Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Mask Episode 14 - Just Spit it Out Already

Hello all!  Time again for yet another fun recap of our favorite makjang melodrama "Mask".  This episode Mi Yeon attempts to perfect the passive aggressive technique known to all female second leads as she tries the whole episode to reveal Ji Sook's big secret. Min Woo, meanwhile, continues to live in his romantic bubble, oblivious to all the drama surrounding him.  Just another day in kdramaland.
Sigh... sorry readers, I am slow yet again with my recap. It looks like recapping 3 dramas a week might have been just a tad too ambitious (especially when I have all my kids home for summer break).  Thanks for sticking it with me even though you are reading last weeks recap the day the new episode comes out.  On an up note, at least it gives you a review before watching Ep 15.  With the realization that I  really want to watch the new episode, I am just going to breeze past this recap with some observations.
Let's start with chatting about everyone's favorite devious couple Seok Hoon and Mi Yeon.  These two are so over the top crazy that I don't even know where to begin.  Remember how Mi Yeon was on a quest to tell her brother about Ji Sook's identity.  She marches up to our OTP (one true pairing) full of purpose and is interrupted when Seok Hoon calls Ji Sook and asks to speak to his wife.  Hahahaha.  Seok Hoon informs Mi Yeon -- "With one moment our relationship can be irreversibly damaged.  Think carefully before you do anything"  hahahaha What?  It has not already gone to that point?  How can he say that with a straight face?  And then, the fact that Mi Yeon actually stomps off and leaves, just cracks me up.
I have decided that to be a good kdrama heroine you must carry your own needle set so you are able to cure indigestion at a seconds notice.  Just out of curiosity, have any of my readers actually done this?  Does it work?  Inquiring minds want to know.
We find out Seok Hoon's father is still alive, albeit in a assistance home.  Not only is he alive, but he wants Seok Hoon to be happy and give up his revenge plans.  We don't learn specifically why Seok Hoon wants revenge, but my guess is it has something to do with his father's condition.  Hmmmm.... Something tells me that Seok Hoon is in to deep to let go of his resentment now.

*** I was just informed that I missed the conversation where we are told that Seok Hoon's father was injured on the job, denied compensation, and than barely survived a 15 story fall while protesting his treatment.  Hence the revenge.  Thanks Brenda for helping a poor, kid distracted, blogger out.
Min Woo continues to be oblivious to the larger melodramatic picture, as our sweet leading man is currently concerned that his wife will try to sleep on the couch instead of the bed with him.  Min Woo attempts to solve the bed problem by ruining his couch (draws a little heart on it with permanent pen), but is foiled when his efficient servants transfer in a new couch.
To be perfectly honest, I am not sure why the whole "divorce before a year" situation has arisen.  I am pretty sure that Seok Hoon will eventually want to kill Min Woo regardless of his married state (especially since it is not really Eun Ha he is married to).  But regardless, Ji Sook is already planning on their eventual breakup.  Wanting to make every minute count, Ji Sook creates a couples bucket list for her and Min Woo.  Awwww.  They are just so cute.
Mi Yeon goes into hyper passive aggressive mode in trying to make Ji Sook suffer.  It is amusing that she keeps planning all these complicated plots, only to be thwarted.
First, Mi Yeon uses work to lure Hoya and Ji Sook's father to where Ji Sook is meeting investors.  Poor father is shocked, but agrees to keep quiet even though he does not believe the whole doppelganger story Hoya feeds him.
With the failure of her first attempt, Mi Yeon decides to up her complication level a notch.  Ji Sook is giving a speech for her father's campaign tour (remember he is running for president) and Mi Yeon messes with the teleprompter.  Instead of her scheduled speech, it is phrases outing Ji Sook as an impostor.  After a moment of shock, Ji Sook rallies and gives an awesome speech which she directs toward her real father (was a sweet moment).
Furious that people are not just being destroyed like she wants, Mi Yeon goes to Plan C and gives a recording of Ji Sook's family photos and fingerprint analysis to be played on the big screen of the news conference.  She stands next to Seok Hoon and smirks in contentment, until the video comes on and instead of Ji Sook's information, the CCTV footage of Mi Yeon next to Eun Ha at the pool comes onscreen.  It cuts off before the actual murder portion, but the threat is clear.
The best part was when Mi Yeon yells at her husband -- "Seok Hoon... How could you do this to me?"  Did she truly forget that she killed the love of his life and still expects him to support her?  Mi Yeon totally gets served and realizes that her husband is a million steps ahead of her when it comes to playing the game.  
FINALLY, Mi Yeon gives up all her sneaky public plots and just gives the information to her brother.  Even then it is hidden in a packet that supposedly contained a contract.  You can't expect her to reveal the info with no flair at all can you?
My Thoughts:
YAY! We are finally at the point where Min Woo finds out the truth.  To be honest, I am a bit sad that it wasn't before now.  I would have enjoyed seeing him know and support her before her secret is so well known.  What do you think?  Is Min Woo going to be upset and pull away from his "wife", or will he realize that what they have is true love and support Ji Sook in the fight against his crazy sister and brother in law?  Either way, I am about to find out as I leave you to go watch the next episode.  Hope everyone has a wonderful kdrama filled week.
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