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Witch's Romance Episode 2 - Fate Can Be A Major Witch

One of my favorite things about kdramas is that once fate gets involved in a relationship it is all over.  No manner of obstacle be it personality differences, financial status, or age is going to get in the way of true love.  We see that in abundance in episode 2 of Witch's Romance as our cute OTP (kdrama term meaning "one true pairing") are thrown together over and over resulting in a super steaming make out scene!  But before we get to the good stuff lets go back to the beginning and discuss some of my favorite fate driven scenes (and a few that are not fueled by fate but just plain funny since this episode had me in stitches.)

A Fateful First Kiss
So what are the odds that our leading lady is being scammed by our leading man's hot BFF?  When fate is involved it is pretty much a 100% guarantee.  Left up on a stage after having Soo Chul (BFF Hottie) mock her (remember he was hired by her evil coworkers) our white knight Dong Ha walks up, grabs her in his arms, and kisses Ji Yeon..........intently............seriously people this is a good kiss.  
She just goes along with the kiss as she analyzes the situation in her head.  I love that her conclusion is that this doesn't feel all that bad.  HEHE.  They walk through the crowd with heads held high and out the door.  Where she turns on him and asks him what the heck he was thinking.  She didn't need saving because if he had not been there she would have exited with dignity regardless.  He just calls her ungrateful and asks her if she did not realize that her coworkers had set her up to be embarrassed.  At first she does not believe him, but finally sees the truth.  He wonders why she can be so hated by everyone and does she even have any friends.

Humor Break
If you thought you were not going to get any recap of our resident bias, Yoon Hyun Mi, due to lack of fateful scenes then you are greatly mistaken.  No recap of mine will be complete without at least one picture of our BFF Hottie.  Seriously even if he does not appear in an episode there is a good chance I will just pop in a collage of his best photos, just because.  
Luckily for us Ji Yeon is not the type of person to let things go.  Right before she walks out of the club she goes up to Soo Chul and tells him that her life's creed is always get revenge.  She then tells him that he looks like 30 min steamed spinach..... bread that has 3 mth old mold on it... and the thing you spit out from cucumber kimchi.  Hahahaha is expression of horror is hilarious and I love how he turns into a scolded schoolboy in the face of her wrath.

Fated Friends
Ji Yeon is on a quest to prove Dong Ha wrong.  He accused her of having no friends which got her hackles up.  She holds up her phone and exclaims that it has hundreds of numbers on it.  Dong Ha smirks and tells her to prove it.  With a panicked look on her face she starts to call her "friends" which turns into a futile endeavor as she realizes that she has burned a lot of bridges.  She finally calls her mom, and fakes talking to a real friend, but Dong Ha is not impressed (Can I just say that his smirks and looks of disbelief are all adorable.)  In defeat Ji Yeon looks at a name in her phone listed as "traitor".  With a deep breath she grabs our cutie's hand and says that she will prove that she has a friend.  Fast Forward to a small restaurant where Ji Yeon's one and only friend Baek Na Rae is ecstatic to see her BFF.  Ji Yeon is cold to the reception, commenting that she has turned into a tacky old women in the 6 months she has been married.  It seems that Na Rae eloped in order to avoid her besties anti-marriage sentiments and dislike of her husband to be. 
But there is nothing like yummy food to heal wounds as the foursome end the night joking and laughing.  But all things must end and Dong Ha says goodbye, looking at Ji Yeon he tosses out "if it is fated, lets see each other again".

