Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Oh My Ghostess" Releases a Girl Centric Cute Trailer

We are finally getting a trailer which showcases the cute tone of upcoming drama "Oh My Ghostess".  And when I say cute, what I really mean is, adorable, quirky, and horny vibes are bouncing from this trailer in waves.

 Those that follow the blog know that I am highly anticipating this drama.  If only I had more days in the week I would so be recapping the heck out of it. Sadly, you are up against Seo In Guk's new drama and SIG always wins in Kmuseland (whispers***always**)
My only slight objection is that I am getting just a slight (and I do mean slight) "Masters Sun" feel in the first few seconds as our leading lady (Park Bo Young) is possessed.
But than those thoughts are thrust from my mind the second Kim Seul Gi comes on screen.  SQUEEEEE  She is one of my ultimate girl crushes and I demand that South Korea smarten up and give her a leading role ASAP.  She is hilarious.
I always find it interesting when my focus is solely on the females.  That is a situation that never rarely happens.  I really hope this ends up keeping it's girl power feel from start to finish.

She obviously has needs that need to be met ASAP.  Could not have cast a more perfect character for our poor dead virgin ghost.  A virgin ghost who is determined to "get some" even if it is in someone elses body.

Cho Jung Seok has always been a favorite of mine since way back in "King 2 Heart" and "What's Up".  He is one of those actors that coasts under the radar and I am hoping that mainstream drama watchers can register how awesome he is.
BWHAHAHAHA  Oh my gosh!  It is hilarious that Kim Seul Gi is there just touching, hanging on, and kissing the leading man.  My personal favorite moment was when our ghost was spanking his butt.  Thank goodness that this is on cable and we can expect some fun risque moments.


"Oh My Ghostess" is gearing up for a July 3rd premiere so I am sure we still have a lot of great promotional material to come. I personally cannot wait to see some more cute butt spanking hijinks.  BRING ON THE NAUGHTY SKINSHIP!

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  1. Me Too... I can't wait anymore to see Kim Seul Gi being Lusty Virgin Ghost... Kyaaa and her well-known-cute-bag-eyes is back... hehhehehehe


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