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Yong Pal Episode 5 - A Full Serving of Money With A Side of Crazy

Our OTP (one true pairing) finally connect on a verbal level!  Never have I been so happy to see someone wake up.  Now they just have to use each other to not only save the ones they love, but in the case of our sleeping beauty, to survive.  Because the clock is counting down for both our leads and the only way they can win is to work together.

Sorry about the lateness of this weeks recaps.  My husband is out of town which puts me into a single parent situation for a week.  It is amazing how much time kids take up when it is just you.  So thanks for still reading a bit late and with that said lets jump right into the action.

I really enjoy that we keep getting the last few minutes of the previous episode, but from a different perspective.  This time we are in Yeo Jin's head while she listens to Tae Hyun despair about his money problems.  She thinks -- "He has a soul that can be bought with money.  Now is my time"
Due to the cut off administration of the drug during the nuclear scare, Yeo Jin is awake enough to converse with Tae Hyun.  Yeo Jin tells him that she will give him money and save his sister.  All he has to do is wake her up.  She then allows the drug to go into her system in order to fool her caregivers.
You can't imagine how happy I am to see Yeo Jin come out fiesty and tough right from the start.  I was worried we would be awash in tears .  Looks like our romance is starting on a good note.

Thankfully we have Gang Boss to always pepper us with amusing moments.  This time he is terrifying the poor nurse who is trying to insert his IV needle.  We see his arm riddled with unsuccessful attempts, but he is the soul of kindness as he tells her it is OK.  When Gang Boss's henchmen complain he snaps at them -- "Do you think this is like being a gangster and stabbing everything with a knife?"  Hahaha Gang Boss is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters.  So glad he did not disappear after the initial action scenes.
Tae Hyun walks in on the situation just as the nurse flees.  When he questions why she was scared, Gang Boss replies that the nurse got flustered when confronted with such a sexy body.  Hahahaha.  Tae Hyun snorts and asks -- "When are you leaving?  You're not even sick".  I love their cute bestie moments.  The love is there people!  Just buried super deep in Yong Pal's cold heart.  The cold heart is softened a bit when he finds out that Gang Boss got the creepy idol boy from the previous episodes arrested for illegal gambling.  Tae Hyun might not be able to do anything but punch the guy, but justice was served in the end.
Just as we were getting into some good bestie bantering Tae Hyun receives a text and rushes out of the room.  It seems his sister had another episode and the doctor is giving her only 1 to 2 months left to live.
Que crying for everyone.  I think I mentioned before that when Joo Won cries, I can't help but cry along.  
 That is how an emotional scene is done people.  Take note.

Thankfully, there is hope.  If Tae Hyun can only get 1.5 million dollars he can get his sister treatment in the US and a liver surgery.  Ya know, since there are tons of livers in America.  Hmmm.  The land of milk, honey, and livers?  Out of joy Tae Hyun grabs Cynthia into a huge hug.  Awww, look she has totally been Joo Won'd.

I want to be Joo Won'd.  Heck, I bet we all want to be Joo Won'd.

So, let me get this straight. There is a possible chance that the company board will force a meeting with the sister you put into a coma.  Your first thought on learning this is to just kill her.  And Do Joon said it so matter of fact, as if it was the easiest thing in the world.  I think the only thing keeping her alive is that he wouldn't gain control of the company, or else Yeo Jin would have met with an untimely accident a long time ago.
I have to admit that I am feeling that Do Joon's character is coming across a bit shallow compared to the other characters.  It is so generic greedy bad guy that he bores me.  I need a tiny bit more reason why he is the cold heartless jerk who would easily kill off the sister he supposedly liked.
Do Joon gives his secretary 48 hours to stop the injunction or Yeo Jin is toast.

Thanks to the impending death of his sister and the medical bills that are looming if he tries to send her to the US, Tae Hyun decides to take a chance on freeing Yeo Jin.  He stops Yeo Jin's IV drip and she begins convulsing, setting off the motion sensors.  
Terrified that they would be caught Tae Hyun yells at her to wake up.  Which she does just as crazy nurse arrives to check on her patient.  Crazy Nurse sees that everything is normal and then notices Tae Hyun sleeping in the adjoining sitting room.  To say she goes  a bit ballistic is an understatement.  
Tae Hyun just tells her to shut up and leave him alone or he will tell the president that his sister tried to commit suicide on their watch -- "Living with gangsters has made me part gangster."  This certainly shuts her up and she stomps away in defeat.
As soon as crazy nurse leaves he bounds up and goes to check on Yeo Jin who was only pretending to be asleep.  She asks what Tae Hyun wants in return for helping her, and he said -- "Save my sister".  She promptly transfers 2 million dollars into his account.  I loved how they showed that her muscles had atrophied and that even though Yeo Jin is awake, she is still far from in a condition to escape.  It was also interesting how strong Yeo Jin was trying to be.  Rather than let Tae Hyun use the cell phone for her, she reprimanded him to help her in words, not actions.  So far I am not at all disappointed in our heroine.
But the money is not his without a pass code that only Yeo Jin knows.  On the day she escapes she will provide Tae Hyun with the pass code and his sister will be saved.

