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Gap Dong Episode 17 - Stupidity Abounds

I swear that from now on I am just going to keep my blogging mouth shut.  Every time I mention a concept that I don't like, whether I am serious or as a joke, the writers seem to take it as a challenge.  Remember last week how I mentioned that I am not a fan of the whole psychological/redemption mumbo jumbo?  Well I think the writers were offended and decided to force me to watch a whole episode filled with that concept.  We still have a week to go and I just want this show to be over, or maybe murdered in a huge mass suicide pact.  At least then it would have a happy ending.

There are so many moments of pure WTH stupidity in this episode that we are just going to count them down as we find them.  Because at this point I am not sure if it is possible to really find sense amid all the maddening clutter. 
#1 Post Killer Tracking Devices
Why give Ma Ji Wool a tracking device after all the serial killers have been caught?  That is something that would have been prudent at other times, like before anyone was identified as Gap Dong, or after her first abduction, or when you found out her neighbor is the original serial killer.  This just screams of poor foreshadowing.
Ah, it looks like they are not going to actually arrest DGD (Detective Gap Dong) as of yet.  The whole cheering at the police station was simply for the fact that they can maybe arrest him if they find more evidence.  My bad.  I assumed that they were going to actually charge him with the crimes everyone knows he committed.  I guess the tons of circumstantial evidence is not enough to hold him, so back on the streets he goes.  At least they officially fired him.
#2  Catch and Release
Oh poor Tae Oh, not only have the writers all but neutered your character, (they keep implying that you and your bad side are coming back, but always pull away from actually letting you do anything........The horrible teases) they have also shanked you with a toothbrush by the fake Gap Dong.  This must be the most stable mental asylum ever since the guards looked shocked that something like this happened.  
Not only that, but it gives Tae Oh's lawyers a reason to relocate him out of the prison so he can recuperate at home.  The higher ups agree since otherwise it would be a civil rights lawsuit against the police force.  Hmmmm where does it say that a convicted serial killer deserves a pass if he is injured by another inmate in lock down?  
#3 Let's Take an Emotional Journey to Reformation
Ma Ji-Wool decides that she is going to cure Tae Oh of his killing tendencies.   That involves drawing his emotions onto a piece of paper with a black crayon and hammering nails into wood.  There is just something wrong that this is probably the best therapy that has come from this drama and instead of coming from his therapist (Dr Maria who is a failure as a professional) it is from a 19 year old webtoonist.  It seems that all it takes to make you human is doing chores and giving someone flowers.  Hmmmm seems simple  enough.
#4 How is Your Sex Life
HAHAHAHA  I could not believe that Dr Maria (please someone lock her up) is out interrogating DGD's wife about whether her husband is a psycho or not.  I had tears in my eyes from laughing when she asked about their sex life.  I think that this girl needs a year long introduction on basic ethics and her medical license pulled, since obviously she should not be telling anyone how to be mentally healthy.
#5 Pesky Things like Accidental Murder can be Forgotten
Yang Chul-Gon is reinstated as head detective, just to officially catch Gap Dong of course.  Pesky little details. like the fact that they had fired him for his death debacle, can be forgotten since he really really wants to work on this case. 
#6 Tea for Two
Well, Dr Maria has already had one serial killer over for tea, so why not make it an even number and invite the other Gap Dong in for a drink.  It's not like he is going to kill her or anything (although we sure wish he would).  And then when he is not giving you the emotional response you are wanting, use his trigger words (in this case it is the word forgiveness) and get assaulted.  Unfortunately for all of us he seems to snap out of his rage before any harm can be done.  I am getting the funny feeling that they are going to try and sell us the multiple personality concept in regards to DGD.  Or is he just faking multiple personalities, and if he is, does it even really matter?  At this point I don't care and just want someone to attempt to murder someone and then put in jail and/or killed.  Put an end to the madness.
My Thoughts:
I find this show maddening for many reasons.  Most of them you have heard me rant in the actual posts, but one of the main things that bugs me about this drama is the lack of professionalism by the therapists and cops and the resulting consequences.  This episode brought it to the forefront of my mind, how Tae Oh (although very crazy) has really been let down by the system.  He is stuck with a defunct therapist who, instead of treating him, has made it personal.  She uses her position to torment him mentally, all in an attempt to feel empowered for what happened when she was a child.  The police (specifically Moo Yeom) keep dangling salvation in front of Tae Oh if he helps them stop DGD.  Yet, they never seem to follow through and look at him as a tool to be used and disposed of at whim.  It is also the police, by beating and threatening innocent people, that created the situation that lead to the Fake Gap Dong having a psychotic break.  If all of them would just learn some ethical professionalism and did their jobs, this situation might be very different.  And of course they accept no accountability even though they themselves are becoming monsters in their own right.

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