Sunday, April 20, 2014

How Crazy Was This Week - Weekly top 5 Countdown


First I would like to say Happy Easter to all my readers out there.  I know it has been a very emotional week for everyone following the Ferry Disaster in South Korea.  Because of the television coverage for this tragedy 70% of this weeks programs were cancelled leaving me very little for a top 5.  I was going to persevere and do my top 5 favorite villains in the current shows  but then life happened and my kids got sick.  So I am just going to call this weeks countdown cancelled and hope that everyone can understand.  However on such a spiritual and heartbreaking week I wanted to do something so if you are interested in some amazing music feel free to check out one of these MV's and take a moment to pray or think about those taken and their families.

Piano Guys - Home

Piano Guys - Bring Him Home

Piano Guys - O Come, Emmanuel

Piano Guys - The Mission / How Great Thou Art

I hopefully will be back with my regularly scheduled posts beginning tomorrow.


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