Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mask Episode 13 - Adorkable Min Woo for the Win

OH MY GOSH!  This episode was so full of the cutest, cheesiest, totally 100% dorky romance, that I could barely contain my squeals.  Sure we are still kissless, but Min Woo eases the lack of skinship pains with his over the top gushing towards his wife.  We are talking cooing newlywed gushing that is rarely seen in kdramas.  So come join me as I delve into their scary displays of PDA (public displays of affection), along with some crazy couple combusting from Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon. Because everything can't be all flowers and sausages, or else this wouldn't be Mask.

Min Woo is reliving his birthday gift, which just happened to be a replacement wedding ring (remember, she lost her other one in the river).  Min Woo is so cute when he agonizes that he didn't actually propose when he gave the gift.  By his side, eating at that awesome house bar, is his secretary, who questions the need since they are already married.  Min Woo replies -- "Our marriage was a business deal.  I need to actually propose to her."  Awwww.
Min Woo - Should I give her another ring?  

Secretary - Then she will just have two rings.

Min Woo - Should I rent out an amusement park?  

Secretary - That is just flaunting your fortune. 

Min Woo - I will take her to a place with nice scenery, then do what I am good at and gaze at her like this. Eun Ha, should we get married again?

Secretary - Perfect!
Poor Mi Yeon.  Not only does she find out that she is officially a murderess, but she also gets the news that she is not pregnant.  Hormone treatment had given her a false positive on the pregnancy test. To say Mi Yeon does not take it well, would be an understatement.  First Mi Yeon declares herself done with her husbands lies.  She shows Seok Hoon the photo of Eun Ha and himself -- "I am done believing your lies.  The one who believes your lies always loses"
While fighting the good fight of swooning over his wife, Min Woo is completely oblivious to the bubbling anger of his dear, kind of crazy, sister.  She is determined to cause trouble for her husband, and his take over plans, and organizes a work meeting with Ji Sook, her old co-workers, and Min Woo.  Quite the busy little bee, is our mentally unstable 2nd lead.
The meeting actually went without incident.  Mostly Mi Yeon made snide comments, and Min Woo remained oblivious.  He did however, hear the workers talking about how much his wife looked like their dead friend, Ji Sook.
Min Woo remains twitterpated as he and secretary go on a shopping trip to pick out the perfect outfit for Ji Sook.  It was adorable how every outfit secretary picked up was vetoed by Min Woo, but then he changed his mind and said how pretty Ji Sook would look in every one. 
The cuteness continues as Min Woo gives his wife cheesy lines and is all adorable and flirty.  They both agree that the wedding contract needs to be changed. Things like "no physical contact, or else they can be criminally prosecuted" were amended.  Because that just is nonsense.  I agree......NOW KISS........ugh....Less amending more kissing people.  But rather than kissing we get a cute move from Min Woo who insists that they share a bed from now on (without snuggling of course).  Progress....slowly but surely.
This scene brought to us viewers by that brand of sunglasses.  It is a really cute idea, couple sunglasses, however they look a tiny bit like bugs with mirror eyes.  Just saying..........
There were so many adorkable couple moments that just can't be done justice by description alone.  So in an effort to convey the awesome level of cuteness achieved by our OTP, here is photographic evidence.  If you have not watched this episode, be sure to check it out, since they are cute x 10.
Poor Seuk Hoon.  He barely has time to worry about his wayward blackmailed Ji Sook.  He is too busy suspecting his crazy wife of killing the love of his life.  Sucks when evil plans don't go the way they are supposed to.
Thanks to some minion sleuthing and a 2nd copy of the CCTV camera near the pool, Seok Hoon's fears are confirmed.  Tears fall as he watches his wife kill Eun Ha and walk away.  Somehow I don't think this is going to cement their marriage.  Will be interesting to see which wins out.  The need for revenge or the need to get as far away from Mi Yeon as possible.  I swear that this drama is not going to end with both of them alive.
When Mi Yeon rushes into her husband's room and sees him by the pool crying, rather than beg for forgiveness, she checks his wallet.  Because getting more confirmation that your husband loves someone else is always healthy.  But instead of Eun Ha's photo, secretly placed behind Mi Yeon's wedding photo, is a shot of Ji Sook before she became Eun Ha.  What???  What does this mean.  Has Seok Hoon lost touch with reality and has feelings for Ji Sook?  It seemed that he was trying to convince himself, earlier, when he was yelling about Ji Sook not being Eun Ha.  Maybe this is proof that his realities have merged a bit.
Regardless of what that picture means to Seok Hoon, Mi Yeon becomes enraged and rips it up.  She then storms out of the house to the work trip location, determined to ruin her brothers & Ji Sook's happiness.
A happiness that is just about to blossom as Min Woo officially rips up the marriage contract and asks Ji Sook to be his wife for real.  Seconds before Mi Yeon comes stomping towards them on her designer heals.  Happiness might be short lived if she has anything to say about it.
My Thoughts:
Something tells me that Min Woo is not really going to have an issue about Ji Sook's identity.  He does not seem like the type that would choose the company over love.  Especially considering how crazy in love he is.  However the cliffhanger still left me anxious over what is going to happen.  Are the secrets all going to be revealed?  What is going to happen between Mi Yeon and Seok Hoon?  Are they going to divorce?  Is Seok Hoon going to kill his wife in a fit of revenge?  I am biting my nails waiting til tomorrow to find out.
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  1. I said it before, and I'll say it again, this kdrama is simply delcious! and for a melodrama, this one is actually funny, serious kind of funny or funny kinda serious, whichever.

  2. I'm really glad that lead gal found her backbone, wits, courage or whatever, to fight back against the villain rather than just resigned to her poor fate and being manipulated by the villain becos of her poor family/younger bro....hope that she continue fighting !! I also love the part on how the lead guy changes from being so aloof and cold becoming so cute and shall I say romantic? Life lessons do make us changes for the better (like our lead couple) or the worse (like the villain)


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