Sunday, January 11, 2015

What's Next for The Crazy Ahjummas?

With the upcoming finale of Pinocchio (I know, I know, I am also sobbing as well) it will be time for Dongsaeng and myself to choose our next recapping project.  Due to the timing of the ending of our current project it was pretty much a forgone conclusion that we would pick this drama, but luckily it was the drama that interested us both to begin with.  So without further ado, I announce that we will be taking on the upcoming multiple personality drama "Jekyll, Hyde, and Me" to discuss, dissect, and probably disagree over.  Personally I think that having two bloggers recap the show will be great since then we can get two different views which matches the multiple personality theme.

Because of our busy lives we will continue to alternate episodes with myself (Kmuse) taking the Wednesday storyline and Dongsaeng Thursdays.  We hope you continue on with us for our next project and we will hopefully provide you with tons of insight and laughter at our take on this romantic comedy.  For your viewing pleasure here is the 3rd teaser as well as some stills.

Trailer 3:
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