Crazy Nurse is not to be thwarted.  Because she knows what is best for her client and it is not Tae Hyun sleeping in her room.  Things must be done to put him back in his place.  She goes straight to Chief Lee to tattle like a schoolroom bully who was just punched.
Chief Lee gives Tae Hyun a halfhearted talking to but in the end he just warns him to beware of Crazy Nurse.  Oh oh... you know it is bad when a morally bankrupt, slightly crazy himself, bad guy is scared of a nurse.

And here we have the crazy running over as the nurse slaps Yeo Jin and accuses her of flirting with Tae Hyun.  She then apologizes and plays barbie with the poor girl.  Uhmmmmkay. Kudos to Yeo Jin on not flinching away from the nut job.  I am just a viewer and that lady is making my skin crawl.
Chae Young demands that the board stop their court order due to the fact that if it goes through Do Joon will kill his sister.  While they hem and haw about whether he will really go through with it, Chae Young continues to be calm and collected (I am really loving the women in this drama).  Realizing that the board chairman might not mind Yeo Jin's demise (especially since Do Joon would not have controlling power), Chae Young threatens him. "I am a person with a double edged sword in her hand.  Whether it will cut you or Do Joon, I'm not sure either."  Wow, did I mention I love her character?
Nothing says hired killer like a man in black with a face scar.  The Board Chairman (or Greedy Ahjussi as we will now call him since it looks like he will be in the plot for the long hall) orders the, previously mentioned, hit man to kill Chae Young -- "She will be your first target."  Does that mean he plans on going on a killing spree?  Does no one respect the sanctity of life anymore?
Yeo Jin gets a bit of her own back as she constantly makes the motion sensors go off.  Sure it is probably to get them shut down for repairs, but it is still funny to see crazy nurse go, well, crazy after the 3rd and 4th time.  The best was her meltdown when the monitor went off while she was using the restroom.  

It's all fun and games until your bowel movements are affected.

The constant activation of the motion censors eventually drives Crazy Nurse out of her mind.  She starts screaming at Yeo Jin and breaking things, which of course gets her kicked out of the room on a forced "rest".  Tae Hyun is put on night duty for the foreseeable future.
This works perfectly for our plotting OTP since they can now work on Yeo Jin's mobility and discuss how to overthrow the bad guys.  I love that Yeo Jin is slightly offended that Tae Hyun is so sarcastic and tries to put him in his place.  Needless to say it doesn't work.  Tae Hyun simply replies -- "I'm your only boat and this boat is not a cruise ship."  Hahaha, who is writing this stuff? Sure I am highly entertained, but at the same times I am often cringing on the inside for being so entertained by cheesy lines.
At least now we can put to rest the question on whether our OTP has chemistry.  I enjoyed the last 10 minutes of the episode with their bantering back and forth trying to be in charge.  It was cute that Tae Hyun suggested they become friends since neither had any.....and because she is rich.  Haha

The Picture of Someone Going Through the Beginning Phases of Becoming Joo Won'd

Is it too soon for a first kiss?  At least they are officially friends which is a step in the right romantic direction.

Everything was going all well and good until a certain crazy someone decided that she couldn't let things go. Crazy Nurse arrives back just in time to see the couple agree to try out the friend idea.  From her expression, I suspect that she is not going to let this one go.
My Thoughts:
Thank goodness our leads have chemistry.  It is always a concern when you get invested in a drama and the leads have not interacted (awake) in four episodes.  And so far Kim Tae Hee is actually doing a good job emoting.  I am not ready to give her an Oscar or anything, but I do see an improvement from her "My Princess" days.
I love how creepy that nurse is.  I stand enthralled to see what crazy thing she does next.  Will she try to kill Yeo Jin or save her from the bad guys?  Who knows, the girl is just straight up coo coo for cocoa puffs.

I also like that the writers gave us a deadline of one month for Tae Hyun's sister, and only 48 hours before the "Kill Yeo Jin" plan goes into effect.  This is not a process that can take months to come to fruition.  We have less than two days before Do Joon tries to pull the plug......literally.  And while I do like that Do Joon commits himself completely to being evil, I wouldn't mind a little background as to why.  Unlike the nurse who I can just chalk up to being clinically crazy, I feel that he should have a deeper reason for hating Yeo Jin beyond just money.  It doesn't have to be a deeply layered reason, just pretty much anything would satisfy my need for character development.
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  1. I'm so loving this show! The first Kdrama I've seen with Joo Won, and he's the kind of actor that pulls you into a story.

  2. Great post! I'm with you about Do Joon being a "one note" villain. Hopefully he'll get more flashbacks, because there's some real hatred going on there. I had a thought that maybe he was very upset when Yeo Jin was going to marry the rich guy, because he would've lost everything, but then that just leads back to greediness. His character needs more meat.

    I cracked up about being Joo won'd! On the Facebook Group page I posted so much about how much I totally fell for him. lol. And that close-up scene between the OTP when he got all up in her face…wow, I got shivers. All the ladies, except crazy nurse, are getting Joo Won'd.


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