Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Scholar Who Walks The Night" Releases 2nd Trailer Full of Love and Daggers.

The 2nd Trailer for vamp drama "Scholar Who Walks The Night" is released and it is full of cutesy heroines, angsty vamps, and surprisingly, a lot of stabbing.  Who knew that there would be more stabbing than munching on necks?

Not sure if there is more to say about Lee Joon Ki's character, that has not already been said in our previous posts.  The man is HOT HOT HOT in hanbok.  I like to imagine that he goes around his house dressed like this, just because he knows it is his hottest look.
Hmmm, in one word, I can only describe our cross dressing heroine as -- Bubbly.  Very very bubbly.  But that is not necessarily a bad thing.  I loved Lee Yoo Bi in "twenty" so am totally willing to give her a chance, although I suspect that her manly disguise is pointless since everyone seems to realize she is a girl.
And a big YAY for beautifully dressed side characters.I don't know your purpose, just from this teaser, but I do love how pretty they all look.
I wasn't lying when I said that had a lot of daggering going on.  Lots and lots of daggers and stabbing sounds.  Much more than I expected from a vampire show.

Trailer 2

Before I head out and work on my other blog posts, I just want to share the official posters.  All I can say is the photographer obviously was inspired by my 8th grade school photos.... and than added a ton of photoshop to make them all look like wax dolls.  Not sure if it is my favorite look, despite how gorgeous they all look.
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  1. I'm not really into historical kdrama but maybe I would give this drama a try ...haha


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