Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mask Episode 8 - Long Live Seok Hoon

Time is scarce thanks to my kids planning a million sleepovers this week so I will be brief in my recap.  We are nearing the half way point and while I adore this drama, there are a few things that I need to discuss before we go any further.  So I am going to use this post to chat about what I am loving, and what I feel could be tweaked just a bit.

Let's start with Ji Sook. Oh Ji Sook with your bush baby wide eyes and simplistic outlook on life.  I want to be rooting for you to take down the bad guys, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  But you are starting to make it difficult.  I can only excuse your anxious neurotic behavior for so long.  
You were about to spill the beans on Seok Hoon's scheme and he suddenly shows up dragging you away with a lie about your nanny.  You can't even put 1 and 1 together?  I am still trying to give you a pass since your situation is really crappy.  But you have to do your part and be the intelligent heroine that we saw in the first few episodes.
I think we are at the point where Min Woo should not be jealous of yet another guy in Ji Sook's life.  First we had the misunderstanding with her brother and then with the sleazy ex-schoolmate.  And now thanks to Mi Yeon spreading huge hints about Seok Hoon and Eun Ha's past relationship, I suspect there will be more jealousy on the horizon.  I try to remind myself that this is a 20 episode drama so the pacing has to be different, but I am starting to get really antsy for Ji Sook's secret to be outed by her husband.
I think I could get past the added jealousy issue if it was not for the fact that Min Woo was dealing with all three guys in one episode.  Not only is he getting the idea that Seok Hoon has the hots for Ji Sook (making their suspicious conversations and disappearances all the worse).  But then Min Woo also has to deal with the sleazy wannabe ex and then finding out that Ji Sook is giving money to her "nanny" who also happens to be the mother to her "noona" lover.  So many men and through it all Ji Sook continues to just give her patented blank look and say that she doesn't want to talk about it.
I am actually enjoying Hoya's storyline.  Not only is he kind of a bad ass when dealing with the thugs (loved when he burnt the picture of the man they wanted him to kill), but he looks to be almost to the point where he has figured out the whole switch plot.  The same can't be said about his mother who seems to have no point to the storyline beyond getting constantly ill and causing her daughter to go stupid with worry.  I will give Ji Sook the benefit of a doubt and assume it is worry that makes her stupid, and not that she is just, well, stupid.
"A remarkable person can rise above good and evil. I am that kind of person."  This is a quote from everyone's favorite crazy villain Seok Hoon, who yet again shines when he decides that sleazy ex is a liability and kills him.  Not only does Seok Hoon kill sleazy guy, but he is attempting to frame Hoya for the murder.  EEEEEK.  Can he get anymore evil?  Or hot for that matter?  I am officially declaring Seok Hoon as the best/hottest villain of all time and the best thing about this drama hands down.  It is at the point where I am almost rooting for him to actually succeed in his narcissistic world domination dreams because he is so entertaining to watch.  Long live Seok Hoon and his emperor complex.
That is all I am going to chat about today since I am anxious to start episode 9 and find out what happened.  Did Hoya get caught?  Does Ji Sook become brighter?  Will Min Woo finally figure out what is going on?  I will be back to answer all those questions and more in the next recap.  Til then, have a wonderful drama filled life.
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