Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lee Jong Suk is courted for drama "Beautiful Mind" previously known as Dr Frankenstein

I am always excited to hear Lee Jong Suk news since he is one of my favorite actors.  He is such an amazing actor and can literally make me watch the drama regardless of plot.  And since this rumor has my social media outlets in a total uproar so thought I might add my two cents into the pot.

First off, you have to understand that this is the role that was turned down by both Kim Soo Hyun and Yoo Ah In last year (hence the concern over it's quality).  However, I personally would not throw the drama in the corner because of that.  I have to imagine that both actors refuse a ton of dramas that are offered their way.  Just because it has been passed over a couple of times does not make it a loss.  I think the bigger problem is that it is rumored that it will deal with a genius neurosurgeon who has somewhat of a split personality.  I am sure you all remember how many multiple personality dramas there were last year and I am not sure if everyone is ready to give that trope another go.
But if anyone can make me give D.I.D. another chance it is Lee Jong Suk.  Even the drama "Doctor Stranger" couldn't diminish my enjoyment of his acting style.  And on another up note, the drama gave us a long chunk of time to get over our mixed feels for similar dramas "Jekyll, Hyde, and I" and "Kill Me Heal Me".  It was a very smart move on their part and I hope they have used this time to analyze what worked and what didn't in the two dramas mentioned above.   At least they started fixing things by giving the drama a name change to "Beautiful Mind" which is a great improvement over the cheesier "Dr. Frankenstein".
Lee Jong Suk's character (if he chooses to accept this role) will be of the genius variety (aren't they all) and he will have emotional issues due to a brain injury in his youth.  Pretty much he will be a total jerk with a medical reason to excuse his actions.  Somehow I have a feeling it will only take the special love of a girl to help him cure his malady.
So in conclusion, I don't care what the plot is or if this is the billionth multiple personality drama I have been forced to watch.  If Lee Jong Suk is in it, this ahjumma will be watching.  Lets just pray to the kdrama gods that the script turns out to be worthy of Lee Jong Suk's talent.  And that he actually takes the role, since again, it is still in the unconfirmed zone at this time.  But be sure that the second Lee Jong Suk says "I Do" we will update everyone on his taken drama status.

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