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Gap Dong Episode 13 - Do I Hear Wedding Bells?

We have officially traveled to the halfway point in this drama as we find out who the original Gap Dong is, and having reached episode 13 it should all be downhill from here.  And I hope that it is not a literal downhill in writing since the writers seem to have finally found their groove.  More plot movement for the men, and we get to pretend the women are barely there.  Let's hope they continue on this vein since otherwise I suspect we will be back to the horrible acid induced plot lines from a few episodes ago.

The above paragraph is what I wrote before actually watching episode 13.  I should have known better than to tempt fate since yet again, the writers pulled out some crazy plot twists mixed in with some truly amazing scenes.  I kind of wonder if the writer or writers are bipolar since whoever writes for the villains (detective Gap Dong and Tae Oh) do an amazing job, but when it comes to the writing for the female characters (and any interaction between Moo Yeom and the female characters) the plot gets weird and awkward very very quickly.  Is it the acting (I swear if I have to hear Ma Ji-Wool's horrible fake cry again I will scream) or is it the writing?  It truly is hard to tell where the blame should go and all I know is that somewhere the concept gets warped.  I can appreciate the concept since you can see what the director and writers are going for, but then I just wince at the final results that somewhere took a wrong turn.  But since I am blogging I must carry on and try to make sense of what is occurring, or at the very least mock the stupidity of the plot.  So prepare yourselves for some mocking, because there were some really stupid moments.

WARNING:::  Having some serious writers block for this episode so if everything is not as themed and cohesive as usual please forgive me.  Trying to get this out between soccer games and screaming children today and it has thrown off my groove.
We finally get the big reveal of who the original Gap Dong was, and I could not be happier.  All the scenes with Detective Gap Dong (I know he has a name, but this is easier) take on a new sinister edge.  And I can't wait to find out why he stopped killing.  It is the last big mystery of the drama.  Also is something going to trigger him to make him come out of retirement?  My personal guess is that he gets so grossed out by Dr Maria and Moo Yeom relationship that it forces him to go on a new murderous rampage. 
Wanting to get Tae Oh convicted as soon as possible and get beyond the whole "search for the real Gap Dong" idea floating around the precinct, Detective Gap Dong tries to streamline things as much as possible. Unfortunately for him Moo Yeom and Chul-Gon are just not cooperating.  Refusing to give up on the search they continue to investigate the previous murders.  The case heats up yet again as a new body is discovered and they dig into the possible identification and connections to Gap Dong.  Detective Gap Dong wavers between a feeling of superiority over his fellow cops (LOVED the "you are my role model" scene with Moo Yeom.  That smirk and glint in his eye was masterfully done) and unease at the thought of a continued search for Gap Dong. 
Tae Oh has had a move in his character's development for the worse.  Don't get me wrong, Lee Joon is still killing it with his portrayal of our copycat murderer.  But the fight has gone out of him, and instead of the genius mastermind killer, we are forced to watch him fall apart into self reflection and despair.  Occasionally he pops out of it but mostly he just bemoans the fact that there is no solution to his killing urges.  This part is interesting in that, the writers tried so hard to let us know that he is a psychopath with no emotions past the urge to kill (seriously, the concept was drilled into our brains by every character in the show), so why now is he sad, reflective, and expressing emotions of regret?  
It just feels a bit off.  I keep expecting him to have some type of master plan to escape and begin his killing spree anew.  Just for my sanity's sake, I am going to keep living in my dream world and pretend that he does indeed have a brilliant plan that will get him out ASAP.   
One of my favorite twists in this drama is the fact that Tae Oh has the #1 enabling mama that I have ever witnessed in a kdrama.  When she first entered the series I thought she was terrified of her son, but it turns out she goes to extreme lengths to keep him out of trouble.  
Discussing with her lawyer on how to keep Tae Oh out of prison (even though he confessed to 7 murders) they come upon the decision to declare that he was affected by Affluenza.  For those like myself who had no clue what this was, Affluenza is a mental disorder where you are so wealthy that you become desensitized to real emotions.  And to add to their defense she offers Ji-Wool an insane amount of money to marry Tae Oh (Yes, you read right.  Marry Him???).  WTH???  How does her marrying him really help?  And what kind of crazy defense is that?  Even Tae Oh laughs and seems amused at his mom's big plan.  
Is it wrong to actually be hoping she accepts just because it would make my future blog mocking moments so much easier.  This drama plot point is so odd/horrible/acid induced, that it deserves it's very own Facewall and possibly the award for biggest WTH moment of the whole drama.
Moo Yeom is in full speed when it comes to identifying those old remains that he for some reason thinks is a Gap Dong murder.  He begins to plaster photos of missing women all over precinct walls, including around a love letter that was posted up on one of the kill boards, with a big question mark on who it belonged to (it was in an old book belonging to Detective Gap Dong and indicates his involvement).  
I have several questions to ask in regards to this note in between eye rolls. Such as, What police station keeps a love letter on the kill board when it is unknown whose it is.  Why would a person even suspect that it was someone in the precincts love letter when you work in a busy building and so said letter was found unattended on the ground.  A normal person would have just called it junk and chucked it away.  Who gives a flying fig about whose letter it is enough to go through security tapes to identify who dropped the letter in the first place?  Is there no crime in this town?  I know that they are hinging a lot around this "letter" for the eventual discovery on who the original Gap Dong is, but the whole thing is so nonsensical that it borders on stupid.  Not to mention that the only thing more embarrassing than being outed as a serial killer by trashed love letter would be being outed by Dr Maria.

