Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Okay, That's Love ep 1 & 2

Sorry sorry sorry I am so late...had a few things to get caught up on & appointments & fatigue from the KCON trip.  But I am finally sitting down to get this review/recap started.  Whew!  Kids go back to school in a little over a week & then I should be able to sit quietly for a few minutes & accomplish blogging.  I love my kids but...yeah I am ready for school to start back up.

So this drama, It's Okay, That's Love, (IOTL from here on out), does not follow the norm, at least these first couple of episodes didn't.  I really loved how Gong Hyo Jin's character, Ji Hae is so feisty.  It's nice to see her not playing a mouse.  To see her embrace a snotty, flawed character like a psychologist, with baggage of her own, is a refreshing change for me.  I love that she doesn't back down from the male lead & stands up & yells at him & takes him down a peg or two here & there.  I also love how this drama has a darker feel to it, okay not really darker as in scary but more grown up, more adult, more real life.  Of course I've only seen a couple of episodes so I can't say right now if it stays this way but I have really high hopes for this one.

It has taken me a while to start liking the male lead, Jo In Sung.  His character, Jang Jae Yeol starts off really unlikable, superior, pompous, picky, all typical K Drama devices for a male lead but I also like that he proves himself to be somewhat human by the end of the very first episode.  We didn't have to wait for them to start fleshing out his character for 5 episodes.  It's fairly fast paced & you begin to feel sorry for him, almost immediately after you start to dislike him.

As for the rest of the cast, they are all awesome!  One of my favorite character actors is in this drama, Sung Dong Il, who plays Ji Hae's senior colleague.  I love that each character has psychological issues; whether it's issues from their childhood, or marriage or family or Tourettes.  Watching Lee Kwang Soo battle sneezing & screaming obscenities is fascinating & gripping.  I cannot wait to dive in further to this drama & watch everything & everyone unfold.

This post is short as you may have noticed, I am way behind on watching time, since the series is already up 10 episodes & I have only watched a couple weeks ago.

I'll go into deeper character observations & pictures in my next review I promise, so I hope you come back & I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say.  Who is your favorite character by ep 10?  Which storyline(s) has you gripping your seat or sobbing or laughing or loving?

Watching how Ji Hae feels for her mom vs her dad & how she is viewing her childhood was eye opening.  I can't wait to hear from her mom's point of view of what happened or is happening.  They did, at least in ep 2 a fabulous job portraying her familial relationship & showing how it has affected her emotional issues as a grown up.  I hated her two timing boyfriend & the skeezy little girl who claims he belongs to her.  In my opinion they can have each other.  I cried with Ji Hae in the stairwell, the humiliation, the broken heart...ugh!

And oh the feels when Jae Yeol, carried her out of the construction site, even though he was injured too!!  It was that moment I fell for him & it was the moment she was so nonchalant about paying him back that I rooted for her feistiness to last the whole drama.  It's seriously so good seeing a female lead that isn't poor or ugly, or made to look ugly, who is suffering from her poor childhood or having to be the family bread winner & suffering being rescued by the male lead.  I was so getting sick of that storyline.  She's a doctor, she's pretty, she's smart, strong, capable, funny, demanding, everything the guys usually get to be.  Again, only on ep 2 so far. LOL  Well, I want to get back into this drama...see ya later.  I'll be trying to post as often as I can to see if I can catch up.  Not holding my breath for that though.



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