll get them later, as is my older sister right and duty, I just didn't want to make her uncomfortable if she was with him at the time by becoming the crazy fangirl sister.

Sooo... this afternoon I received two texts from my sister.  One about a change in family dinner plans.  The other just said, "Wow, fantastic baby".  Nothing else about it, so I just chalked it up to my sister being weird.  It's a family trait after all.  So I respond re: the dinner but say nothing about the Fantastic Baby reference.  Later on she wrote back.  From here on I'll just give you the transcripts:

Ms Luckypants McGee: Did you get my earlier text? That was a message from {Mr F} to you.  He told me to say that to you and you would understand.
Me: Yes!!!! I TOTALLY got it! That's my favorite group. Tell him thanks and I think he rocks ;)  I mean, my favorite group after {Mr F and Friends} of course.  Haha
Ms LpMcG: Of course. We were singing along to it in the car, and I didn't get video of it!  So sad!  I should have sent a heytell or something too.
Me: Are you kidding me?! Dang - that would have been awesome!  So, he's a Big Bang fan then?
Ms LpMcG: I asked if they knew who Big Bang was and he said they did and he showed me some videos.  I don't know how much of a fan, but enough to know their music.
Me: That's cool.  KPop is pretty popular in Japan so it wouldn't surprise me if they know of a lot of the groups and music.  So what'd you think of Big Bang or do I not want to know?
Ms LpMcG: Yea. They know a lot.  And they perform in Korea. I liked it, but I only heard like two songs.  It's very modern. They are kind of like the Asian love child of NSync and Lady Gaga.

And there you have it, my personal message from a J-Pop star!  Quite possibly one of the coolest things that has happened to me lately.  It's fun to live vicariously through my little sister as she has all these awesome adventures and gets to meet some really cool people along the way.  And it gives me something to blog about...here at my desk...in the suburbs...instead of singing Big Bang songs with my real life J-Pop friend...yay me...hahaha...ha.


  1. Hi Shannen. I'm Jess's friend, Shannon. But not her SIL Shannon. It's not at all confusing, is it?

    I just love that you abbreviated Ms Luckypants McGee.

  2. She's not my niece Shannon, or Shannon B either, Shannen. Nope not confusing at all! ;D

  3. You do tend to collect us like trading cards.

  4. And thanks Shannon! I aim to amuse. ^^

  5. LOL!!! You two are too funny. Good thing my name is Malie. I was gonna say you wouldn't find another like me, but apparently all my little cousins are named Malie as well.


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