Tuesday, July 1, 2014

King of High School Episode 5 - Let's Just Fangirl

It is getting harder and harder to keep the fangirl enclosed as we fall more in love with Min Seok/Seo In Guk with every episode.  So since the fangirl Kmuse wants to come out and play, we are just going to focus on all things Min Seok and marvel at how sexy, and attractive, and kind, and athletic he is.........did I mention sexy already?? Since I could probably wax poetic about Seo In Guk for an extensive amount of time I also am going to limit my recap to my top 5 favorite moments of episode 5.  So sit back and prepare for a barrage of photos of our sexy leading man, because he was looking GOOD.

#5 More Running & Hanging Out at the Convenience Store.
Since I have already commented in past posts about the beauty of Min Seok's constant need to run, I figured I would combine that with his running to the Soo Young's new job at the convenience store.  But before we do get to the convenience store let us just yet again marvel at the beauty that is Seo In Guk in Motion.  Also when he ran out of the office after Soo Young and jumped the boxes, it was truly so sexy.  I think that we should start a petition requesting that his next role should be as a track athlete.   I could totally get behind him jumping hurdles for 16 hours.....yup, I think we need to start a petition. (sorry for no, jumping and running pictures, but he moves so fast it is hard to snag a photo that is not a total blur).

OK OK Back to Min Seok following Soo Young around like a sad lost puppy.  A lost puppy with anger issues as well as a healthy appetite.  HEHE  Upon finding the location of Soo Young's new job (a cashier at the local convenience store), Min Seok invaded her workplace, helping her lift heavy boxes, saving her from witchy costumers, and berating her about liking the two faced Jin Woo. "You have really bad taste in men, now make me my ramyun wench."  So maybe the wench part was implied, but it still cracked me up that Min Seok was treating Soo Young as his assistant even after she was fired.

#4 An Upset Min Seok is A Sexy Min Seok
Whenever Min Seok gets angry (especially about what he sees as an injustice), I swear his sexy meter goes up exponentially.  I can also appreciate his lack of inhibitions over who he will confront when his temper ignites.  The fact that he will barge into the presidents office during a rampage made me smile as well as realize that this is the dramas subtle way of continuing to bring the youth of Min Seok to the forefront.  If he had already gone through college and working his way up the ladder, he might not be so idealistic and ready to fight against his superiors.  Kudos on the writers (and Seo In Guk) for creating such a wonderfully layered character.  And if I had to choose my favorite angry Min Seok moment, it would have to be when he was screaming obscenities at the closed elevator.  I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
#3 Boys Will Be Boys Take 2!
I don't know why, but I always want to just give Min Seok's two high school BFF's some kind of nickname. Thing1 and Thing2?  The Twitty Duo?  Two Wild and Crazy Guys?  Hmmmmm, for now I think I will stick with moniker The Twitty Duo, but regardless, they are not about to let Min Seok have all the fun of being "older" alone.  
They show up dressed to impress (in his brothers suits) ready to meet his sexy coworkers and mooch some free meals.  Poor Min Seok is about to explode from the stress of his two twit friends messing up his name and inviting his employees out for dinner.  If nothing else, the scene provides us with a comparison about how mature Min Seok really is. 
#2 A Sexy Rivalry
 Up until now (even with the one fight last episode) the rivalry between the two department heads has really been one sided on Jin Woo's part.  Even though he was occasionally angry, Min Seok always apologized for his temper and supposedly made sure that everything was good between the two of them.  Min Seok definitely takes things at face value.  That all changed when he learns that Jin Woo was behind Soo Young's termination.  
Our high school hottie truly loses his temper and the gloves come off.  He immediately confronts Jin Woo, yelling at him about his underhanded two faced dealings.  Jin Woo keeps his cool facade and seems to enjoy Min Seok 's departure into an angry youth.  Min Seok continues to lose his temper and nit pick Jin Woo's every movement until finally his anger culminates into a bathroom fist fight between the two men.  Hmmmm is their fight supposed to be sexy?  Because if so then they totally achieved their goal
#1 Scooter Excursion
I love that all Min Seok is thinking about for probably 85% of the episode is Soo Young.  Now I would not say that he is "in love" with her yet, but there is definite unrealized obsessing going on for our young hottie.  Unable to catch Soo Young before she leaves the office, Min Seok texts her, texts her some more, stares broodingly at his phone, and finally runs into her while he was working out (more running) his angst over her not replying to his texts.  He then tries to cheer her up at her new job (that did not really work out as planned) and finally offers to buy her beer and popcorn.   Poor depressed Soo Young even turns those down and dejectedly heads home.  But never underestimate a determined Min Seok, who tells her to wait for three minutes and returns with his friends scooter.  What follows is one of my new all time favorite OTP moments.  It is not overly romantic or intense, but the smiles that our leads have just make me grin along with them.  Not to mention my poor inner fangirl was so jealous over Soo Young's opportunity to hold a sexy Seo In Guk's waist and shoulders.  If I was her, I would be flubbing my lines to make this experience last as long as possible.  Because of the happy buzz I received as well as the great chemistry developed between the OTP, I declare this scene my #1 favorite of the episode.
I hope you enjoyed the countdown as much as I did in writing it.  With Soo Young coming back into the office as Min Seok's secretary, it looks like we are on the fast track for an emerging romantic triangle.  Somehow I have a feeling that Jin Woo is just putting the moves on Soo Young due to the effect it has on Min Seok.  Will have to check out tonight's episode to see where it all leads.

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