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Top 5 Kdrama Countdown - May Week 4

 It has been a great week to be a drama addict.  Not only are the majority of the dramas really hitting their stride story wise, but a ton of new music has been released.  Add in fun KCON news and you have a very happy Kmuse.  So come join me and check out my favorite moments of the week.  As usual if you have suggestions of good currently airing dramas that I am not already watching, or just want to chat, feel free to leave comments here or on our FB page.  Chances are good that if it is suggested, I will probably start watching.  

Vixx - "Eternity" Live performance
My oldest daughter was adamant that the song of the week had to be VIXX with their newest release "Eternity".  Earlier in the week I had posted the MV on our FB page so to do something a bit different I am sharing their live performance on M Countdown.   I am in love with the energy they bring to their live performance and am now hoping that someday I can see them in a concert. Check them out and enjoy the sexiness and style they bring to this song.
#5 Finally A Smile - You're All Surrounded
 The crime drama You're All Surrounded had a lot of great moments this week.  There was the unexpected first kiss between our OTP, awesome confrontations between the two male leads, but there was one scene that out shined them all.  Lee Seung Gi smiled!!  You don't notice what you have been missing until it is right in front of you again.  Known for his brilliant smile and happy demeanor, LSG is usually cast in rolls that prominently display these attributes.  But in YAS he has been a solemn and dour character for 7 episodes. 
But I guess even the most devoted person can't help but smile at the shenanigans of Go Ara.  Enjoys these photos and clip, and I can't wait to see if we see more of this smile now that the dam has been breached. 
Dance Smile Clip
#4 Great OST in a So So Drama - Rock N Road
I pulled one of those insane dramathons that lasted into the wee hours of the morning and caught up with the Taiwanese drama Rock N Road. I don't really recommend that everyone should drop everything and watch this drama ASAP, but it does have some positive things to recommend it.  First, Wu Chris (Autumns Concerto) is looking better than ever and is by far the driving force for me continuing this drama.  
Second, the OST is actually really good.  I am not usually a fan of Taiwanese music for the most part since it is not my favorite language to listen to.  However, this song from the OST has caught my attention and I am really loving it.  Especially like that it connects in with the concepts of the drama so well.  It talks about the love of music, life, and how even without money you can find happiness.  
Here is Jia Jia performing the "Happiness Coming" from the OST.
#3  A Well Deserved Punch - Dr Stranger
What do you do when you suddenly come face to face with the man who caused your father's death and ruined your life?  If you are Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk - School 2013), you flash your usual smirk in public and then corner him alone in the bathroom and deck the jerk.  But only after you threaten to put a hole in his shriveled heart when you perform his heart surgery.  A great confrontation moment in a wonderfully acted drama and this weeks #3 moment. 
Confrontation Clip
#2 The Morning After - Partners By Blood
Episode 7 of Partners by Blood brought back the funny this week when they had a traditional "we got drunk and woke up in the same bed" plot line.  This theme is very funny, but also very overdone, but what truly made this one stand out was the leads partner/father's reaction to his son hooking up with his best friends daughter.  The facial expressions alone in this scene just crack me up and I have rewatched this scene several times.  Be sure to check out this fun crime/comedy drama and prepare to laugh.
The Morning After Clip (Could not find a descent clip of this scene so go to this link and the segment is the first 6 minutes of episode 7.) 

#1 Random Bromance Flashing
There is no better bromance airing on TV right now than that between Dong Ha and Hottie BFF Soo Chul.  Their comfortable banter is the perfect filler in between moments of OTP angst.  This was pumped up a notch this week in episode 11 as Soo Chul took his cute hijinks to a whole new level.  Displaying a busybody persona usually reserved for critical ahjumma's, Soo Chul waltzed through this episodes giving both Dong Ha and Ji Yeon the stink eye.  His antics culminated in the most random moment as he walks into the room where Dong Ha is brooding and goes into pervy flasher mode.  HAHAHA  So is flashing your roommate your twig and berries a bromance thing, because that was epically hilarious.  At this point I don't think I could love Soo Chul anymore and that is why he and his "assets" are #1 on my countdown.

I hope you enjoyed the weekly countdown!  And be sure to check back during the week for our recaps on Gap Dong and Witch's Romance, plus a lot of random Kentertainment related posts.


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Dramas that I am currently watching:
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