Thursday, May 15, 2014

First Teaser for Seo In Guk's Newest Drama "High School King" & Newest MV "Bomtanaba"

If you had any doubt what my next recap (as soon as Gap Dong and Witch's Romance) was going to be, then let me alleviate your questions now.  It will be my #1 all time favorite bias, Seo In Guk's newest drama "High School King" of course.  There is no way I would not be avidly following this show since I love him to bits.  And of course it is also convenient that it airs after Witch's Romance (mid June), leaving me with a recap opening.  "High School King" is the story of a popular high school hockey star who has an older brother who just happens to look exactly like him.  Forced to cover for his look-a-like brother at his new job he juggles school and work romancing an intern.  It sounds like it is going to be a frothy romantic comedy and I for one am beyond excited.  I will keep you updated as more teasers and stills are released. 

High School King 1st Teaser
P.S  Congrats to the Korean Love of my Life for sweeping 8 different charts with his new release "Bomtanaba"

Seo In Guk - "Bomtanaba" (Mellow Spring) MV


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