Saturday, June 20, 2015

Who's the Ghostess with the Mostest? Episode 1 Preview for Oh My Ghostess

Episode 1 of upcoming TvN drama, Oh My Ghostess, has been released. And by the looks of it, we're in for a rollicking good time. begs the time I get all frisky with some hottie chef, reach out and touch a lovely hottie arm, or watch a couple of guys in a shower, can I just use the excuse that a horny virgin ghost bride made me do it?

Speaking of making me do things...KMuse mentioned in her last post that she has been whispering these crazy ideas into my head, ideas about recapping this drama. I'm definitely considering it. What do you guys think? Any requests for this one? Jo Jung Seok is rather a personal favorite of mine (I did sit through all 50 episodes of Lee Soon Shin mainly because of him; and never, ever get me started on his role in King 2 Hearts unless you have a truckload of tissue at the ready), as is Kim Seul Gi, our sexually-charged ghost. A fun, playful summertime romp may be just what I need to lick my Ex Girlfriend Club wounds. Kmuse's nudges in the ghosty direction may just work....

Looks like we still have until July 3rd to wait for this one. I had a small smidgen of hope that they would premier it early since its predecessor, Ex-Girlfriend Club, was hacked down mercilessly by four episodes and has finished (for those following my recaps on that one, I'm still working on that finale recap, but will get it out at some point), but it looks like that is not to be. So, we patiently wait until July 3rd as originally planned, unless we hear otherwise in the meantime.

But enough from me, here it is. Check out the preview for episode one! Isn't my Jo Jung Seok a dreamboat??

Episode 1 Preview

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  1. I am going to be watching this one! I think it looks pretty good!


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