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The Crazy Ahjumma's Cruisin' Playlist

It's that time of year again where the weather begins to warm up, the windows are rolled down in your car, and your Kpop is blasting out into the world.  You know, that time when you get odd looks from other motorists and the drive-thru attendant at McDonalds.  But hey, you don't care, you are a Kpop fan and proud to let the world know. 

We bloggers here at TCA decided that we wanted to celebrate the first day of spring by sharing our favorite Kpop/Kindie cruising music with the world.  Yes, that is right, all five of us are collaborating for the first time to bring you our favorite songs!  So go jump in to your car and check out the TCA Cuisin' YouTube playlist.

- KMUSE - 

"Busan Vacance" by Skull & Haha
Hey all!  I am going back a few years for my first MV and sharing my favorite summertime song from Skull and HaHa (running man).  The reggae flavor, the Las Vegas visuals, and the fact that I now know how to properly pronounce "Haeundae" makes this MV a must have.

"Break Ya" LU:KAS
You might recognize this song from the kdrama "Kill Me Heal Me" since they often played it in the background of the coffeehouse scenes.  The boys from the LU:KAS were also the fictional Kidol group used in the Yu Na fangirl scene.  While this song does not have an official MV, they did release a dance practice version of the song which I lovvvvvvvve.   Also if you just want audio CLICK HERE!

"Solo Day" B1A4
I must have a thing for MV's that were filmed in Southern California since this is the 2nd one on my list.  This time it is my favorite quirky boys from B1A4 who whistled and sang their way into my heart with this fun toe tapping song.

"Green Light" Troy
My last song is not a traditional pick for a summer soundtrack, however it has a fun backstory.  I was telling my daughters about picking songs for this blog post.  And when they heard that the theme was "songs I wanted to listen to while driving", my youngest daughter piped up that I should put in the song "Green Light" since it is all about not having to stop on a red light.  Hahahaha I am thankful that she does not understand the sexier overtones and hope that everyone that listens to this song has a wonderful drive filled with green lights.


"Lucky Star" SHINee
My first pick for warmer weather is SHINee's Lucky star. This video has everything you could need for vacation season. Onew is slicing the carrots, Minho is building manly things, Taemin is being the overlord of the camping construction, Jonghyung is learning how to nail, and Key is overcoming his fear of heights in a hot air balloon. Just an FYI, this is the short version, because the full MV is available for purchase, only. I won't tell you that you can find it illegally by typing the name of the song into Youtube.

"Cherry Blossom" Busker Busker
Busker, Busker Next up on my list of faves is the ultimate spring song. According to Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi, every spring this song is played like crazy all over Korea. So for a true K-spring experience, this song must be listened to.  Plus the MV is awesome. If Korea had a Bare Naked Ladies transplant---Busker, Busker would be that group. Just watch it until the end and enjoy.
"8dayz" Megan Lee
The last MV I'll be sharing for spring is Megan Lee's 8dayz. I originally watched the MV for my B2st bias, Junhyung, but I was immediately captivated by the sunny singing and flowery filming. It one of those songs that brings instant happiness as it comes on.
I'm going to add a couple honorable mentions that didn't make it to my section. Beast's Beautiful Night, and IU (feat. High 4)'s No Love, Spring, or Cherry Blossoms. If you get a chance, check them out. They're great additions to any spring playlist. 

- DramaRookie - 
"Swing" Super Junior M
I have a confession to make. Kpop takes up very little space on my ipad, since my style is more Sinatra. Shhhh! Don't tell the other Crazy Ahjummas, I don't want them to revoke my membership. Kmuse's inspiration for this post was driving around with the windows down on that perfect spring day. But what if you're stuck in some stuffy, office cubicle with not even a hint of fresh air and sunshine? If you know that suffocated feeling all to well (and are perhaps reading this post while peeking over your shoulder to make sure your supervisor doesn't catch you), you should definitely check out "Swing". The boys make wreaking havoc in the office look like a blast, the anthemic chant gives a boost to your morale, and Henry Lau is as adorable as ever. My apologies for my tiny contribution, but when it comes time to talk dramas and variety again, I'll be back in there swingin'.

