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I Remember You Episode 3 - Sexy and Shameless - The Perfect Combination

This episode was so much fun, killers were found, others are in hiding, and our sexy profiler is oh so sexy.  Fun times people! Fun Times.

Sadly, I must write quickly since it is super late and I have a huge family outing to the beach tomorrow.  The NW coast is always nice and cold, and its siren song is calling my name since I am totally over this heat wave.  I HATE SUMMER.  And since Dongsaeng needs me to get this out earlier than later, my thoughts will be short and sweet.  I know...I know... you want me to wax poetic about Seo In Guk's gorgeous locks and how they frame his perfectly chiseled face, but that will have to wait til next week.  To make up for its length I promise extra photos at the end, so please forgive me.
Remember that we left off with our plucky leading lady holding her gun on the supposed murderer.  I am so thankful that the cops actually have guns in this drama since I would be rolling my eyes if she burst in by herself minus anything but the power of her 90 lbs body.  The killer ends up being a 2nd generation chaebol.. the fourth son out of five and feels that he is untouchable.  He refuses to speak to any male policeman and is stuck in interrogation mocking poor Ji An.
At the same time Ji An is getting no where with the suspect, a sexy doctor goes into the victim's room.  The victim looks terrified at the doctor and we later see that same doctor walking away with a smirky smile on his face.
Why do all our killers have to be so unbelievably sexy (except for Chaebol Killer... he is more whiny smarmy, not really sexy).  It makes it really hard to focus on their evil inner core, when the outer package is so pretty.  You would have to be an idiot to not figure that hot doc is our real big bad (or one of them anyway).  Miraculously, the victim recants her testimony the second the doctor leaves, saying that she bought those flowers herself.
Turns out Hot Doc is really Hot Lawyer (*cough cough *  Killer Mastermind).  He comes into the interrogation room right as Lee Hyeon is about to goad the suspect into a confession. Who else loved Hyeon's roundabout way of getting information? It wasn't even your normal "Ah Ha I got you" moment, but instead Hyeon seemed bored once he found out that Chaebol Killer was not even aware that he was being used.  Hyeon definitely has some empathy buttons missing from his personality.
I loved how he mocked the killer and said-- "You were just bait, knowing nothing." Hyeon's obvious boredom is reconfirmed when he ends up in the restroom with the killer a few minutes later.  Chaebol attempts to act like a real man and boast that he is free.  Then he leans in and tells Hyeon that he killed those girls and he is going to kill Hyeon next. 
At this point I have a hard time noticing anything other than how HAWT Hyeon is looking at that moment. I am pretty sure that this drama is making me develop a hair fetish.  OR at least a Seo In Guk hair fetish.
So I am a bit confused about Ji An's actions.  At times, Ji An seems slightly on top of things, but then she opens her mouth and you just wonder how she ever passed the police academy.   I was willing to overlook the obvious physical issues she might have in being a cop and dealing with murderers.  But her simplified outlook in reference to her work just kills me. 
It is not that I don't enjoy watching her banter with Hyeon.  They are actually cute together, with him being able to do mental rings around her, but at the same time I don't get a feel that she is at the level of an average cop.  I guess this is going to have to be one of those dramas that I just ignore reality and focus on the funny.
Upset that Chaebol Killer is free to go, Ji An complains to Hyeon about the situation.  He points out that even if they find evidence, the killer's family is going to pull strings.  If Chaebol is actually convicted, he will use his family's connections to get him put in a VVIP mental ward and barely be affected by the situation.  Ji An mutters that isn't right, that he needs to be taken away from society and separated.  Hyeon looks over her and asks "Should I do it first?  Kill him?"  Ji An gazes blankly back at him.  It is times like this that continue confound me.  Does she actually think he is a killer?  Does she just assume he has some type of connection with Lee Joon Young?  Does she forget 95% of the time that she suspects him of anything?  DING DING DING... I think we have a winner with that last guess.  Which is surprising if you consider the fact that she supposedly stalked him for 20 years thinking he was guilty of something. 
That whole part of the plot is definitely the weak link for me so far.  So let's just move past it and focus on the funny some more.
Ji An attempts to figure out a way to catch Chaebol (before he flees the country to China) but comes up empty.  Our plucky leading lady decides to ignore Hyeon's comment that he is done cooperating with the investigation, and hunts him down at home.  She tries to flatter Hyeon by saying--"God might not have given you a good personality, but he gave you intelligence." Bwahahaha, she tries to fix her faux pas but ends up telling him he is brazen and shameless (it's this that keeps me still liking her).
Sadly all of Ji An's running around does not result in finding a reason to keep the Chaebol from leaving the country.  She does discover that hottie lawyer is even scummier than thought, but no evidence emerges. 
Hyeon continues to remain uninterested in the situation and actually even calls the killer.  Informing him in an effort to remain helpful taunt him, that the killer should just turn himself in and stay in Korea.  The killer just laughs and tells Hyeon that he will be back soon to kill the snarky thorn in his side.  This is a threat he will not be able to fulfill since our Chaebol Killer is arrested upon arrival in China for drug trafficking.
Turns out Hyeon had sent an email to the Chinese government (under Ji An's name and email) requesting their help investigating Chaebol.  This would be all well and good except for the fact that this is a big no no if you are a Korean cop.
I love that Hyeon is not only several steps ahead of the rest of the group (including the killers), but is at least half an episode ahead of them.  It was a total joy to see his actions produce fruit in the end.
Ji An is furious that Hyeon used her and races to his house to confront the cocky genius.  Hyeon tells Ji An that he is not at home and texted her the address to his childhood home instead.  Ji An bursts inside yelling and ranting, but Hyeon calmly states that he did just what she asked him to (sucks talking to someone who can find loopholes in everything).  After she is ranted out, Hyeon stands up and begins walking into Ji An's space.  Hyeon informs her that he is bored and has decided to investigate the mystery of Ji An.  First of all he wants to know how often she has snuck into his house?  Hyeon had given her an address that was a few houses away, yet somehow, Ji An did not hesitate to come to his home.  Therefore, it is obvious that she knows him from before. Hyeon continues to lean in and asks --- "Who are you?"

My Thoughts:
ACK this went longer than I planned... OK, quick rundown of my thoughts.  I already mentioned the slight problem I have with Ji An's character.  Cop - No.  Plucky girl who is fun to banter with - Yes. Seo In Guk has amazing hair and I could stare at him staring at himself for hours.  I am enjoying the fact that I have several suspects that could be the older version of  Lee Joon Young.  I have my #1 guess, but won't state it here since most of my reason behind my guess is seeing this actor play bad guys in past roles.  Let's just say that he is AMAZING when he goes all evil.
As for my last thought..... I love the fact that it is so easy to see that Hot Lawyer is Hyeon's younger brother.  I think they did a great job of matching the younger version to the older version so that it is totally believable that they are the same person. I know that Hyeon is suspicious, but I would be interested to see if he is thinking along the same vein as I am.  Hopefully we will find out soon.
That's all for me.  When you read this I will probably be dipping my toes in a nice cold ocean and working on my sunburn.  Hope you all enjoy this episode and recap as much as I did.

WAIT!  I bet you thought I had forgotten?  Nope, Kmuse is a fangirl of her word and down below are the extra SIG screencaps.  SEO IN GUK!  WOOT!

Seo In Guk in glasses is so sexy

Intense Seo In Guk = Sexy

A Picture of Seo In Guk's Sexy Neck

Reading is Sexy

Still Sexy Surrounded by Books
Til next week this is Kmuse signing off and going to bed, dreaming about khotties and the beach.
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