A Fated Crossing of Paths
Life goes on and our handy man is called to a certain Shaman's business to fix some faulty wiring.  Our quirky shaman knows a hot guy when she sees one and literally attaches herself to Dong Ha's leg as he works.  You have to wonder how often women attach themselves to him, that he is able to handle this as a normal occurrence.
It just so happens that before he is able to leave, Ji Yeon and her marriage obsessed mother enter into the room.  Ji Yeon's mom was told that if there was any chance of changing her daughters bad fate, she would need to bring her in for an important Shaman ritual.  This "ritual" turns out to be getting hit with a stick forty times to scare away the bad luck.  As you can imagine Ji Yeon is not convinced of the women's powers and threatens to do an exposé on fake charlatans.   This earns her a rap on the knuckles and has the shaman spitting on her in protest.  She says that Ji Yeon is a very unlucky person and will need a lot of beatings to make her better.  Ji Yeon's mother begs her daughter to comply so she can grandchildren before she dies.  After the full blown guilt party, a put upon Ji Yeon agrees.  But half way through the Shaman gets a phone call and tells the mother to finish up the beatings and she will be right back.  
She stoically accepts the additional smacks telling her mother to stop worrying and just get it over with, but her worrywart mother moans about her horrible fate and how it is all "that mans" fault for leaving her at the alter.  This all is overheard by our cutie who is hiding behind a side door.  After all the lashes are received our cranky and sore heroine stomps out of the shop grabbing her cell phone at the entrance.  But fate is not letting her go unscathed as she grabs Dong Ha's cell by mistake.

Now Fate is Just Being Mean
Hours later Dong Ha discovers the phone switch kerfuffle and begins hunting down Ji Yeon yet again.  He eventually tracks her down (thanks to her bestie Na Rae's advice) at a local food cart that she likes to get drunk at.  I love how we hear Na Rae bemoan the poor boys fate as she explains to her husband that Ji Yeon has a little habit that comes out when she is drunk.  She expounds that Ji Yeon has never been in a relationship that did not start with her being drunk.  HAHAHA.  Na Rae then explains that somehow her friend seduces them with her drunken crazy persona which always ends in a kiss and at that is how she hooks men.  As Na Rae is narrating we see Ji Yeon compliment herself in front of traffic mirrors, fight with banners, and order Dong Ha into her house to have another drink.  The drunken crazy is obviously in full swing.
Our poor boy did not have a chance since she pretty much assaults him with her mouth.  But after a second he is fully involved and they move it to the bedroom.  I will let you all see the next parts via pictures since they truly do the scene better justice then my prose can.

Seriously when you have this much contact with one person you should just accept that they are going to be "the one" and get it all over with.  But nope, our romantic leads continue to deny fate and our drunken leading lady kicks our sexy lead out of bed.  LITERALLY!  
Why you ask?  Is he a bad kisser?  Does she need to run to the restroom and throw up because she over imbibed?  Nope, Ji Yeon actually sees his license mid kiss and notices that he is 14 years younger then she is.  
While he still continues making his move, she does the math and realizes that he would have just been born when she was in middle school (GASP).  When he was ten she would have already had a job and earned her first paycheck, when she was thirty he would have been....................Switch to imaginary scene where Ji Yeon is on trial for seducing a minor.  She trys to explain to the judge that they love each other while being tsked at by her coworkers and mother.  She looks over at the defence and a goofy prepubescent Dong Ha gives her a dorky smile and says "noona".  HAHAHAHAHA  I could not stop laughing at this scene.  She freaks and kicks him off of the bed and he of course is clueless as to what just happened.

My Thoughts:
I am one of those people that is a sucker for a truly funny drama and this episode had me laughing from start to finish.  Ji Yeon prideful pushiness is the perfect foil for Dong Ha's good natured personality.  It is also nice that although Dong Ha is a nice person, he is in no way a pushover.  He is vocal and will not lose an argument if he is in the right.  This is a change from a lot of other noona romances where the men tend to let the older women lead things and tell them what to do.  Dong Ha on the other hand is a man who obviously knows what he likes and is not inexperienced in life or love.  I feel that this couple comes across more as equals, which is not something that can be said with every noona romance.  My only complaint over the setup is that he actually does look the age he is supposed to be in the drama.  I don't understand how she could be around him for several days and not have it register that he is younger then she is.  It seems like something that should have crossed her mind way before mid-sex.  Also what warmblooded women is going to kick that out of her bed.  I have quite a few friends that would probably like to slap the back of her head for giving up such a wonderful opportunity.
I am unsure if Gap Dong will be aired as scheduled due to the ship disaster which is ongoing.  So I will shuffle blog posts around to work with whatever happens.  Our prayers go out to the family and friends of all those that have been lost in this tragic event. 


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