Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mask Episode 6 - "I'm Not Your Noona" and Other White Lies

Emotions continue to grow as Ji Sook's younger brother stirs the pot of the Choi family emotions.  Mi Yeon becomes suspicious, Ji Sook agonizes over the reality of her situation, Min Woo becomes jealous, and Seok Hoon continues his usual brand of crazy.  All in all another normal day in the world of "Mask". 

What happens when you watch a drama late at night, after you have just taken some NyQuil, and are a tad bit drowsy?  Let's just say that things don't really stick in your brain for recapping.  That is what happened with episode 6.  So if this recap seems short and sweet, just blame it on the drugs.

Of course that just means that the stuff that stood out has to be the best.  Right?  So without further ado, check out what things stuck in my mind during episode 6.
Let's start by talking about Min Woo's new found jealousy over "the other man".... aka, her brother (some day I really should learn his name and not just call him Hoya in my head). Remember that Hoya (the heck with it, he will always be Hoya to me) had burst into the party screaming "noona" at the sight of Ji Sook.  It cracks me up that rather than thinking that he is her brother, everyone assumes that Hoya is really her boy toy boyfriend.  BWHAHAHA.  A misconception that Ji Sook does not clear up during the episode.
This misunderstanding keeps Min Woo waffling between this - 
The sweet smile of a man in love.
And this - 
The face of a man contemplating his arranged marriage and his wife's man-child boyfriend.
Mi Yeon also got a chance to dazzle us with her snarky wit whining and her ginormous earrings that are trying to grow forth from her ears.  It amused me that people on twitter were trying to debate on whether this is a product placement for jewelry or just Mi Yeon trying really hard to overcompensate for all that she is lacking.
Mi Yeon also comes out swinging in her attempt to take Ji Sook/Eun Ha down.  She is practically wringing her hands with glee at the opportunity to prove that Ji Sook has a lover.  Since she also believes that Hoya is Ji Sook's boy toy and not the stalker that Seok Hoon is trying to make him out to be.  
Mi Yeon confronts Hoya (who is still hanging around Ji Sook's workplace) and invites him to get in her car to talk.  Recognizing that this person does not have his sister's best interests in heart, he calls her "Ahjumma (older lady)" and tells her to buy him a drink instead. 
Hoya carefully questions Mi Yeon, trying to figure out what kind of dynamics are going on.  He craftily does not confirm nor deny why he is looking for Ji Sook nor why she is important.  Instead remaining vague.  I have to admit that he is much smarter than I first gave him credit.  Between his ability to get loans repaid and how well he deflects Mi Yeon's inquiries, I am starting to grudgingly like his character.
I especially liked the scene where Ji Sook tries to pay Hoya's character off and prove that she is not his sister.  The tension and emotional angst was well played by both characters.  Truly proving how amazing the director is in saying so much without having the characters speak the words out loud.  It will be interesting to see how they use the brother in future plotting.
As for Seok Hoon's character, he remains that awesome, over the top, evil/greedy/crazy that we all have learned to love.  Seriously?  What would this show be without Seok Hoon's awesome brand of crazy pants.
HAWT!!!  Oops I mean CRAZY
Yup, you guessed it, still CRAZY
I especially loved the closing scene where our leads were sleeping, snuggled, and naked, in a broken down car.  Seems that they had heard that rumor that you can avoid hypothermia by sharing body heat **snicker**.
Seok Hoon watches from outside (having come to save her) and practically cackles with glee at the signs that his evil plans are coming to fruition.
My Thoughts:
 As usual I am loving the progression of our OTP (One True Pairings) relationship.  They are not only finding allies within each other, but soul mates.  I also can't wait to see Seok Hoon's reaction when he realizes that Ji Sook won't play by his game anymore.  I personally hope that moment comes sooner than later. 

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