Friday, April 25, 2014

Kmuse's Musings: When Photographs Click

I don't want you all to think that I hate all of the Korean photos.  There are definitely those that make you say WHAT THE HECK??  But there are just as many that I actually love, and some of them even involve extremely busy prints.  For me it is all about the overall visual feel of the photograph.  So here are some of my favorites that have come out in the past month or so.  

Hyun Bin - W Korea (May issue), High Cut vol 124, Cine21
With the release of his latest movie, Hyun Bin has been the golden boy of photo shoots.  Enjoy my favorites out of all his pictures.
 Love the blending of the colors between his shirt and the horse.

 This is a set of photographs where I think the busy outfit really worked.  It added to the classic 1950's feel of the photos.
 Hyun Bin in a classic suit is never a look that can go wrong

Lee Jong Suk - CeCi May 2014, Dazed and Confused April 2014
 This one is one of my favorites, I love how the color of the shirt complements the roses behind him.  Also does not hurt that it is one of my favorite colors
 The colors and the symmetry of the photo really make this one pop and frames him well.  Would I want to see this on him in public (no no no no no, please no!), but as a photo it is very eye catching.
 Again a very busy print that really works as a photo.  Gorgeous colors and I like that it is matched with plain white pants so his face and the jacket are the showpieces.

 I love the filter that the photographer used on these photos.  Between that and the clothes they make for the perfect photo shoot.  I personally like this style of clothing on him the best.  Young and dynamic.

Lee Min Ho - L’Officiel Hommes Korea’s May 2014 Issue

 I will be honest, I am usually not a fan of Lee Min Ho's pictorials.  They almost always are a little flat for my tastes.  However I really appreciated the layering and colors of this suit on him.


Park Hae Jin - Men’s Uno China

The primary colors in these photos are amazing! And I love the contrast of the blue in the 2nd photo.  Oh and PHJ is looking his utmost best as well.

  I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I have.  In the future I would love to post more photographs good and bad since it is personally a hobby of mine.  Be sure to check back for the return of my recaps of Gap Dong and Witch's Romance!  So excited they are back.  Also be sure to like our FB page for daily conversations about various Korean entertainment topics, MV's and all the latest TCA news. 


  1. Whoa, Park Hae Jin looks awesome! I'm currently watching his old drama, My daughter Seo young. And he's so cute there!

    1. Love that drama so much. He was my favorite character in the whole show.


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