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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - June Week 2 : Upcoming Drama Edition

It's that time again where we have a ton of dramas ending which of course means a whole slew of dramas are getting ready to air.  It is a whole new race to see which dramas are going to rise to the top, which are going to tank, and those that will be those hidden gems.  Anticipation is one of the things that makes kdramas so wonderful.  So come check out which ones are my top 5 anticipated dramas of the summer.

Note: I snagged the some of the information/descriptions from My Drama List website since there is not a more detailed synopsis's out yet.  If you are not already keeping track of your dramas here, then be sure to check it out.  It is perfect for keeping track on which episodes you are on, upcoming dramas, as well as various articles.
#5 Endless Love
After a traumatic past of witnessing her mother's death, Seo In Ae (Hwang Jung Eum - Secret Love) grows up as an ambitious woman with a sharp mind who knows how to grab people's hearts, while still holding hope to avenge her mother someday. Since childhood, her life has been entangled with two opposite-personalities brothers from a poor fisherman family, Han Kwang Hoon (Ryu Soo Young - 2 weeks) and Han Kwang Chul (Jung Kyung Ho - Heartless City). Kwang Hoon is the elder brother and an ambitious man. Kwang Chul has never stopped loving In Ae, who is his older brother's lover.

This drama has combined the leads of two of my favorite dramas from 2013 (Secret Love & Heartless City).  Add to that a action packed suspenseful first trailer, and I am already hooked.  It looks like this one is going to be the heart gripping crack drama of the summer that you just can't stop watching
Endless Love Trailer

#4 Fated To Love You & Marriage Without Love
These two dramas are tied, since both are on my short list for my second recap after the mess that is Gap Dong finishes (Oh thank goodness that disaster of a drama is almost over).

Fated to Love You
This drama is actually another Taiwanese remake and is going to hopefully be able to have the same success that the other Tdrama remake, Witch's Romance, had.
An ordinary woman happens to spend one night with the successor of a large company (due to some heavy medication on both sides). She finds herself being pregnant and they get married.

I loved the Taiwanese version of this drama so there is a good chance that I will love this one as well.  My only concern is that Ethan Juan did such a superb job as the lead, I am not sure I will be able to dissociate him from the character when Jang Hyuk (Iris 2) takes over.  I am really hoping that the Korean version is able to have the same chemistry the original had, or I will be very disappointed.  On an up note, it is only 16 episode rather than the originals 24.  That means a tighter storyline and less filler which is the curse of almost all Tdramas.

Marriage Without Love
Gong Ki Tae (Yun Woo Jin - Arang and the Magistrate) is a finicky son of a rich family who hates having his parents try to set him up on marriage dates.  In order to avoid the complications and hassle of his matchmaking family, he hires Joo Jang Mi (Han Groo) to pretend to be his serious girlfriend.  She is hired specifically for her poor background, which would inhibit his family from pushing for a wedding.

I usually enjoy Yun Woo Jin as an actor (even if I don't like all his dramas).  The premise also is very cute and has a lot of potential.  Add in the fact that it is on TvN, which is the cable station that seems to air all my favorite dramas, and we hopefully have a winner.  But do I really want to recap this one without having proof this couple has chemistry?  Hopefully I will get a better trailer from both dramas, before I am forced to pick one or the other for recap.
Marriage Without Love Teaser

#3 The Night Watchman's Journal
This drama is set in Joseon dynasty about a  crown prince (Jung Il Woo - Golden Rainbow, Moon Embracing the Son) and his bodyguards who are capturing ghosts during their routine night patrols. 

In theory this sounds awesome.  Does anyone else imagine a Korean version of the tv show Supernatural when they hear the synopsis.  Of course, I am sure it will be a lot more involved with politics than is indicated by the description, since this is a sageuk after all.  But at least we will get to stare at Jung Il Woo in period costume, which is always a joy to behold.

#2 The Joseon Gunman
In the time of enlightenment of 19th-century Joseon. It stars a hero (Lee Joon Gi - 2 weeks) who is the son of Joseon’s greatest swordsman. He loses his father and younger sister, after which he trades sword for gun as he embarks on his revenge mission, and in so doing the drama will “depict the pain and courage of the young people of the era.”

