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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - April Week 3

And we are back from our hiatus!  Hope you all missed me this last week and are ecstatic to have me share my top moments of the week.  We have a lot of new shows debuting as well as a goodbye to a countdown favorite.  So sit back and enjoy all the little kdrama tidbits coming your way.  As usual if you have any questions about any dramas that are currently airing or just have a comment about the blog feel free to leave them in the comment section.  I am always happy to help others find the best streaming for various kdramas.

Song of the week
BlockB "Jackpot"
It took me listening to this song a couple times before I really started enjoying the hodgepodge style.   I like that all the members get their time in the spotlight in the MV as well as in the vocals, and the chorus is extremely catchy.  But where it really shines is in the MV where the BlockB boys kidnap a poor girl and proceed to torment/love her with their own brand of crazy.  It perfectly fits their unique style and is visually entertaining and stunning at the same time.

 #5 The Perfect Murder
This week in Gap Dong we see the copycat killer not only kill a second girl, but get away with it in a masterful way.  It is hard to recreate the original killings when the police all are on the alert on what is going to happen.  In the original murder the girl was picked up from a bus stop and found on January 7th  under straw bales.  She also was wearing a distinctive red article of clothing.  In order to prevent a second murder the police take away all the aspects of the original crime by burning all the hay and shutting down the bus routes.  
However our killer thought ahead and pre-killed his prey before the expected date.  And instead of out in a field, she was covered in hay in her workshop.  It is always nice when you can find a good evil character, and Lee Joon is the best I have seen in any drama.  Can't wait to find out what happens next.

#4 Tal Tal and Nyang
Through forty episodes I watched Nyang be emotionally involved with both King Wang Yoo and Emperor Ta Hwan, and while I have been a staunch Ta Hwan fan from the beginning, I think I am ready to jump away from both "ships" and put my support to team Tal Tal.  Yes, I know that they don't have "that" kind of relationship, but a fan can dream.  I love how he has slowly grown to respect her over the show and now is one of  her staunchest supporters.  Both feel a strong fondness for each other and their shared ideals for the country.  It is a connection that has slowly surpassed any possible love line in this drama (at least for this viewer).  Empress Ki ends this week and while I am not going to miss having it be part of my lineup (after 50 episodes it is time to say goodbye) I will miss seeing Tal Tal's pretty face on my screen every week.
I Ship These Two So Much! Clip

#3 Father and Son Reunite
The funniest reunion of the week, and our #3 spot,  has to be between the father and son cop duo of Bitter Blood (Partners of Blood).  Natsuki Sahara (Takeru Sato - Bloody Sunday) is a rookie detective assigned to the violent crimes division.  Unfortunately for him he is now partnered up with his deadbeat dad, Akimura Shimao (Atsuro Watabe) who had deserted the family thirteen years earlier.  At first glance, they are complete opposites.  One is flashy and a ladies man, while the son is sensitive and emotional.  They must not only learn how to work together as partners, but relearn how to be a family.  Both characters are just all kinds of adorable and I love watching their antics.  The fact that they are related just makes it all the better.
Bitter Blood Trailer

#2 God's Gift Ends With a Splash
I am going to avoid all spoilers for the ending of Gods Gift.  Instead I will just say that after mulling over the situation I have come up with my own opinion on the ending that I am OK with.  That being said, I still give this drama high ratings for remaining interesting and suspenseful from start to finish.  Also thanks for introducing a wider audience to the amazing abilities and hotness of leading man Cho Seung-Woo.  He is already back doing a musical right now, but I hope to see him in another drama ASAP.
BTS Magic Castle Clip

#1 A Witch's Seduction
It does not take a genius to know why I chose this as my #1 moment of the week (It might have been my number one of the previous week but since there was the hiatus I am extending it over).  In episode 2 of Witch's Romance (be sure to check out my recaps of this drama) we see our OTP get a bit tipsy and then really really really really really steamy.  Seriously how awesome is it that we get intense make out scene in episode 2.  If we were going to measure it on a hotness/sexy meter it would definitely be a 10+.  Check out the photos and clip for yourself to see why you should be watching this hilarious drama.
Taking You Home Tonight Clip

After watching that clip a few more times.....they really do have amazing chemistry..... I am finished with this weeks countdown.  I hope you enjoyed my favorite moments.  Be sure to check back in the next several weeks as we add in a whole slew of new dramas into the running.  Also check out my recaps of Gap Dong and Witch's Romance each week and if you are not already following us on FB then please go to this link and click LIKE! We are planning some giveaways and love to have chats about all things kdrama and kpop related.


Dramas that I am currently watching:
Potato Star 2013QR23
Ruby's Ring (counting it as a currently airing drama since it had never been subbed til now)
A Well Raised Daughter
Sly and Cunning Lady
Hotel King
Fall In Love With Me (Tdrama)
Angel Eyes
Bitter Blood/Partners in Blood (Jdrama)
BORDER (Jdrama)
Witch's Romance
Gap Dong
A Secret Love Affair
Empress Ki
Wonderful Days 

God's Gift: 14 Days
Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion
Sweet Sweet Bodyguard (Tdrama)
Golden Cross

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  1. That make out scene in Witch's Romance was definitely as hot as the original, imo. I'm loving cable dramas right now.

  2. Where do you watch wild chives and soy bean soup? I miss watching it. Dramacool doesn't have it either.

    1. I watch it on Dramafever, but I know that gooddrama also carries it. It has not been on the last two weekends because of the ferry disaster. It should be back to normal this weekend though.


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