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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - June Week 4

Hello all you Crazy Ahjumma readers!  I am so sorry for missing a week of my Kdrama Countdown.  Last week I ran out of time and had an all around lack of epic moments to write about (Refer to my #1 moment of this week) so I decided to just take a break til the new batch of dramas aired.  Thankfully we are back with a ton of great moments as well as a whole bunch of new dramas to talk about.  So without further ado, lets discuss my favorite kdrama moments of the last week of June!

#5 Who Knew That I Enjoy Trot Music? -Trot Lovers
I guess that there is an old Korean Ahjumma trapped within me since I actually really love the OST for Trot Lovers.  It is so fun to listen to the music and Jung Eun Ji's voice is perfect for this style.  The drama itself is fun, if not overly original, and if you can get past Ji Hyun Woo's fixed teeth (who knew I would miss his crooked smile so much) it is a quirky summer romantic comedy. 
Trot Audition Clip
 #4 Lee Joon Ki - The Joseon Gunman
Lee Joon Ki has always been truly amazingly attractive.  He was the king of the flower boys from way back, who has since emerged as a very masculine leading man post military.  But there is just something extra special about Lee Joon Ki in hanbok.   He just lights up the screen with his confident demeanor and is making the new Sageuk "The Joseon Gunman" a must watch drama.  This drama reminds me of historical dramas like "The Princess Man" and "Moon Embracing the Sun" in that it is really easy to understand.  A lot of times Saguek's have very intricate military/political plots that can be confusing for newcomers.  But this drama is perfect for that drama fan who wants a good story without too much complication.  And it has Lee Joon Ki so it is a win win for everyone.
 #3 Workplace Nemesis - The King of High School
It is no secret that I love Seo In Guk (seriously, you would have to be living under a rock to have not heard my fangirling squeals.)  But after watching "The King of High School" that love has increased exponentially.   Who would not love his character?  He is all that is admirable in a man/boy in that he is handsome, kind, and will stick to his moral compass no matter what.  We see this in episode 4 where he must stand up to a co-director who is hassling one of his employees.  Most people would sit back and see what happens before rocking the boat, but not Min Seok.  He openly opposes his nemesis and tells him that he has no manners and should learn to respect his elders.  It was a great moment that brought little happy fizzles within my heart.  Not to mention Seo In Guk is very sexy when he is aggressive and angry.

#2 The Secret is Out! - Triangle
You might be surprised that one of my favorite dramas right now is the epic brother reunion melodrama "Triangle".  just for clarification, if you are looking for a strong romantic storyline, then this drama is NOT for you.  For the most part the romance is pretty mild.  There are some sweet moments between middle brother, played by Kim Jae Joong (Protect the Boss), and his girl, but for the most part people are watching this drama for some super sweet bromance.  The bromance between oldest brother Jang Dong-Soo (Kim Beom Soo - Iris 2) and his younger brother Heo Young-Dal (Kim Jae Joong).  For weeks we have seen the two men growing closer and closer with their revenge plots, but the revenge heat was cranked to a whole new level once their biological connection came out into the open.  I got completely misty eyed when the two were finally able to reconnect with a huge hug and tons of crying.  Much better than most romantic kdrama moments, and completely worth watching 16 episodes of slow and steady plot buildup. 

#1 No more boring dramas!
I don't know why, but I fell out of love with an insane amount of dramas in this last batch.  They started out with so much promise, good premises, great actors, but then they just fell flat.  Flat as a pancake after it has been run over by a steamroller.  So I happily say goodbye to those (and a few that have one or two weeks left) dramas and begin the process over with some great new dramas that have not disappointed me yet.  Just so you guys have a list of dramas I did not really enjoy for future reference, Big Man, A New Leaf (now in my top most boring of all time list), Golden Cross, Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup (Why did you have to grow up younger cast?), Doctor Stranger (Even the amazing acting of Lee Jung Suk could not save this train wreck), and Gap Dong.  You are gone and won't be missed.  
And that completes my favorite moments of the week!  Just a heads up that I will be on vacation in another week which means that my blogging/kdrama time will be greatly decreased.  On an up note, the lake house will have wifi!  On the downside, I am sharing it with my in laws, three sister in laws plus their spouses/children and none of them understand the importance of all things kentertainment.  This of course means that I am going to have to sneak my kdrama time in during the wee hours of the night.  As of now I am determined to still get my blog posts in, but the chances are really good that they will be mini-caps.  I hope you will continue to support me during this hard time (seriously, how am I going to survive????)

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