2BIC - "Don't Know Her?"
2BIC is a group I did not hear about until I was cramming to finish work at 3am and the ever so annoying auto play feature on YouTube played this song. It enlightened me as I watched, dumbfounded, the MV which, by the way, fits in with the theme chosen for this playlist.  "Don't Know Her?" has a really nice sound to it~ I might continue digging into their other music. *binge watches every video related to them* 2BIC fighting!

Zion.T ft. Gaeko - "Babay"
Alright, alright, I know this isn't really a spring inspired song BUT IT DESERVES A PLACE ON MA LIST! It's definitely something that I would play on full blast while speeding on the freeway on a nice warm day. The song has a funky tone to it which really makes you feel happy, I mean, who wouldn't like a bit of bounce in their day? His unique voice comes out while being wonderfully matched with Gaeko's rap, and the video is just as funky as the tune~ *wink* I'm diggin' those glasses, Zion.T.
I love Zion.T, in case y'all haven't noticed yet.

SoYou ft. JunggiGo - "Some"
A more universal choice is what I chose as my third. The chorus is one that you can sing along to (even without knowing what it means) with its fun sound. It's a plus that Baro is the male main in the video too. Cute MV, and a cute spring inspired song. A+ from me. 

Park Ji Yoon ft. San.E - "Mr. Lee"
If you haven't heard this song then you better clicking click the video and fill your ears with the sound of "Mr. Lee" being repeated many, many, MANY times. The MV is really interesting to watch, and the fact that San.E raps in this song makes it all the more awesome!

Fun fact: Both San.E and Park Ji Yoon trained at JYP Entertainment...but, um, they left.
And to conclude my list, I want to include a special mentions: "Glass Bead" - G-Friend! If anyone else has listened to it, please tell me whether you also think it sounds like it is an anime theme song.


Red Velvet "Ice Cream Cake"

What's not to love about this song? First off, what would be a better spring/summertime treat than a red velvet ice cream cake? Throw into the mix some pretty girls singing and dancing to this bright, upbeat song, and you've got a real winner here. Full disclosure - I chose this one for purely biased personal reasons as well too, namely the desert shooting location and the girl with the flowing red hair. But that's just me ;) And who doesn't love a matching set of glowing fuzzy jackets?

Taeyang - "Break Down"
This is an older one, but is my absolute, ultimate windows-down-volume-way-up driving song. It's hard to beat. The chorus on this one will stick with you forever, but you won't mind, because it's Taeyang. And who better to represent spring and summertime fun than the "Sun" himself? I would argue that no one is better suited for the job than our dear Sol.

Shannon Williams - "Why, Why"
Okay, yes, another totally egocentric song here by a redhead named Shannon. Sure, there is the part of me that feels a certain connection to this particular performer for kinda obvious reasons (you know, because I'm a redhead named Shannen), BUT, all of that personal initial interest aside, this is a PERFECT springtime song. Spring just screams love and newness and budding romance. This song is about a schoolgirl with a crush on her hottie classmate. What better illustrates springtime than this kind of puppy love? I love the catchy tune and bright soul-ful sound. Her little hip sway dance too - man, I wish I could do that. While pressed up against a hot young.... Uh. Sorry. Let my imagination get away from me there. It's a great song. Really. Check it out!

Amber - "Shake that Brass"
Wow! Look at this! I'm all Girl Power today for my song choices (except for Taeyang of course - he is all man). That is really unusual for me since I am pretty much exclusively all about the boys when it comes to my KPop tastes, but hey, when it works out, it works out. The girls are rocking it this spring. This song is pure goofy fun, just like Amber herself. For those that may not know her, she's a member of the group f(x). When I saw f(x) perform a couple of years ago, Amber got my attention. She's a clear standout in a very talented group. I'm excited to see her branch out and give solo work a try with her new album, "Beautiful". Let's all give "the llama" a little love!
 Thanks for joining us for our first full collaboration blog post.   Be sure to follow us on FB where we often share the newest OST and Kpop song releases.

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