Monday, May 12, 2014

A Witch's Romance Episode 7 - Kmuse's Answers the Question "Where Was Shi Hoon These Past Six Years?"

Today has not been a good day for me.  I was in the day long equivalent of the movie "Trains, Plains, and Automobiles" (or in my case Tram, Bus, and Cabs) , followed by an afternoon of cranky kids (OK I might have been the cranky one, but whatever the case, we were all yelling).  
So I sat down to relax to one of my favorite kdramas Witch's Romance, sure that I would get some lighthearted romantic comedy to cheer me up.  What did I get instead?  An hour of the most boring and slightly annoying ex-couple plot line ever.  Where were my OTP hijinks?  Where were my cutie white knights smiles?  Nowhere that is where.  So needless to say I am not really in the mood to wax poetic about the lost love with Polar Bear man.  SERIOUSLY! I am so annoyed right now with the ex-fiancee showing up.  So to vent we are going to play a game called "What could have happened to the jerk to keep him out of contact for 6 years?"  Before each of the scenes that caught my eye, we will take a guess as to what happened to Polar Bear Man.  If you have any that you want to add, please feel free to put them in the comment section.  I know that I can't be the only one vexed about this episode, so feel free to vent away.

Possibility #1  He was training polar bears to dance in order to provide a special show at their wedding.  It just took 6 years longer than expected.
Bleck Flashbacks:
Was anyone annoyed with all the flashback scenes of the Ji Yeon/Shi Hoon couple pre-wedding day dumping?  I will freely admit that unless it involves our OTP (One True Pairing) I just don't give a flying fig.  They are boring and she does the most annoying voice whenever they do one of these scenes.  I am not sure if the tone is something that is used just to show the difference between past Ji Yeon and her present state, but it makes my nerves screech. 
Also not a huge fan of this actress acting angsty since she is much better at forceful, cheerful, and/or comedic.  Just not feeling it and wish it was back to an OTP scene while the ex is off somewhere photography three toed sloths.  Why three toed sloths?  Because that would probably be very boring and the jerk deserves to be bored.

Possibility # 2 - Was busy trying to cross breed a Polar Bear with a Dog to create the newest designer pooch.  Will be called a POG.

Side Character Romances:
Our OTP might have been having a dry spell on the romance front, but things are heating up for some of our side characters.  Most importantly our BFF Hottie, Soo Chu, is in LOOOOOOVVVVVVVE.  Plus side, a twitterpated Soo Chu is even cuter then normal Soo Chu.  Negative, it is with annoying and boring B-lead Eun Chae.  But I guess I can deal with that since it is not like I am ever looking at her when the two are in a scene together.
But it is not just BFF hottie being hit by cupids arrow.  Meddling Mom is also infatuated with Ji Yeon's stylish boss.  She even brings him a potted tomato plant since everyone knows that tomatoes are the sexiest of the fruits.

Possibility #3 Busy doing Polar Bear themed CF's for Samsung.  Because nothing is more important the proper product placement.
Blinded by The Past:
Unfortunately for Ji Yeon, Dong Ha, and most importantly, US!!!!!, our main couples romance takes a huge jump back.  Just when everyone was squealing and having dreams of an OTP wedding, we are forced to watch our leading lady totally forget about our favorite part timer.  She is so distracted by her inner turmoils that she can't see our white knight at all anymore.  This means fewer cute hijinks (at work, home, or pretty much anywhere) and more attempts at crying from our heroine, and sad puppy eyed looks from our Dong Ha.

Possibility #4 Shot while on assignment (right before the wedding) and has spent the last 6 years recuperating.   Oh, and also becoming a globetrotting war zone/wildlife photographer.  

Sigh, unfortunately it is starting to look like possibility #4 is actually the correct one.  We learn that Shi Hoon has been in death defying situations often in the past 6 years being shot, munched on by a crocodiles, and swiped at by lions.  But he always manages to get the perfect shot (camera wise anyway).  Shi Hoon also has never forgotten his love back home.  We are not really told whether he left her for her own good upon being injured.  Or if his highly stalkerish secretary lied and broke them up (I am guessing the 2nd option), but Shi Hoon obviously is harboring a flame for Ji Yeon.
This becomes clear to Dong Ha as he is forced to watch from afar and struggles with whether he should help heal his love's broken heart, or be selfish and try to keep them apart.  The problem with white knights is they always do the noble thing and I am sure it is only an episode away before he tries to step back and let love take its course.  
From the preview it looks like we are going to be suffering through some more reconnection crap.  I just hope that it is fast and that we can get our main couple back on track.  And by that I mean more touching, kissing, and just all around flirting between Dong Ha and Ji Yeon.  Because this whole Shi Hoon sized fly in our drama ointment is not working for me.


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  1. Lol! Reading this made me laughed and I actually feel a bit better Amber. So chu is adorable in this episode and her mother cracks me up. I really hope it's short period until we get back on track. Aaaahhhhhh!!! Why do they always do this to us! WHY!!!

    1. Glad I could help ease the pain. The only saving grace is at least they were not an official couple yet. If she had dumped him to go back to Polar Bear I would have lost it. Good Luck on getting past the ex centered episodes. FIGHTING!


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