This is the drama I am most worried about letting me down.  The promotion campaign for The Joseon Gunman has been by far the best I have ever seen.  The posters, the trailers, the billboards, have all contributed to my really really high expectations.  It also stars Lee Joon Gi, who I consider to be one of the best actors for Sageuk's. That said, the last time I let a really gorgeous cinematography campaign suck me in, I was stuck with 20 hours of boring staring competitions with little plot (I am talking about you The Blade and Petal).  That is 20 hours that I can not get brain still hurts just thinking about that trauma.  So once burned I am twice shy, but even so I can't stop myself from getting a little excited while watching all the action in the teasers.
The Joseon Gunman Trailer

#1 High School King (as if there was any  doubt)

Popular high school senior and hockey star, Lee Min Seok (SEO IN GUK!!!!!!! - Reply 1997), receives a call from his estranged brother telling him that he needs to pretend to be him at his new job.  It's a matter of life and death.  Being the awesome brother he is, Lee Min Seok, takes over the role of a manager at a local company.  He continues to lead a double life resulting in a lot of running, lifestyle crossovers, and a love interest with the intern he is the "boss" of.

It's Seo In Guk, in a romantic comedy, on TvN (Oh please please please have some good make out scenes!!!).  What is not to love?  For those of you who are unaware (you obviously must be 1st time readers) Seo In Guk is my #1 bias and I love everything he does.  So I am of course recapping this drama for "The Crazy Ahjummas" so be sure to check back Monday night/Tuesday morning for my first recap.  It should be a fun and crazy ride of a drama.
High School King Trailer

Honorable Mention
-It's Okay, That's Love-
Jung Jae-Yeol (Jo In Sung - Winter the Wind Blows) is a mystery writer and radio DJ. He suffers from a obsession. Ji Hye-Soo (Gong Hyo Jin - Masters Sun) is going through her first year fellowship in psychiatry at a University Hospital. She chose psychiatry because she doesn't want to perform surgeries. After she meets Jung Jae-Yeol, her life goes through big changes.

I will happily give this one a try for it's amazing cast.  I have also always wanted to see Gong Hyo Jin in a more serious role.

-Trot Lovers-
The feisty heroine (Jung Eun Ji - Reply 1997) works multiple jobs as the breadwinner to support her father and younger sister. Her mother was a trot singer and she inherited the voice, along with hopes of being a trot singer herself someday. The drama will be about her journey to stardom, and the bickering romance that ignites with the leading man (Ji Hyun Woo -Queen IN Hyun's Man), the arrogant star musician who could not be more opposite in personality. He’ll be prickly and snobby, but he’ll be the person to help her realize her dream.

First reason, Ji Hyun Woo is back from the military.  Is there really any need for a second reason to try out this drama?
Trot Lovers Trailer

There you have my list of highly anticipated upcoming summer kdramas.  Is your favorite on the list?  Did I forget anything?  Be sure to let me know in the comments either here or on our FB page (see link below).  We always love to hear feedback from our readers, which allows us to fine tune the blog.  I hope to see you all back for our new drama recaps, as well as our weekly top 5 countdowns. 

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  1. Hii ! I'm a really big fan of your blog ,and a daily visitor ! i just wanted to say that Seo In Guk ( one of fav actors and singers ever) didn't star in "Reply 1994" but "Reply 1997" !
    Oh ! and I'm really looking forward to all the dramas you mentioned above ( Ok , maybe not 'ALL' of them) espacially: "High School King" ( of course), "Trot Lovers" , "Fated to Love You", "Marriage Without Love",and "It's Ok, it's Love"
    as you can see from my choices , i just LOVE korean rom-com dramas!
    However ,I'm positevely considering watching " Endless Love" , because i love the cast and i didn't regret watching " Secret Love"!
    as for "The Joseon Gunman" , really not my style! i don't think i'm gonna watch it ! but maybe i'll change my mind after reading your recaps about it , of course if you do write ones !
    So that's it for now ; ( kind of a long comment right ?sorry for that )
    keep up the good work :)

    1. Thanks so much for the note on the mix up with 1994 and 1997. Did not catch it when I wrote this at 3am last night. LOL I am so happy to hear that you like our blog. I won't be doing a by episode recap of The Joseon Gunman, but I suspect it will make my top 5 weekly countdown often (at least I am crossing my fingers that it will). I will be doing High School King (for recaps) and leaning towards Fated to Love you as my second drama I will follow by episode.


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