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Gap Dong Episode 4 - An Episode Full of Ups and Downs

Episode 4 was kind of a mix of the good and the randomly weird.  As we head further into this drama full of crazy killers and an equal amount of crazy cops, we must ask ourselves if we are going to enjoy what we have in the end.  Something tells me that this is not going to be a drama that has all its emotions tied up in a nice tidy bow.
I think the biggest problem I have with this show (don't get me wrong I am loving this drama as a source of entertainment, but that does not make me blind to its faults) is that there are just so many random moments from various characters that just seem off.  I am constantly thinking "what person does that?" when I am watching (especially when it comes to both the women).   So that was why I decided to make this post also a hodge podge mix of great moments and those that were just kind of thrown together.  Hopefully episode 5 is a little more cohesive then this episode was.

Perfect Time for A Strip Tease
Remember that we left off with our Mad Monk, Moo Yeom, being caught with the body of our second victim.  And of course that jerk Chul Gon is not going to let this opportunity go since he had already decided on Moo Yeom's guilt (I know that there were actually valid reasons for the arrest, but I don't have to like it.)  He arrests him and drags him past reporters to the police station, Chul Gon gloating like the jerk he is.  Being forced to strip out of his clothes (yes all of his clothes) he is just in mid process when the cute girl cop comes stomping in while exclaiming how unfair this situation is.  But she is stopped in her tracks when she gets a bit more of a visual than she was expecting.  It was truly just a cute moment amid a sea of intensity. 

A Hothouse of Crazy 
The mystery of this drama is not so much who is the present psycho, but rather who is the original Gap Dong?  We are given more clues (or possible red herrings) as all signs point toward the real Gap Dong actually being in the mental institution.  This is actually quite clever since there is no where better to hide than in a mental institution of weirdos.  Especially if you don't want to stand out since this is a place where crazy is the norm.  Our (I am just going to come out and say it) stupid heroine Marie has just confronted Tae Oh about being Gap Dong.  He of course just denies it but she responds with the question "why were you there then?"  He looks at her sincerely and says he was worried about her since "Oh Marie is Gap Dongs".  EEEK  that not only creeps her out, but also gives me the shivers.  He goes on to say that that is what the graffiti in the mental asylum said.  He had even called her phone to support his alibi (which I am actually starting to feel he truly means). 
We also see a flash to the asylum where an unknown male is writing "Oh Marie is Gap Dongs" in the steamy mirror during his shower.  So it is a good bet that one of the mentally ill patients is just a bit more crazy killeresque than the others.  This is confirmed when Marie is taunted with the whistling tune that is Gap Dong's signature.  But when she goes rushing out into the courtyard all she sees is a mass of possible suspects.

Scenes That Make you go WTH?????
Moo Yeom is being transferred to the forensics offices/mental asylum, to have a psych evaluation give by our favorite crazy Dr.   When they enter the building he is instantly recognized by a bunch of clowns, onlookers, and mothers with children.  That makes us the viewer have to pause and say WHAT IS GOING ON?  Why is there a clown festival going on at her place of employment.  Why are they bringing a possible serial killer through the building when there is a festival full of children going on?  Why is there a festival going on in a mental institution building anyway (I dont care if that is office buildings in front.  It is just odd)  And why is there a huge open gap in the railing where so said children could easily fall to their death, or in this case a overbalanced bereaving father.  
Also why are there no people trying to pull him up other than Moo Yeom.  Last time I saw, there were two other policeman with him.  Seriously, this scene makes no sense.  When someone does go to help him it is Dr Marie who is willing to also help someone in need.  While pulling up the ahjussi, they even have time to do some light banter.  Which upsets Tae Oh, who is watching the situation intently.  Because as he says, Oh Marie is Gap Dongs.

It's Official! Clowns are Terrifying
And Lee Joon as a clown is even creepier.  In order to blend in (seriously why are there clowns everywhere?) he dresses up in costume and secretly stalks Dr Oh and Moo Yeom as he goes through his psych test and a complicated CT scan lie detector contraption.  It seems that Moo Yeom now has an even bigger target on his back now that he is poaching the affections of our pretty psychiatrist.

The Jerk Encounters a Setback
There is nothing that can muck up a solid case (or even a not so solid case) like police department politics.  Chul Gon learns this first hand when he is commanded to make an appearance to his higher ups.  He is riding high on the knowledge that the DNA test he is conducting is going to prove once and for all that he was right (egotistic @#*#@$).  His superiors however burst his bubble when they tell him that the DNA had disappeared 20 years ago after the first few murders.  (WHAT????  Does this mean that there is some type of Gap Dong cover up in play?)  And since there is no way to connect Moo Yeom genetically to the murders, he should just let him go.  Chul Gon of course yells a bunch and they tell him to catch him in the third murder more concretely so they don't have to answer any embarrassing questions to the public.  So the idea is let him go so if he is the killer they can catch him in the third murder?  Does this seem stupid to anyone else.  Usually this type of thing would drive me crazy.  But I have to admit that anything that makes Yang Chul Gon unhappy, makes me one pleased viewer. 

An Unexpected Confession
Moo Yeom hears from his friends on the force that Crazy Tiger (aka Chul Gon) came back from his meeting in a horrible temper.  This sets our heroes thoughts spinning and when he is confronted with a pissed off Chul Gon later he sits back and gloats.  He is ordered to sign a resignation letter and get out of the building immediately.  A huge smile crosses his face as he taunts Chul Gon and unexpectedly leans forward and asks "what if you were not wrong?"  Moo Yeom then, out of blue, says that he is Gap Dong and demands to be arrested.  He even pulls out one heck of a crazy smile for the episode to end on.  I have to admit that I was not expecting the show to go in that direction so I am very intrigued to see where it goes next.  
If i had to take a wild guess I would say he will be in the psych ward investigating before we know it.

My Thoughts:
I mostly have already let you know where I stand on this episodes.  Parts of it I loved and the other parts just made me wonder if there is a bi-polar writer on the writing staff.  But regardless of the strange jumps in cohesiveness I still am thoroughly enjoying this slick crime thriller of a drama.  I am interested to see what happens in episode 5, and if the preview is anything to go by we can expect more killings, a freed Moo Yeom, and more Dr Oh stupidity.  This viewer personally, can not wait!

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