Talking about Dr Maria, she of course has been up to her usual annoying brooding and obsessing that has driven us crazy for the last thirteen episodes.  It is getting to the point where the sound of her voice and the sight of her overly large eyes is starting to make me sick.  Tae Oh begs to see Dr Maria again since she promised him she would visit if he asked.  But instead of professional Dr Maria, Vixen Maria arrives and taunts Tae Oh over his imprisonment.  
Let's ignore the fact that it is ethically wrong to emotionally taunt your mentally unbalanced patient.  It is also just really stupid.  The man has killed 7+ people and probably should not be taken so lightly.  Obviously on an emotional high Vixen Maria goes to the scene of her BFF's murder.  As she walks down the deserted path, you almost expect the killer to jump out and attack her.  But instead of the killer, Moo Yeom startles her, forcing her to go into full killer ninja mode and she takes him down.  Upon seeing that it is not the killer, she breaks down and says that she will be strong and now she can recall the killers face.   
Hmmmm, color me skeptical that a girl who tasered herself and froze last time she was attacked, could suddenly learn such intense self defense moves.  There is only one possible conclusion we can make from this..........She is part of the Matrix and just learned Kung Foo.
At the conclusion of episode 13 I made up a list of things I want to see happen in the upcoming episodes.  Figured it could not hurt to put the idea's out there into the universe, maybe we will get lucky and some of them will actually happen.  

My wishes are as follows:
#1 More Tae Oh.  And lets clarify, we want the scary Tae Oh.  Not the emotionally needy convict but the scary killer.  The writers really need to give him back his edge... What happened Tae Oh, you used to be scary.

#2 Meeting of the psychopathic mind.  It does not seem like Detective Gap Dong is that interested in having a protege.  But since this is my wish list I am asking that he and Tae Oh team up somehow since two talented serial killers is better than one.

#3 More nunchucks!  I am still hoping for a take down by nunchuck scene.  That would be awesome.
#4 I want to see the stupid girl marry Tae Oh because that would truly be the crazy cherry on the sundae of stupidity. 
#5 The writers answer this question (has been driving me nuts for a couple of episodes now).  How did the fake loser Gap Dong know the whistled tune?  I don't think it was one of his signature signs that anyone other than the shows audience would have known, so how did he learn it? 
Hopefully all our wishes and questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.  Until then  I will just continue to try and wrap my head around the whole wedding plan-insanity because of wealth plea and continue on.  Thanks to everyone who suffered through my writers block induced recap and I hope it was not too rambling for you all.  

Till next time,
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