Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mask Episode 12 - Babies, Birthday Cakes, & Murder

We have couples coming together, some for all the wrong reasons (glaring at you Mi Yeon), while secrets are being outed right and left.  Add in our usual dose of crazy pants Seok Hoon and you have one satisfying episode of "Mask".  
In case you were wondering if Mi Yeon actually watched the video of Seok Hoon murdering someone (kind of wonder if she would have been more OK with that than seeing him doing "it" with Eun Ha), the answer is no.  Mostly due to a reminder from her phone that she is a week late for her period which in her mind means "PREGNANT".  And of course she can't acknowledge her husband is scum when she is about to pop out his baby.
"I will believe your lies for our child" and hands Seok Hoon the watch.  WOW, that is a level of rose colored glasses that we rarely see.....OK, this is a kdrama, and we do see this level of denial often, but still it is disturbing.
And how does Seok Hoon feel about impending fatherhood? Hmmmm I get the feeling Seok Hoon is bored with his wife shopping.  These pictures say it all.
It also seems like the news came at a bad time for him since Seok Hoon is constantly thinking about the dead Eun Ha.   For him it is all about the past.  We keep getting flashbacks between Seok Hoon and Eun Ha chatting evil plans.  It seems that he wants Eun Ha's help and she is undecided, requesting a year to decide (because the decision to kill someone takes that long to contemplate?.....insert sarcasm font.).  Eun Ha tells him that she will let Seok Hoon know her decision on her birthday.  She points to two dresses.  If I wear the white dress it means I will follow your plan, if I wear the red it means I won't.  And why are we making this so flipping complicated?  What happens if you die in the meantime......oh wait.....oops
Ji Sook has been industriously studying all of Eun Ha's papers and journals.  Ji Sook discovers another studio apartment where she finds all the evidence of Eun Ha and Seok Hoon's affair.  Nothing says "I love you" like creepy portraits.  Ji Sook also finds a new journal in which Eun Ha discusses Seok Hoon's plans, in which she wrote "Can I really kill Choi Min Woo?"
I love how Ji Sook is so overcome with fear, that she runs to Min Woo and has to touch him, just to reassure herself that he is OK.  And then telling him-- "no matter what, I will be by your side".  SQUEEE  Picking up steam on the love train. 
While Ji Sook is busy uncovering evil death plots, Min Woo is busy with the hard quest of finding his wife a birthday gift.  Hahahaha laughing so hard at the birthday gift giving rehearsal between Min Woo and his secretary.  It's bad enough that he can't think of a gift (flowers made of money, and jumping out of a car trunk with balloons were mentioned) but then watching secretary want to role play.....epic.
It is amazing how much Ji Sook is able to "become" Eun Ha.  It is never more obvious than at the birthday party where she greats Eun Ha's family and long term friends with confidence.   It must be hard for Seok Hoon to see the love of his life and know it is not really her.  Not to mention, seeing his enemy fall in love with the woman who looks like his lover.  It's enough to make your head spin.

Cheese Break
 Min Woo singing Happy Birthday to his wife was so awkwardly adorable.  They are just so cute!!!
Talking about humor, how awesome was the maid giving Ji Sook a giant cake equal to the whiny Mi Yeon's?  Mi Yeon has decided that her being impregnated needs to be celebrated more than Ji Sook's bday.  She orders a massive cake to commemorate the event and orders only a one layered cake made for Ji Sook.  The maid kept to the request but made Ji Sook's single layer so tall, that it equaled the height of Mi Yeon's.  Way to be awesomely passive aggressive.
Seok Hoon does not plan on letting the party go without attempting to ruin Min Woo one more time.  He has paid off the suspicious maid to, yet again, spike Min Woo's wine.  But when the maid approaches and pours the drugged drink, Ji Sook takes it and swollows the whole amount.  She then leans in towards Seok Hoon --"It won't go according to your plan.... that is Eua Ha's answer."  Seems bad maid had a change of heart and switched to team Ji Sook.  And why not, since Team Ji Sook is all kinds of awesome?
Now that he is not being constantly doped, Min Woo's fuzzy memories are beginning to come back.  He remembers seeing Eun Ha standing next to Mi Yeon as he passed out the day of Eun Ha's murder.  We viewers get the whole story as we see a drugged Eun Ha staggering away from the table.  She wobbles, holds onto Mi Yeon, but then falls into the pool.  Mi Yeon stood still, shocked, and then walked away, willing to let her die.  So it is Mi Yeon who killed Eun Ha.. I had almost forgotten that she was murdered for a while.  I will be honest.... I still feel a bit bad for Mi Yeon, murder and all.  She really drew the short straw when she fell in love with Seok Hoon.
Upset and distant, Seok Hoon, leaves his wife in the middle of the night.  Suspicious, Mi Yeon follows him (how did she get dressed and to her car so fast?), only to find him crying over the ashes of Ji Sook/Eun Ha.  Guess the secret is out to almost everyone but Min Woo.  I can't wait to see what happens next.
My Thoughts:
I really like that we have a new dynamic to the Eun Ha saga.  Not only do we learn more of Seok Hoon's end game plan, but we also get all kinds of good stuff from our wild card Mi Yeon.  I didn't even think that she was not aware that she murdered someone.  I wonder if this will change Mi Yeon at all considering she has had time to let her initial hatred cool down.
And who else needs some OTP make out scenes?  I think we are due since we are already past the half way point.  Every time Min Woo and Ji Sook get on screen I mentally scream "Kiss Kiss Kiss" in my head.  And I am not talking about that awkward first kiss... I need a passionate one.  They are already raising a plant together, after all.
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  1. "no matter what, I will be by your side". Lied every Kdrama female lead ever.

    Great review. Ji Sook has proven herself to be a real wild card, pulling out all these tricks and standing up for herself and her husband.

    1. Crossing my fingers that she doesn't go through the "noble idiocy" route.

  2. I laughed over how Eun Ha has to use 1 year to decide whether she would go along with the villain's plan...

    1. And than there is only a few sentences on her journal to show her deep thought on the subject. Made me laugh and roll my eyes. But in a good way.


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