Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kmuse Musings: More Fashion Fails.

It is a slow day here for me with all my dramas being postponed this last week.  So to fill the time I searched for more recent photos (mostly from magazines) that portrayed styles that I just am not a fan of.  Now I would like to clarify that this is in no way a reflection on the actors or singers themselves.  I personally love the majority of them.  Unfortunately there are times when hot actors/actresses just meet bad fashion and it needs to be commented on.

Hyun Bin - High Cut April 2014
There is nothing hotter on a guy than putting a  large printed knit flower sweater over a silky flower printed dress shirt.....said no one ever.  (Seriously we are so lucky he is uber hot to distract us from this clash of flower print)

Lee Sungmin - Star Magazine April 2014

I actually like the color of the outfit and the outfit itself is alright (not my favorite but the color is so bold you don't notice unless you really focus).  However, the random stuffed doll on the shoulder ruins the picture for me.  I hate when they just add random stuff, just because.

Jeon Ji Hyun - Harpers Bazarr China April 2014
I actually have no problems with the dress, my issue is with the giant pearl jewelry.  I am not a fan of the style and it distracts me from the rest of this photo.  The huge bauble on her throat makes me think of a mating frog.  

Song Seung Heon & Im Ji Yeon - Vogue Korea

I am on the fence with this photo. On one hand I hate what she is wearing, but there is something attractive about Song Seung Heon even in that busy print.  I put it up and you can decided for yourself whether it is a fashion fail or success. 

Yoo Ah In - High Cut 2014

 I'll be honest, I am not a fan of shorts on guys for the most part.  At least not in pictorials.  But add a long coat (the same length as the shorts) and hot winter sweater and my initial glance had me thinking: "Why is he not wearing any pants?"

Lee Jong Suk CeCi April 2014

OK everyone, I know that his clothes are not really what you are looking at in this photo (seriously I saw this maybe 4 times before I even realized he had clothes on) but lets take a look at those pants.  Can I just say OUCH my poor poor eyes.  That is truly one ugly print.  Add the fact that it probably looks even worse when combined with the rug.  If you are going to look at this photo again be sure to focus on his abs since the rest does not make him look his best.

That is all for now.  I am sure there will be more fashion fails in the future, so don't worry this segment will be back.  But not all photos are all bad prints and ugly accessories.  Tomorrow or Thursday I will be putting out a list of some of my favorite photos that have been released in the last while. 

Til Then,


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