Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1st Trailer for "Scholar Who Walks the Night" Focuses on Vampire Theme

It's finally out!  The first look, in trailer form, of upcoming vampire, cross-dressing, sageuk, "Scholar Who Walks the Night"  Woot!  Bring on the historical vampires (hopefully they will be more interesting than the sageuk period of Orange Marmalade that I am suffering through right now).
DONGSAENG: This trailer really had some "bite" to it, that's for sure! Complete with crunching sounds and all. Yumm! Makes me hungry just thinking about it. They definitely make it clear that this will be a vampire sageuk full of all sorts of adventure and hijinks. Or mass graves filled with... dinner maybe? O_O

KMUSE- I liked that it actually felt like a vamp show and not just a regular kdrama that says people are vampires but tend to ignore that fact most of the time.  I hope that this concept remains strong and not just until their time and extra CGI money runs out.
DONGSAENG: Hellllooooo Jun Gi~! Even horrified and with red hamster eyes, you still look gorgeous! You can snack on me whenever you want there, handsome! ;) Rawr!

KMUSE- Looks like we have the standard girl, pretending to be a boy, that still looks like a girl.  Is it wrong that Jun Gi is prettier than she is?
DONGSAENG: Crunch! See? Is that dinner from the snack pit? That doesn't look quite fresh, you know? mmm...yummy. *cringe*

KMUSE- Now that is the vamp look that was missing from Lee Soo Hyuk's stills.  I want to see him looking otherworldly and scary.  His parts in the trailer finally delivers that.

DONGSAENG: Hiya Max. Oh, sorry, Your Highness. Looking sharp there in your princely, scholarly duds. Even with the face fuzz. 

KMUSE- I actually think the face fuzz is benefiting his character.  It helps to make me forget he is the same actor that starred in Paradise Ranch.  That's 16 hours I wish I had back.

DONGSAENG: It's been a while since I have seen a little magic, so I got excited at the mystical side of this for sure, like when they are all "wooshy" as they move around. And talk about intense, angsty emotions! Lots of those too. Biting, crunching, slicing, screaming, and crying all with some misty magic moving about? Sold! 

Kmuse- It totally gave me Arang and the Magistrate flashbacks.........which is a good thing.  The only thing I am sad about is that it looks like Jun Gi actually changes into a vampire in the drama.  I kind of would have loved a story about a very old vampire suddenly falling in love and connecting with society and saving Joseon.  I dread that the drama is going to be all about finding cures and such rather than fun supernatural hijinks.

1st Trailer
Scholar premiers on July 3rd and I am sure we will be getting more trailers in the upcoming week.  Be sure to check back as TCA plans on sharing them all.


  1. I am so excited! He is one handsome vampire. I hope that it is better than his last drama. Paradise Ranch has to be one of the worst dramas I've ever watched (I did fast froward through the WHOLE thing LOL) I wanted Max to be good he just wasn't. LJK always brings his best and I can't wait to watch him vampire it up.

  2. Wow, LJK looks scary as vampire! I can't wait to watch it tho!

  3. Wow, LJK looks scary as vampire! I can't wait to watch it tho!


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